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Duncan Stevens keynote speaker

Duncan Stevens

    • Founder of the Influence Association
    • Author of best-selling book 'Effective Influence'
    • Professional mentalist and a successful entrepreneur
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Influence and Collaboration Keynote Speaker - Duncan Stevens

Influence and Collaboration Keynote Speaker - Duncan Stevens

Duncan Stevens - Speaker Reel 2019 #salesspeaker #keynotespeaker #influencespeaker

Duncan Stevens - Speaker Reel 2019 #salesspeaker #keynotespeaker #influencespeaker

Duncan Stevens Speaker Biography

Duncan Stevens is a professional keynote speaker who helps brands, companies, teams and leaders influence more effectively, collaborate more productively and sell more consistently. He is the founder of the Influence Association, the Author of best-selling book 'Effective Influence', a professional mentalist and a successful entrepreneur.

He is not just your typical speaker. His keynotes go beyond 'raise your hand'. These are highly interactive that deliver massive value to your events. With over 10 years of experience, delivering hundreds of keynotes to over 50,000 people across multiple countries and hundreds of industries, Duncan is a truly seasoned professional delivering tailored keynotes to unlock people’s influencing, collaboration and selling potential to help drive bottom-line results.

Duncan draws from his experience as a professional mentalist to bookend the keynote with a short 5-minute interactive mentalism performance that involves the delegates and hangs the bigger message of the keynote on. This is fun, engaging and sets the keynote off to the perfect start as people engage more when they are having fun. Immediately after, he then facilitates a 2-minute interactive experiment where all the delegates take part in an influence and collaboration experiment in teams of two. Duncan then shares his content. This fun, humorous and inspiring keynote is all underpinned by behavioral science so that you can feel confident that anything he shares will (when employed) will actually work.

After sharing practical, bite-size, tips, tools and strategies focused around influence persuasion and collaboration, Duncan then invites the delegates to revisit this 2-minute experiment, choosing some of the strategies he's shared - and you will find that more people are able to influence, persuade and collaborate in the second time this experiment is conducted than were at the start of the keynote - experiencing a real physical and tangible change in their performance. This leaves them feeling, inspired, empowered, confident and ready to take action.

Duncan's keynotes create an instant impact, helping delegates embrace new skills, and change perspectives, with a focus on driving results and unlocking their untapped potential without compromising their values. Each speech is tailored to each client, using their language with their specific goals and challenges in mind.

Not only that but Duncan also prides himself as an easy-to-work-with speaker and is another reason why clients love to work with him.

MASTERING EFFECTIVE INFLUENCE (Influence and Lead More Effectively)
In this bespoke, entertaining and highly visual one-of-a-kind keynote, Duncan Stevens shares with you small practical, costless principles that will help you to lead, sell, market and create long-term client and customer relationships much more effectively. These strategies build loyalty, emotional engagement, and buy-in, all of which will lead to significantly more effective results. Duncan’s Effective Influence Model™ will give you the tools and techniques to take your influencing, collaboration and leadership skills to the next level, and ensure each negotiation is significantly more effective every single time.

Participants will leave these sessions confident, inspired, primed, and ready to take action. They will have specific tools, techniques, & strategies they can apply straight away to elevate their influence, collaboration, and leadership abilities.
• Duncan shares his Effective Influence Model™ which will take your influencing, collaboration, leadership, and sales conversion skills to the next level.
• The key mindset difference between managers and leaders that impacts performance.
• 3 critical ingredients to create better conversations and build better relationships.
• #1 technique used to create more innovative and collaborative teams.
• Duncan details powerful, practical influence techniques, and strategies to ensure you increase your effectiveness in your personal or work life.

THE 'MAGIC' OF COLLABORATION (Innovate Faster & Grow Quicker )
In a world of interconnectivity, collaboration is perhaps the only way to thrive and indeed survive in a rapidly changing world. Duncan draws on tailored examples and behavioral science to inspire teams to collaborate more productively. He reframes what means to work without silos and the importance of collaboration for business success and longevity.

Each keynote speech is curated to each client making it truly bespoke. Not only will you leave with great strategies, tips, tools, and techniques that even the most experienced sales professionals can benefit but will be entertained too.
• Learn the #1 technique used to innovate faster and establish a collaborative culture.
• Duncan draws from his experience in Japan to share the technique used by them to become one of the most innovative countries in the world.
• Learn the behavioral science behind building collaborative teams & the practical strategies you can employ to empower your team to increase innovation ROI.
• Learn strategies to strengthen both internal and external collaboration.
• Why ‘traditional brainstorming’ as a collaboration technique is hampering creativity and suppressing innovation and learn an innovative powerful approach.

INFLUENCE FOR SALES SUCCESS (Sell & Negotiate More Consistently)
Duncan has been a professional speaker for over 15 years and his engaging keynotes have increased team and leadership performance in companies around the world. As an authority on influence and persuasion, Duncan’s mission is to help teams and organizations turn more maybes into yesses. His Effective Influence Model is being used to great success in global organizations to give them the edge.

Each keynote speech is curated to each client making it truly bespoke. Not only will you leave with great strategies, tips, tools, and techniques that even the most experienced sales professionals can benefit but will be entertained too.
• Learn the influence strategies employed by the world’s leading sales professionals.
• Learn small, practical costless strategies that you can apply and employ immediately to nurture current relationships and secure new clients.
• Understand why ABC (Always Be Closing) is outdated and embrace the new meaning and new approach of ABC.
• Understand the powerful strategies to close more sales by leveraging consensus as a principle of persuasion.
• Learn the language and mindset to improve your sales relationships.

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