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Carey Lohrenz, Speaker
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Carey Lohrenz

    • First Female F-14 Fighter Pilot
    • Leadership expert and keynote speaker
    • Flown missions worldwide as a combat-mission-ready
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Carey Lohrenz Sizzle Reel

Carey Lohrenz Sizzle Reel

Carey Lohrenz | Inspirational Keynote Speaker | Demo Reel

Carey Lohrenz | Inspirational Keynote Speaker | Demo Reel

Carey Lohrenz on Having Intense Clarity as a Leader (VISTAGE Executive Summit)

Carey Lohrenz on Having Intense Clarity as a Leader (VISTAGE Executive Summit)

Carey Lohrenz Speaker Biography

Carey Lohrenz is a dynamic communicator with an incredible story. As the first female F-14 Tomcat pilot, she was a pioneer in military aviation. Having flown missions worldwide as a combat, mission-ready United States Navy pilot, Carey Lohrenz is used to working in fast moving, dynamic environments where inconsistent execution can generate catastrophic results.

Carey is uniquely qualified in the fundamentals of winning under pressure, reducing errors and overcoming obstacles. Her mastery of these fundamentals can help your team triumph in this high-risk, time crunched world. Her experience in the all-male environment of fighter aviation and her ability to pass on the lessons learned in her career allow her to deliver insight and guidance from a credible platform.

As a high content Keynote Speaker, who is both motivational and inspirational, Carey Lohrenz inspires Fearless Leadership and increased team performance. Carey has been requested by name from some of the top Fortune 100 businesses. Her ability to connect with both an audience and on a one-on-one level, coupled with her knowledge and experience in leading high-performing, diverse teams, has made her highly sought after as a business consultant and leadership speaker.

Carey Lohrenz is the author of “Fearless Leadership: High-Performance Lessons from the Flight Deck.” She resides in Excelsior, MN and is currently working on her Masters in Business Administration in Strategic Leadership.

Span of Control: What To Do When You’re Under Pressure, Overwhelmed, and Ready to Get What You Really Want
We live in an age of overwhelming chaos—and it’s taking a toll on all of us. Every day, there’s more to do and less time. We make to-do lists and are lucky if we cross off a few items daily. We struggle to keep up with overflowing inboxes and get pulled in a million directions by work, family, and social obligations. At our core, we've lost our grip on what we want, and who we really want to be.
As the first female F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot in the U.S. Navy, as well as a mom of four, wife, business consultant, Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and speaker to audiences across the globe, Carey Lohrenz knows the stress here on land, can be just as intense as the stress 40,000 feet up in the air. Now you can take advantage of her years of training to overcome pressure, stress, chaos, burnout, and anxiety.
In the corporate world, your “span of control” is the number of direct reports you can effectively manage. In the Navy, it's determined by the things you can and should control at any given time. It reminds you what to focus on right in the moment, knowing that any other stuff is uncontrollable and should not take up precious mental space. For Carey, recognizing her span of control kept her focused on what mattered and became a primary tool in taming the distractions and pressures of flying demanding, high-pressure missions.
This program is a high-octane dose of encouragement and practicality. Through eye-opening science, gripping personal stories, insightful interviews, prescriptive advice, and helpful tools, your audience will be empowered to create positive change in their own lives and the world around them.
Learning Objectives:
• Move away from our knee-jerk desire to do and control everything
• Identify and overcome stress, anxiety and burnout
• Befriend and learn from your pain and failures
• Discover your biggest, scariest, most exciting goal and how to effectively tackle it
• Manage competing demands and feel encouraged to live your own version of success
• Navigate fear, discover focus, and implement useful prioritization tools
• Go beyond what you ever thought was possible for your life


High Risk Into High Reward: Succeeding in High Pressure Environments
Carey Lohrenz knows what it takes to win in one of the highest pressure environments imaginable, where inconsistent execution can generate catastrophic results. When it comes to managing risk, carrier aviators have it down to a science. With zero tolerance for error, they rely on every crew member, regardless of rank, to work as a team. The key to establishing a culture of innovation is the ability to focus on what matters during times of change, to adapt and thrive. In this keynote, your attendees will learn how to apply the standards of carrier aviation with tactical, high-impact takeaways and next steps that they can apply immediately in their business.

*Simple, rigorous checklists
*A culture that doesn’t tolerate complacency
*Sound critical decision-making skills
*Clear communication for transformation
*A collaborative model to unlock potential

An industry pioneer and team performance accelerant, Carey is uniquely qualified in the fundamentals of Leadership, Teamwork, Winning Under Pressure, Reducing Errors, and Overcoming Obstacles. This highly popular risk management program will challenge, inform, and inspire your team to move to higher levels of performance, even during times of disruption and chaos. Carey Lohrenz offers bottom-line expertise with clear, realistic takeaway items for audiences that can produce both short-term and life-changing results.


Lessons in Leadership

In 1994, when Carey “Vixen” Lohrenz was deployed to the USS Abraham Lincoln, there were fewer than 5 female aviators on a ship of 5000 male crew members. Facing uncharted waters in an intensely male-dominated environment, Lohrenz learned vital lessons in leadership that followed her into the corporate world. The most successful leaders share a common foundation of principles used from the flight deck to the front office. The greatest leaders from all corners of the world know how to inspire, use good judgment, take initiative and make powerful decisions – with integrity.

This highly popular leadership keynote will challenge, inform, and inspire your team to move to higher levels of performance in these difficult economic times. Lohrenz offers bottom-line expertise with clear, realistic takeaway items for audiences that can produce both short-term and life changing results.

Lessons in Partnership

Just like in aviation, in a rapidly changing global environment Speed is Life. Collaboration is critical to business success and Managing Successful Strategic Partnerships is crucial. Competitive advantage is gained when your organization can optimize partnerships and strategic alliances. Deeper relationships with partners can be the key to long term success and growth.

In this inspiring and engaging keynote, Carey shares what it takes to be on the ‘Leading Edge’. Those things that helped her succeed in one of the most extreme environments on earth can help elevate your team, gain advantage and uncover opportunities.

Striking a Balance

A successful career, a happy family, and a balanced personal life leave little time for many people to nurture their dreams. As a former Naval Officer, a corporate executive, and as a busy mother of four, Carey “Vixen” Lohrenz knows first-hand the challenges of navigating the many demands of daily life. Carey is dedicated to inspiring each person to ‘Be the Catalyst’ and look beyond their circumstances.

Just as pilots do a “systems check” before takeoff, Carey will walk you through a Pre-Flight Check on your journey towards success. Carey’s presentations are inspiring and energizing, providing tools to help you regain control of your personal and professional life.

Remaining Relevent

In a challenging economic environment, remaining relevant to your customers and within your organization is critical to your survival. Those who fail to deliver value to their consumers, shareholders, clients and teammates become extinct. Could that happen to you? In aviation, complacency kills. Same is true in business: if you become complacent and fail to ignore the warning signs (shifts in culture, trends, global demands, budget restrictions), you could be facing extinction.

In this energizing and empowering keynote Carey shares the fundamentals that helped her win in the cockpit at Mach 2, and can help your team win in business; by learning the importance of remaining relevant, how to accelerate performance, how to stay agile and adaptable, and how high performing teams become excellent.

High-Risk, High Reward

Carey’s “Patient Safety” keynotes and workshops challenge, inform & inspire your employees to move to higher levels of performance and operational excellence in high-risk and sometimes dangerous environments.

Consider the standards of carrier aviation:

Simple, rigorous checklists
A culture that doesn’t tolerate safety lapses
Sound & critical decision making skills
Clear communication
A collaborative model

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July 5, 2023

Our crowd loved Carey! Her story was really inspiring, and her presentation style engaging. We found her refreshing and especially like the concrete actions that our leadership could implement.


November 18, 2021

October 4, 2019

Carey was amazing, engaging and high energy, great sense of humor addressing very intense and serious topics. Very enjoyable on every level.

Eldridge Industries


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ESB was patient, thorough, and responsive during the planning process. Thank you for making this such a great experience for us!


ESB supported our needs and the needs of our speaker throughout the entire process. I highly recommend working with ESB to find your next spe..


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