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Dr. Bruce McCabe, speaker

Dr. Bruce McCabe

    • Global Futurist & Speaker on Technologies Changing the World
    • Founder of S2 Intelligence Pty Ltd
    • Insights come from 30+ years of exploring how people adapt to new technologies
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About Dr Bruce McCabe - Global Futurist

About Dr Bruce McCabe - Global Futurist

Dr Bruce McCabe talks about Artificial General Intelligence

Dr Bruce McCabe talks about Artificial General Intelligence

Bruce McCabe - Corporate Speaker - HD

Bruce McCabe - Corporate Speaker - HD

Bruce McCabe Speaker Biography

Dr. Bruce McCabe is a global futurist and international keynote speaker who presents on the future of medicine, computing, artificial intelligence, energy, genomics – wherever the game-changers happen to be. He travels constantly and works across all industry sectors.

Bruce has explored emerging technologies and how innovation happens for 30 years. He began his career at IBM in 1988 and went on to hold senior roles at IBM, WordPerfect, Novell and Gartner. In 2002 he founded S2 Intelligence, a think tank to support organizational innovation through grounded research. He served as an independent adviser to a long list of multinationals, state and federal governments, universities and science labs. When not speaking he writes novels about the near future.

Bruce’s most requested topic – a rocket-ride through the big game-changers transforming life, work and everything! Starting with the very biggest planet-wide transitions in energy & sustainability, Bruce progresses to stories about the future of transportation and trash-collection and food production and all kinds of city-wide systems, then drills down into next-gen artificial intelligence and the future of work and the range of astonishing new capabilities and services we’ll use in our organizations, and finally gets truly personal by looking at the awe-inspiring future of healthcare and life itself! Bruce customizes every keynote with the messages and opportunities that resonate with your audience.

How tailored? How personal? Bruce delights in researching and preparing keynotes on the future of a single industry or group of professionals. Again, it’s about connecting the right stories to the right audience to illustrate all the amazing opportunities coming their way. By way of example, Bruce recently presented on the future of policing to the leadership of the largest police force in the world. He presented on the future of travel to a conference of international travel professionals (launching them into outer space, boarding next-gen electric aircraft and drone taxis and re-thinking all kinds of traveller services!) He’s presented jaw-dropping keynotes on the future of law firms, insurance companies, recycling services, the future of ophthalmology practices, energy production, delivery services, commercial real-estate services and much more. If you’d like Bruce to tailor a keynote for your industry, let him know!

The future of healthcare is incredibly inspiring! We live in a time of exponential medical innovation where artificial intelligence engines are making new and important medical discoveries, machines are bio-printing replacement body-parts using our own cell cultures as Lego blocks, cancers are being rendered curable at an astonishing rate, and scientists are beginning to reverse some of the fundamental processes of ageing itself! We are being gifted priceless opportunities to increase both our lifespans and our ‘healthspans.’ But that’s only the start.

What about the practicalities? What about the small-scale opportunities? What does the future hold for everyday practitioners? The future of healthcare is also the future of practice management, the future of patient interactions, new patient expectations, re-thinking hospital operations, and new forms of financing (after all, how do we pay for all these amazing new therapies?)

It is the future of nurses, psychologists, paramedics and so much more! Above all it is about improving the lives of both the carers and the cared-for. Bruce loves helping audiences from all parts of the healthcare system to see the wonderful new opportunities that apply to them!

One of Bruce’s favorite sayings is, ‘There is more new wealth to be generated from the transition to net zero than any other field of human endeavour,’ and he wants to get YOU thinking about the technologies and most importantly the opportunities aligned with securing the future of our beautiful planet. Why stifle innovation by focusing on the negatives? For right-thinking enterprises, it’s ALL about embracing the opportunities! Bruce is deeply passionate about this topic. To stay at the cutting-edge, he’s met with top energy physicists around the world, visited hydro-dams in the US, checked out solar farms in Abu Dhabi, hiked remote wind farms in Canada and toured the very first full-scale fusion power plant under construction in France! Using powerful stories and examples from around the world, he journeys into the future of energy, cities, transportation, agriculture, water, manufacturing and more, and inspires you to think differently and expansively about the net zero opportunities that apply to YOUR industry.

Jobs, jobs, jobs! Which ones disappear? Where are the opportunities? These questions are only the start. The future of work is about so much more! Bruce digs into robots and automation, takes a deep dive into next-gen AI and explores the future realities of AI job augmentation versus job displacement, then drills down into the future of ‘the daily grind’ itself. What is brain-mapping, and how will work change when the simple headsets we wear can read our intentions? How to re-think workplace education and training? How about wellbeing and safety? What will the future of human-to-human collaboration look like? What about co-bots? Does the ‘singularity’ mean we won’t have to work at all? This is where it gets really fun!

Why a workshop? Because the best way to predict your future, is to create it! Bruce delivers highly interactive executive workshops onsite, where your team brainstorms new product & service innovations. Again, it’s about provoking new thinking and connections as a collective achievement. When new insights connect with the diverse ideas and ingenuity of others in the room, magic happens! After scheduling a call to get an in-depth understanding of your objectives, Bruce prepares a portfolio of stories, scenarios and mind-stretching ideas to provoke new thinking about emerging opportunities. Using a brisk format to keep momentum and energy levels up, he hosts a series of alternating sessions: stories from the future followed by facilitated group discussions to co-create new products, services and processes. Every workshop is fully customized. Bruce is delighted to work with 2 hr, 1/2 day or 1 day formats.

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