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David Nico Speaker

David Nico

    • Recognized as one of "America's Ultimate Experts" according to Woman's World Magazine
    • Best-Selling Author and Well-Being Advocate
    • Provides audiences with dynamic strategies to make healthier choices in all aspects of their lives, enhancing well-being, professional effectiveness, and organizational profitability.
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David Nico Speaking Video

David Nico Speaking Video

Dr David Nico - Sample Reel

Dr David Nico - Sample Reel

Dr David Nico - Introduction

Dr David Nico - Introduction

David Nico Speaker Biography

Dr. David Nico is a renowned well-being strategist, keynote speaker, and highly regarded author committed to empowering individuals and organizations to achieve remarkable results. With nearly three decades of diverse expertise in the health industry, Dr. Nico is recognized as one of "America's Ultimate Experts" by Woman's World magazine. His expertise encompasses a wide range of areas, such as leadership, business, entrepreneurship, and growth. He is the driving force behind the mission of inspiring humanity to make healthier choices through his enterprises, including Nico Ventures and Dr. Healthnut.

As a sought-after keynote speaker, Dr. Nico captivates audiences with his powerful insights and practical strategies. His informative book, "Diet Diagnosis," and media appearances on national television networks have reached millions, solidifying his reputation as a trusted voice in the industry. Dr. Nico's innovative thinking has earned him recognition in top media outlets, including Forbes, US News & World Report, and Business Insider.

A firm believer in continuous learning and development, Dr. Nico holds advanced doctoral training in strategic leadership, a doctorate in business administration, and multiple degrees, including a Ph.D. in holistic nutrition. He also served as a visiting fellow at Harvard University, advancing the science of whole leader health and the future of work. With unrelenting zeal and the constant pursuit of wisdom, Dr. Nico seeks to enlighten individuals, inspire audiences, and provide engaging and actionable insights.

Meeting Planner Benefits: How Will Dr. David Nico Help You?

Dr. David Nico is the Catalyst to Equip Leaders with Dynamic Strategies to Enhance Well-Being, Professional Effectiveness, and Organizational Success.

As a highly regarded author, communicator, entrepreneur, growth accelerator, and strategy coach, Dr. Nico will capture and speak to the heart of your event. He will invest quality time to make the most impact on your audience. He wants participants to learn valuable insights and walk away with transformational action steps.
• He must connect with every audience on a deeper level. Dr. Nico will target your event to hit your goals.
• Partner now with a passionate advocate who creates a positive and uplifting experience for your attendees.
• When Dr. Nico communicates, hearts listen, mindsets shift, and lasting change occurs.

A Gallup poll reveals 80% of Americans are affected by stress. An American Express study finds over 8 out of 10 Americans ranked "being in good health" as the #1 contributor to success. 75% of Americans want employers to offer incentives to improve their health.

David Nico will help you to discover your unique peak performance blueprint. He will teach you how to remove the barriers keeping you from performing at your best. This critical presentation highlights the success strategies of high achievers.

Learning Objectives:

• Learn the specific habits to reach your full potential.
• Discover high-value activities to lead more effectively.
• How to achieve higher levels of engagement in life and work.

Resilient Leadership
Are you exhausted, challenged, or overwhelmed? Has the thrill of work vanished? It's time to Recharge, Revive, and Renew—You! Healthy organizations focus on improving wellness to increase performance, resilience, and profitability. Discover a new approach to create your most desired result and personal transformation. Integrate powerful leadership strategies to transform failure, burnout, and disunity to energy, purpose, and focus.

Learning Objectives:

• Recharge Your Energy: Learn simple, practical, and powerful habits to boost vitality.
• Revive Your Company: Build a healthy company culture and lasting employee engagement.
• Renew Your Vision: Reignite purpose, meaning, and focus to your life and work.

Reimagine Well-Being
What is the future of workplace well-being? Nico will discuss how the c-suite and organizational members can reframe well-being to optimize work and life balance.

Learning Objectives:

• Discover the most current advancements and research in organizational behavior, leadership, and well-being.
• Learn how to motivate your workforce and shift organizational values to improve performance, trust, and burnout.
• Help organizational members reach their full potential to be more engaged at work and socially responsible.

Health Culture
How do you boost talent, company success, and growth by leading and implementing a corporate "health" culture?

The connection between healthy habits and happiness is increasing exponentially. Organizations desire to improve performance, productivity, and profitability. A positive culture with aligned practices benefits all stakeholders.

Learning Objectives:

• How to reduce pressure and stress.
• The benefits of healthy and energizing foods.
• How to create a culture of health.

Lead Whole
By 2030, half of adults will be diagnosed with some form of cancer or have diabetes. Health care is often the most significant expense for many companies and their employees. Leaders must take action to prevent problems before they occur by infusing their corporate cultures with healthier choices. The success of an organization correlates to the clarity of vision, goals, and action steps demonstrated by leadership. Learn the pillars for healthy leadership.

Learning Objectives:

• How to nourish body, soul, and spirit.
• How to maximize self-leadership capacity.
• How to create a healthy legacy.

Healthy leaders must be whole to lead whole.

Worldwide, it is estimated, at least 2 billion adults and children struggle with their weight which increases the risk factors of the top lifestyle diseases. Lifestyle diseases are tragic and preventable. Learn why what we put in our mouths ultimately transforms into how we feel and look.

Learning Objectives:

• How to break negative habits.
• Healthy vs. unhealthy trends.
• The 3-step solution to achieve any health goal.

Generation Health
Attract, retain, and achieve focused results with top talent from Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z through well-being solutions. With constant multitasking and distractions, how do you get focused and productive work from younger generations? Learn how to work with Generation Health and their desire for meaning, purpose, values, and lifestyles while at the same time surpassing organizational goals. Results matter, not just hours. Select, invest, and support the top talent for peak organizational performance.

Learning Objectives:

• The latest science of motivating a younger workforce.
• Incentives to inspire higher levels of effectiveness.
• Why wellness must be a primary focus of an organization.

Healthy Meeting Reboot
How do you fuel your meetings and make them more dynamic? Incorporating healthier food and beverage options will energize sessions, yield productive results, and create positive feedback. Discover cutting-edge food science that will help you select the right foods to impact attendee stamina, concentration, and learning. What your participants consume will make or break the effectiveness of your events.

Learning Objectives:

• Vital tips to navigate the best vs. worst ingredients on menus.
• How to discern truths vs. myths on the foods you typically order.
• How quality nutrition enhances an organization's effectiveness, impacting the bottom line.
• Bonus: Enjoy sampling tasty, healthful desserts.

How do you achieve vitality in a fast-paced, highly stressed world? The American Public Health Association estimates the direct costs of medical care and indirect costs of lost productivity totals hundreds of billions of dollars annually. David Nico, Ph.D., author of Diet Diagnosis, believes the right energy balance is the single most effective way to boost workplace effectiveness.

Learning Objectives:

• How to increase your energy and eliminate health risk factors.
• How to experience a constant flow of energy that nourishes, sustains, and repairs your entire being.
• How to overcome stubborn health myths to look and feel your best and enhance career success.

Food Immunity
How do you anticipate future challenges to not only survive but thrive? Although most companies recognize stress as a top workforce health risk, lifestyle factors such as diet impact the progression of the stress continuum. In this presentation, learn the protective power of foods against chronic diseases that reduce health, energy, and vitality. Learn how certain foods will make you stronger, wiser, and more resilient. Optimal nutrients can help you become more productive, sleep better, and live longer.

Learning Objectives:

• How healthy food enhances well-being, resilience, and positivity.
• Why quality nutrition is vital for immune support and overall health.
• How to excel at work or home with lifestyle therapeutics.

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