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Desi Williamson, Business Motivational Speaker

Desi Williamson

    • Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker on Beating the Odds
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Desi Williamson - Where There's a Will, There's a Way!

Desi Williamson - Where There's a Will, There's a Way!

Desi Williamson Speaker Biography

Desi Williamson has mastered the art of empowering people. The results of his insightful, motivational keynote, half day or full day presentations ignite teams that are much more inspired to raise their standard of performance, a culture that cultivates and develops better leaders and a fundamental organizational shift that fosters being a master of change rather than a victim of circumstances.

His Hall-of-Fame career in professional speaking was brought to a screeching halt when he suffered a serious fall and broke his neck in two places. Along the path from paralysis to recovery, he discovered new perspectives on life. His life's work is dedicated to showing people how they can do more than survive turbulent times—he shows them how to succeed despite their adversities.

No doubt, we're living in some very turbulent times, but with challenges also come opportunities… it's all a matter of perspective! Desi gives his audiences the inspiration and tools necessary to succeed regardless of circumstances or conditions.

After surviving the mean streets of St. Louis, he had a successful career in sales and marketing with Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo, Rain Bird Sprinkler Manufacturing, Johnson Wax Company, Dr. Pepper/Snapple, where he built multi-million dollar businesses, managed multi-million budgets, and developed the potential in people. He also developed his own successful businesses in real estate, retail, distribution and franchise sales.

Although, Desi had achieved success in the business arena, there was something more compelling that he wanted to do with his life. With a burning desire to help others, in 1996 he founded Impact!! Seminars Unlimited, Inc., a company dedicated to helping organizations increase productivity through empowered people.
moreHe's the author a of best selling video learning system for personal development now utilized by more than 150 prisons across the country, as well as his first book, Get Off Your Assets!...How to Deal With the Challenges of Life—and Win!

His new book, WHERE THERE'S A WILL, THERE'S A WAY!...Succeeding in the Face of Turbulent Times shows people how to take charge of adversity and use their willpower to create the circumstances they desire.

In 2004, Williamson was inducted into the CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame, where he joined such notable figures as President Ronald Reagan, General Colin Powell, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. He also received the coveted Certified Speaking Professional award, the highest earned designation by the National Speaker Association.

Desi has helped many organizations including Fortune 500 companies, associations, and professional sports teams. He's led both union and exempt employee organizations, successfully executed massive marketing initiatives, and been a part of two major restructurings. That means you get concrete solutions to the challenges you face from a seasoned professional whose been in the trenches, empowering your people to stretch beyond their comfort zone and discover new opportunities.

He is consistently offered encore performances, in part because his programs are uniquely customized to your industry, your market niche, and your team. This ensures immediate impact and return on investment.
For these reasons, Desi is known throughout the country as Mr. Impact!

To book Desi Williams call Executive Speakers Bureau at 800-754-9404.


The Power of Personal Identity and Purpose
Master of change or victim of circumstance... which of these do you choose? It has been proven throughout history that people can do the remarkable things if they have the right motivation. The first key to success is understanding ourselves and what makes us function. Secondly, we must specifically define our mission in life, both personally and professionally. This module empowers you to navigate through turbulent times, giving you the tools to identify your mission and the willpower to accomplish it.

How to Program Yourself for Success
So often in life, we become victims of negative programming through various outside influences. We are all born to win, but programmed to fail. In this module, Desi teaches participants how to control their own mental programs by understanding why we do what we do, and how to change our own programming to achieve the results we desire through personal accountability and responsibility.

Raising Our Standard of Performance
If we all have the capability go to further than we ever thought possible, why don't we? Fear, negative programming? It's all a matter of perspective! In this session Desi unveils the secrets for maximizing your potential by introducing the characteristics for peak performance and how to get results by teaming with and leveraging the strengths of others. You'll learn how to utilize his O.P. III formula for success.

The Power of NICHES
No doubt we're living in some very turbulent times, but where there are challenges, there are also opportunities. In this session, Desi teaches the skills for discovering your own uniqueness and how to use it to maximize your potential and market value. You'll also learn the 21st century question that all progressive people and organizations continually pose so that they remain relevant, even in times of difficulty.

The Value + Goal Connection
Until we value ourselves, we won't value our time... until we value our time, we won't do anything with it. Learn how to discover your core values and implement them into goals that have the power and impact to cause you to take action toward building your better future.

The Six Most Important Questions in Life
When it comes to the area of personal responsibility and accountability, the answers to powerful questions can have a profound impact on our lives. In this session you will learn six of the most important questions in life and how to use the answers to those questions to inspire you to take massive action and use your will power to overcome obstacles and succeed regardless of circumstances or conditions.

An Attitude Adjustment—"The Big Picture"
Our attitude determines our direction in life. There are forces, both good and bad, that determine how we feel and act in dealing with life's circumstances and other people. This module addresses how to balance the two by continuously focusing on the proper priorities so that you maintain a positive outlook, even when faced with challenging situations.


The Burning Platform
A "burning platform" develops when an organization faces a major decision in which the cost of remaining status quo can be detrimental to the very core of the business. At this point, creating change is critical to survival. In this module, participants learn how to identify these situations and use change as a competitive advantage.

Transformational Thinking
The process of change is accelerating exponentially, presenting ever more difficult challenges. Participants in this module learn how to develop new paradigms of thinking to handle the volume, speed, and complexity of change in today's fast-paced world. Most importantly, they will learn how to recognize and exploit the tremendous opportunities of change.

Breaking the Cycle
Visionary organizations possess certain characteristics that enable them to remain on the cutting edge of change and become benchmarks in the industries they represent. In this module, Desi illustrates how to use these characteristics as a template to break old business practices that are no longer effective, and develop new, innovative approaches.

Becoming a Change Agent
In today's business climate, you need a new style of flexible and committed leadership to help others create change. This module discusses the various stages of change and how to empower people to move from compliance to commitment during the change process, so that quantum leaps in performance can be realized.

Developing Future Vision
The best way to forecast the future is to create it! This requires moving from the existing state of being to a new, more desirable state. Quite often, the emotional state of a person plays a critical role during the implementation process involving change. In this module, participants learn how to properly direct their energies for powerful results through a process called "future pacing."

New Beginnings
Successfully implementing change in any organization requires wholesale changes in old behavior patterns and development of new operating methods. Effectively measuring desired behavior requires that certain standards are in place and adhered to. In this module, Desi teaches the process of continual rededication to change by understanding how to measure and promote positive behavior.


Becoming a Customer-Focused Company 
The growth and development of many organizations in recent years has caused them to become too internally focused by managing from the top down in the organization and losing sight of the needs of its employees and customers. Desi shares the principles that help you put the focus where it belongs: on the people that make it all happen!

The Empowered Organization
The process of empowerment involves creating a business climate that supports openness and personal initiative. In this session, you learn how to become a sponsor by involving and supporting your team to exercise freedom to act within it's area of competence.

The Power of Diversity: Building Awareness
Communicating the importance of diversity is a vital aspect of creating a diverse work environment, and requires great patience and skill. This module teaches the key components of diversity, why it is important, and how to effectively cascade awareness throughout the organization for powerful results.

Building a Diverse Workforce
Diversity in the workforce is creating unprecedented challenges for all organizations. Along with ethnic and gender differences, employees have vastly different cultural and educational backgrounds, skills, ages, lifestyles, values and needs. In this session, Desi explores the changing trends that create challenges and opportunities in the workplace and how diversity can actually be used as a launching pad to outstanding achievement.

The Power to Manage Change
The composite changes in the workplace present unique challenges to the people of an organization, as well as to their job functions. This session provides participants with the skills necessary to effectively manage conflict by developing new behaviors and initiatives that remove barriers and allow the organization to prosper during periods of change.

Leading vs. Managing
Which is more important? Are they mutually exclusive or can they be performed simultaneously? The various demands your organization encounters in operating a business often make it difficult to remain focused on the proper priorities in providing resources for employees and serving customers. Desi teaches how to develop reliable and sustainable processes that show when to properly lead and manage so that you add value to the customer—and even exceed their expectations!


Mastery of Emotions
The decision-making process is greatly affected by fear and negative emotions. Learn how to overcome fear and create an atmosphere where positive emotions build long-term customer relationships.

Power of Rapport
Impressions are formed the instant people make contact.  In this session, participants learn proven ways to develop immediate rapport that enables them to recognize the values and meet the needs of the customer.

Impact!! Questions
Those who ask the most questions control the conversation. Desi teaches the "power" questions to ask that empower prospects and lead them to final decisions. This is the real secret to higher sales.

Handling Objections
Objections are key signals that indicate a customer's desire for more information. Learn how to lead prospects to overcome their own objections by changing their perspective to a frame of reference that aligns your product or service with their own values and needs.

Impact!! Presentations
Matching products and services to the values and needs of customers is the desired result of a powerful presentation. Desi shares persuasive presentation skills that keep customers physically and emotionally involved in the presentation process. This allows the all-important matching process to take place, so more sales are made.

Impact!! Closes 
The process of closing is giving the customer what he or she wants. Participants in this session learn how peak performers continually close throughout the sales process by recognizing buying signals and integrating the values of the transaction necessary to persuade the customer to take action.

Impact!! Follow-up and Service 
Follow-up and service with your customer begin the relationship that ensures your future success.  Session participants learn the importance of exceeding customer expectations through proven strategies that keep customers involved, satisfied, and loyal.

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