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Eric Siegel Speaker

Eric Siegel

    • Renowned Expert in Predictive Analytics 
    • Founder of Predictive Analytics World
    • Author of the acclaimed book, Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die,
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Eric Siegel - Predictive Analytics - 7-minute keynote sample

Eric Siegel - Predictive Analytics - 7-minute keynote sample

Geek Professor Drops Rap Video, Tries to Dance

Geek Professor Drops Rap Video, Tries to Dance

Eric Siegel, How Predictive Analytics Delivers on the Promise of Big Data

Eric Siegel, How Predictive Analytics Delivers on the Promise of Big Data

Eric Siegel Speaker Biography

Eric Siegel, Ph.D., is a leading consultant and former Columbia University professor who makes machine learning understandable and captivating. He is the founder of the Predictive Analytics World and Deep Learning World conference series, which have served more than 17,000 attendees since 2009, the instructor of the acclaimed online course "Machine Learning Leadership and Practice – End-to-End Mastery", a popular speaker who's been commissioned for more than 110 keynote addresses, and executive editor of The Machine Learning Times. He authored the bestselling Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die, which has been used in courses at hundreds of universities, and he won teaching awards when he was a professor at Columbia University, where he sang educational songs to his students. Eric also publishes op-eds on analytics and social justice.

He has appeared on Bloomberg TV and Radio, Business News Network (Canada), Israel National Radio, National Geographic Breakthrough, NPR Marketplace, Radio National (Australia), and TheStreet. Eric and his book have been featured in Big Think, Businessweek, CBS MoneyWatch, Contagious Magazine, The European Business Review, The Financial Times, Forbes, Forrester, Fortune, GQ, Harvard Business Review, The Huffington Post, The New York Review of Books, The New York Times, Newsweek, Quartz, Salon, The San Francisco Chronicle, Scientific American, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and WSJ MarketWatch.

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Predictive Analytics: Delivering on the Promise of Big Data
The excitement over “big data” has grown dramatically. But what is the value, the function, the purpose? The most actionable win to be gained from data is prediction. This is achieved by analytically learning from data how to render predictions for each individual. Such predictions drive more effectively the millions of operational decisions that organizations make every day. In this keynote, Predictive Analytics World founder and Predictive Analytics author Eric Siegel reveals how predictive analytics works, and the ways in which it delivers value to organizations across industry sectors.

Four Ways Predictive Analytics Leverages Social Media
Prediction delivers the ultimate payoff by driving millions of more effective, per-customer decisions. But prediction is the ultimate challenge; predictive analytics can use all the help -- and all the data -- it can get. No data predicts a customer’s behavior like social data: who the customer knows, what sentiment he or she expresses, and which things the customer Likes. In this session, Predictive Analytics World founder and Predictive Analytics author Eric Siegel describes four ways in which predictive analytics drives better business decisions with the use of social data.

Weird Science: How to Know Your Predictive Discovery Is Not BS
“An orange used car is least likely to be a lemon.” At least that’s what was claimed by The Seattle Times, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, NPR, and The Wall Street Journal. However, this discovery has since been debunked as inconclusive. As data gets bigger, so does a common pitfall in the application of standard stats: Testing many predictors means taking many small risks of being fooled by randomness, adding up to one big risk. John Elder calls this issue vast search. In this keynote, PAW founder Eric Siegel will cover this issue and provide guidance on tapping data’s potential without drawing false conclusions.

Predictive Analytics for Marketing: Learning from Data to Predict
Prediction is the holy grail of marketing. Foreseeing each customer purchase, click, and cancellation is the ultimate means to drive more effective, per-customer decisions. And today’s enterprise has a wealth of marketing experience from which to learn to predict - aka, data.

This learning process is called predictive analytics. In this keynote session, Predictive Analytics author and Predictive Analytics World founder Eric Siegel describes how this technology leverages big data, learning from it in order to drive more effective marketing.

Five Ways to Lower Costs with Predictive Analytics
Question: How does predictive analytics actively deliver increased returns? Answer: By driving operational decisions with predictive scores - one score assigned to each customer. In this way, an enterprise optimizes on what customers WILL do.

But, in tough times, our attention turns away from increasing returns, and towards decreasing costs. On top of boosting us up the hill, can predictive analytics pull us out of a hole? Heck, yes. Marketing more optimally means you can market less. Filtering high risk prospects means you will spend less. And, by retaining customers more efficiently, well, a customer saved is a customer earned - and one you need not acquire.

In this keynote, Eric Siegel will demonstrate five ways predictive analytics can lower costs without decreasing business, thus transforming your enterprise into a Lean, Mean Analytical Machine. You’ll want to run back home and break the news: We can’t afford not to do this.

Uplift Modeling: Optimize for Influence and Persuade by the Numbers
Data driven decisions are meant to maximize impact - right? Well, the only way to optimize influence is to predict it. The analytical method to do this is called uplift modeling(aka, persuasion modeling). This is a completely different animal from standard predictive models, which predict customer behavior. Instead, uplift models predict the influence on an individual’s behavior gained by choosing one treatment over another. In this session, PAW founder Eric Siegel provides an introduction to this growing area.

The Prediction Effect, the Data Effect, and the Persuasion Effect
What are the underlying principles that make predictive analytics effective? Why is data predictive, why is imperfect prediction valuable, and what type of prediction succeeds to persuade? You have heard of the butterfly, Doppler, and placebo effects. In this session, PAW founder Eric Siegel covers the Prediction, Data, and Persuasion Effects. Each of these Effects encompasses the fun part of science and technology: an intuitive hook that reveals how it works and why it succeeds.

Driving Decisions with Predictive Analytics: The Top Five Business Applications
The value proposition is straight-forward and proven: Predictive analytics produces business rules that deliver. The customer predictions generated by predictive analytics’ business rules deliver more relevant content to each customer, improving response rates, click rates, buying behavior, retention and overall profit.

Harnessing value with predictive analytics depends on some careful choices: What kind of customer behavior you predict and which operational decisions you automate with it. This session will guide you in making these choices, and cover a healthy dose of the core technology along the way - in a “user-friendly” manner that makes the concepts intuitive, illustrating with detailed case studies.

What you will learn:
• How predictive analytics automatically derives rules for decision automation by learning from experience
• The top five business applications of analytically optimized rules
• What business rules produced by predictive analytics look like and how they work

How Predictive Analytics Fortifies Healthcare
Predictive analytics addresses today’s pressing challenges in healthcare effectiveness and economics by improving operations across the spectrum of healthcare functions, including:
• Clinical services and other healthcare management operations such as targeting screening and compliance intervention
• Insurance pricing and management
• Healthcare product marketing

Applied in these areas, predictive analytics serves to improve patient care, reduce cost, and bring greater efficiencies. In this keynote address, Eric Siegel will cover today’s rapidly emerging movement to fortify healthcare with big data’s biggest win: the power to predict.

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