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Josh Linkner, Innovation Speaker
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Josh Linkner

    • Founder and CEO of five successful technology companies
    • 2x New York Times Bestselling Author and Professional Jazz Guitarist
    • One of the world’s foremost experts on creativity and innovation 
    • Helps audiences unlock their disruptive potential and solve complex problems in unorthodox ways
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Josh Linkner 2023 Demo Reel 4K

Josh Linkner 2023 Demo Reel 4K

Factories of the Future

Factories of the Future

Virtual Speaking Reel

Virtual Speaking Reel

Live Jazz Innovation Experience with Josh Linkner - 2020 - 2021 Sizzle Reel

Live Jazz Innovation Experience with Josh Linkner - 2020 - 2021 Sizzle Reel

Josh Linkner Innovation Keynote Speaker

Josh Linkner Innovation Keynote Speaker

Josh Linkner Speaker Biography

Josh Linkner - a New York Times bestselling author - is a rare blend of business, art, and science.

On the business front, he’s been the founder and CEO of five tech companies, which created over 10,000 jobs and sold for a combined value of over $200 million. He’s the co-founder and Managing Partner of Muditā (moo-DEE-tah) Venture Partners - an early-stage venture capital firm investing in groundbreaking technologies. Over the last 30 years, he's helped over 100 startups launch and scale, creating over $1 billion in investor returns. He's twice been named the EY Entrepreneur of The Year and is the recipient of the United States Presidential Champion of Change Award.

While proud of his business success, his roots are in the dangerous world of jazz music. He’s been playing guitar in smoky jazz clubs for 40 years, studied at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, and has performed over 1000 concerts around the world.

His experiences in both business and music led him to become one of the world’s foremost experts on innovation. Josh is the co-founder and Chairman of Platypus Labs, a global research, training, and consulting firm. Today, he’s on a mission to help leaders Find A Way™ through creative problem-solving, inventive thinking, and ingenuity.

For more information on Josh Linkner please contact Executive Speakers Bureau at 901.754.9404.

Find A Way™
A proven innovation framework to solve problems, accelerate opportunity and sustain growth

As we enter a new era of business, 50% of leaders in the United States have lost confidence in their ability to make decisions in the face of uncertainty. The level of disruption, technology threats, and volatility can be paralyzing. We are in a leadership crisis and must embrace a new model to meet today's challenges.

Prolific entrepreneur, venture capital investor, and innovation expert Josh Linkner helps you Find A Way™ through his proven 5-step innovation framework for cultivating full-organization ingenuity. Whatever outcomes you crave the most - from sales growth to competitive advantage to employee engagement - you’ll walk away with specific tools to drive sustainable success.

The Find a Way™ framework prioritizes agility over brute force, creativity over hustle, and improvisation over perfect planning. Leaders who embrace the model are inspired and better equipped. They feel confident to move forward into the darkness and have a newfound capacity to win consistently, no matter the circumstances.

This keynote serves leaders & teams who are
●Facing uncertainty and volatility.
●Seeking better ways to drive the outcomes they crave the most.
●Struggling to keep up with the pace of change.

The audience will leave with
●A proven model for harnessing ingenuity to solve any problem and seize any opportunity.
●Innovative strategies to drive better results every day.
●The confidence to walk into the unknown and emerge victorious.

Big Little Breakthroughs™

How Small, Everyday Innovations Drive Oversized Results

The pressure to generate big ideas can feel overwhelming. We know that bold innovations are critical in these disruptive and competitive times, but when it comes to breakthrough thinking, we often freeze up.

Instead of shooting for a $10 billion IPO or a Nobel Prize, the most prolific innovators focus on Big Little Breakthroughs – small, creative acts that unlock massive rewards over time.

The Big Little Breakthroughs framework provides a specific and practical approach to unlocking dormant creative capacity. Instead of wild, risky, and expensive moonshots, participants learn to unleash small, daily creative acts to drive gigantic results over time.

In this inspiring, timely, and high-impact keynote, New York Times bestselling author and globally-recognized innovation expert Josh Linkner shows us how to de-risk the creative process, build the capacity to unlock breakthrough transformations and gain the creative confidence to take responsible risks.

This keynote serves leaders & teams who are
●Aware of the need to innovate but having a hard time getting started.
●Responsible for creating a culture of innovation.
●Feeling pressure to generate breakthroughs but struggling to deliver them.

The audience will leave with
●A proven framework to cultivate a high volume of innovations without the typical risk.
●Inspiring and memorable stories that show how ingenuity, creative problem-solving, and inventive thinking can lead to breakthrough results.
●The mindsets, habits, and tactics of the world’s most prolific artists, business titans, and entrepreneurs.

The Music of Business
The mysterious and dangerous world of jazz is a caldron of spontaneous creativity. And in times of radical change and
uncertainty, it serves as the perfect model for modern leadership.

Professional jazz guitarist and prolific entrepreneur Josh Linkner connects the dots between jazz and business, helping
to unlock the secrets of some of the world’s most creative geniuses. Using live jazz as a metaphor for collaborative
innovation, this session is entertaining, inspiring, and directly applicable to the daily challenges we face in business.

A fusion of live musical performance and keynote presentation, the session’s finale includes audience members “joining
the band” to compose and perform a song in real-time to the delight of the audience. Cameras will flash as the entire
group is dazzled by their colleagues’ improvisation and spontaneous invention.

This keynote serves leaders & teams who are:
• Looking for an elevated experience beyond a typical keynote.
• Craving deeper collaboration, creativity, and performance.
• Seeking a way to stand out from the pack and lead in a fresh, creative manner.

The audience will leave with:
• The mindset and perspective of a jazz musician serving as a creative new model for business growth and results.
• A deeper understanding of collaborative creativity and specific tools to harness inventive thinking and artistic expression.
• A memorable and inspiring sense of what’s possible and how to push boundaries and barriers to achieve remarkable outcomes.
• The creative confidence to pursue our highest calling and to never let the music inside us die.

Disciplined Dreaming™

A proven system to drive breakthrough creativity.

In our modern AI-driven world, creativity has become the currency of success. It’s the one thing that can’t be outsourced or automated; the indisputable competitive advantage. We are all hard-wired to be creative, yet most of us have underdeveloped creative skills. And today, more than ever before, creative problem-solving and inventive thinking are crucial to overcoming obstacles and seizing opportunities.

Based on the breakaway New York Times bestselling book published in 19 languages and globally recognized by over 2 million readers as the definitive work on applied creativity, author and creativity expert Josh Linkner takes the audience on a journey to unlock their dormant creative capacity. Inspiring stories, surprising truths, and instantly-applicable solutions make this keynote both energizing and actionable.

This keynote serves leaders & teams who are
●Facing increasing challenges and competitive threats
●Craving a new approach to harness their full creative potential
●Struggling to keep up with the pace of innovation

The audience will leave with
●A proven model for harnessing and applying human creativity
●An understanding of how the most innovative and disruptive leaders think and act
●Practical techniques to generate more high-quality ideas at any time and for any challenge

The Innovative Leader

A modern framework to lead with confidence in the face of uncertainty and change

The business you're running today isn't the business you'll be running next year. In this moment of volatility and uncertainty, we are being called to lead in a radically different way… more decisive, creative, and adaptable. So how can we use this defining moment to ensure relevancy, sustainability, and success in the future?

In this inspiring and practical keynote, battle-tested CEO, venture capital investor, and leadership expert Josh Linkner delivers a modern and accessible framework to help leaders thrive in the face of uncertainty and leverage their skills to move into uncharted territory with confidence.

You’ll learn how to unlock inventive thinking, creative problem-solving, and ingenuity in every box of the org chart. The most successful leaders today help everyday people become everyday innovators. They make sure that innovation is an everyday business.

This can’t-miss session goes way beyond the future of work. This is the future of growth, the future of relevancy, the future of leadership, and the future of success.

This keynote serves leaders & teams who are
●Being called to lead in a bold, new way
●Overwhelmed with the demands of modern leadership
●Craving a more innovative approach to drive explosive growth, gain competitive advantage, and get more from their teams

The audience will leave with
●A modern framework for innovative leadership
●Insights from some of the world’s most prolific leaders
●A behind-the-scenes view of legendary business disruption
●Strategies to drive growth, engagement, and success amid change and uncertainty


Big Little Breakthroughs™ [Sales Audiences]
How Small, Everyday Decisions Can Drive Oversized Sales Results

Motivating your sales team is only half the battle. In these highly competitive times, with new forms of channel sales, distribution, online selling, and global buyers, you need a speaker that can offer specific strategies to drive real sales results. Here are some focus areas Josh has delivered for other sales organizations:

  • Leveraging competition and gaming to drive closing rates and boost pre-sales behaviors
  • Deploying innovative approaches to selling to maximize competitive differentiation and stand out from the pack
  • Uncovering creative and unexpected ways to close the deal
  • Building personas to pinpoint the motivations that drive buying decisions
  • Using creative psychology to craft more compelling and persuasive sales stories
  • Understanding buyer behavior, and using innovative strategies to boost performance

With extensive, personal, and direct experience as a sales-focused leader, there is no better choice for a keynote for your upcoming sales or sales managing event. Linkner’s deep knowledge of the trends and best practices combined with an intimate understanding of the sales culture and language makes him the ideal keynote speaker for your event.

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