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J.P Pawliw-Fry, Emotional Intelligence Speaker

JP Pawliw-Fry

    • President & Founder IHHP
    • One of the World's Most Requested Speakers on Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
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JP Pawliw Fry Speaking Demo

JP Pawliw Fry Speaking Demo

JP Pawliw-Fry Speaker Biography

Organizations face big challenges: whether it is an accelerated rate of change, the threat of disruption, ambitious targets or aggressive competition. They can only overcome these challenges with exceptional leadership.

For over twenty years, JP Pawliw-Fry’s curiosity and passion for helping people manage their emotions have driven his research-based approach (his organization surveys over 38,000 people a month) in developing science-based skills and tools required to build a culture of exceptional leadership. His work with leaders from Fortune 500 companies such as Goldman Sachs, Intel, Coco-Cola and Johnson & Johnson, as well as the US Marines, Olympic athletes and NBA and NFL teams have provided him with considerable opportunities to test his science-based tools in environments of high pressure. He knows what works when leaders face their most significant challenges.

As a provocative and highly captivating speaker and thought leader, JP brings engaging stories and a lot of fun to every keynote. He challenges groups to think differently about human behavior and leadership and how to manage the pressure that is overtaking so many organizations and individuals today. JP provides real tools to help teams leverage the power of the science of emotional intelligence to embrace pressure and manage the disruption and challenge they are facing.

JP is the co-author of the New York Times bestseller, Performing Under Pressure: The Science of Doing Your Best When it Matters Most, published in 65 countries with multiple translations.

When he is not traveling the globe, JP can be found reading, out dancing, or cherishing time with family. It is no coincidence that he loves working with professional and Olympic athletes as he is himself an avid and enthusiastic athlete. JP loves to participate in a variety of sports including running, volleyball, hockey, and swimming and considers himself a ‘professional’ rugby fan.


To book JP Pawliw-Fry call Executive Speakers Bureau at 901-754-9404.

With 40-70% of people contemplating leaving their jobs, the challenge of retaining your best and brightest has never been more important. But you won’t keep and engage them if you rely on pay, benefits or cool job titles.
It’s been a challenging two years and people are getting burned out and overwhelmed, yet they are now facing increased uncertainty, change, and the pressure to deliver with limited resources. What they need to be successful in this environment is a manager who is equipped with the skills of Emotional Intelligence (EI). A manager who, in times of stress, can tune in to the needs of their directs and help them grow, be resilient, and productive.
Unfortunately, at the very time your people have this critical need, pressure is pushing your well-intentioned managers to become more command and control, and less connected to their people, causing your best to consider greener pastures. It doesn’t have to be this way.
In this powerful virtual or live experience, your managers and leaders will learn how to:

  • Grow their skills of Emotional Intelligence so they can tune into the challenges their people are facing.
  • Lead with empathy and edge, to drive increased retention, engagement and performance
  • Use brain-based strategies to manage their own stress and emotions so they can be resilient, a source of calm in your organization, and coach people to be their best in the most trying situations.
  • Influence & engage others who are at a distance and create the conditions to keep best and brightest, which is the key to winning in 2022.

Your people are burning out. After a long, difficult time during the pandemic, they are feeling overworked and underappreciated. This is causing many to question staying in their current position. The most important thing your organization can offer them is not more money (though you need to be paying them fairly) – it is an environment strong in empathy. When an individual doesn’t feel like they have a voice, doesn’t feel valued or doesn’t know where they stand with their manager, they start to disengage, lose energy and contemplate leaving. This is especially true when they face uncertainty and the challenges of remote/hybrid work.

Equipping your managers (and your whole organization) with empathy not only helps people who are struggling to get through a tough time, but it also puts them on the road to achieving great things together. Something they truly desire. In this powerful virtual program, your people will learn:

  • What the single greatest cause of a lack of empathy is.
  • Why building both Heart and Edge (the ability to care and tune-in, and hold people accountable) is so important to getting discretionary effort and building a great culture.
  • How to inspire their people to do great work.
  • What the key components are to building an environment of high psychological safety is and why it matters to innovation.
  • How to achieve great things, together, in a virtual or hybrid environment.

Getting To The Last 8%
Learning the Skills of Giving and Receiving Feedback to Power Performance
The Challenge
Our research has found that most people are relatively effective getting to 92% of what they want to say in a feedback conversation. But when they get to the last 8% of what they really want to say, the hardest part of the feedback they want to give, the part of the conversation that has consequences for the other person, they sense the potential emotional impact this feedback might have, and they back off and avoid giving this important information.
This creates significant challenges for the other person: not only do they not know how where they stand, which increases their anxiety, but they don’t improve and get better. Worse, they feel less psychologically safe and emotionally connected, which increases the chance they will leave their job, not helpful when keeping best and brightest is becoming the most important issue for organizations today.
It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Goal
The goal of this program is to give your people the insight and tools to manage their emotions to get to the Last 8% of what they want to say in a feedback conversation. The good news is that there is a burgeoning science of how to give and receive feedback that anyone can learn. It starts by becoming a ‘student of human behavior’, understanding the brain under pressure, and learning the concrete skills needed to give feedback in a way where the other person can hear it.

The Program
In this powerful program, your people will learn:
• What is The Last 8% and why it is the biggest opportunity for your people to learn, grow and power performance.
• How the brain reacts under pressure: and why that is at the heart of why people avoid giving Last 8% feedback.
• Self-awareness: what their habitual way of reacting to receiving feedback is and why that matters as a signal to the other person that they are open to getting this important feedback.
• The importance of empathy: how to build empathy, how to truly understand the other person so they can give better, more nuanced, feedback, more effectively.
• How to start a Last 8% feedback conversation: most people do not know where to start, and this anxiety, along with trying to be perfect, is what stops them from beginning this important

The Challenge

With Coronavirus and re-emergence, people are facing:

More difficult conversations & decisions
More intense pressure moments More anxiety
More need to be decisive
Increased need to engage people
But they are struggling because they are using the wrong approach to deal with it

The Wrong Approach

Most people continue to rely on their IQ and technical skills to manage the current environment

Yet IQ and technical skills do nothing to help someone deal with the increase in fear, uncertainty, and anxiety they are experiencing. And managed unskillfully, these strong emotions reduce cognitive capacity, impair the ability to work with others, and make it very difficult to form an effective, adaptive, response. It doesn’t have to be this way.

It is not IQ or technical skills that your people need today, the right approach is the ability to Manage Emotions Intelligently. Your organization is facing what we call Last 8% situations, decisions, and conversations, which are the ‘hardest’ part of a situation that people often avoid or make a mess of, due to strong emotions. If your organization is to adapt and succeed during Covid-19, you will need people who are adept at handling Last 8% situations.


This virtual program will teach your people brain-based strategies to manage fear and emotions so they can be a source of calm in your organization and help people be their best in the most trying situations. They will learn how to influence & engage others who are at a distance and themselves feeling overwhelmed emotionally.


To survive, your organization needs to be agile and see opportunities where others do not. Your team will learn specific tools, based on key habits we have learned working with high performers in the NFL, NBA, Olympic teams, Navy seals, Goldman Sachs, Intel, among others to be adaptable, resilient and opportunistic under the most intense pressure. This virtual program is based on a 12,000-person study we did for our New York Times bestselling book, Performing Under Pressure


Now is not the time to play safe. Tough decisions and conversations that may have been put off in the past are now critical to your success. • Avoiding difficult decisions, conversations, and situations, what we call Last 8% Situations, not only handicaps your organization’s ability to adapt and win but disengages your most important resource, your people. In this powerful virtual program, your people will learn specific tools to engage in the difficult conversations and decisions that lead to a high-performing culture that drives innovation, engagement, and success.

The world and your people are facing not one virus, but two: Covid-19 and the virus of fear.

Fear can get in the way of our ability to think clearly, make good decisions and work effectively as a team. And yet this is exactly what we need to do right now to successfully navigate this crisis. Your team requires Emotional Intelligence based tools to manage their brains and behavior under pressure so they can remain calm and form the kind of response your organization needs today.

Specifically, your team will learn:

- Strategies to be the “calm person in the boat” who can deal with the uncertainty and fear rampant in today’s environment
- How to coach others who are at a distance and feeling overwhelmed emotionally by the change and challenges they are experiencing
- How to make difficult decisions and have difficult conversations
- Habits of individuals who perform at a high level under pressure

Dr. Pawliw-Fry will share specific tools to help your people manage their emotions and their brain so they can show up with more confidence, empathy, and courage during this difficult time, enabling everyone else on their teams to remain calm, confident, and focused.

Why would anyone want to be led by you? This is the single most important question a manager or leader needs to ask themselves if they want to unlock the potential and creativity of their people. The reason your employees get up in the morning and choose to be engaged and productive has nothing to do with a manager’s level of IQ or technical capabilities, it has everything to do with their manager’s level of Emotional Intelligence (EI).

The research is clear that Emotional Intelligence is the single most important driver of an engaged, results-driven, highly effective workforce, especially in environments that are undergoing significant change and disruption.

In this interactive keynote, your team will discover:

- What the brain does under pressure and specific tools & strategies to effectively manage situations of tension and conflict
- Self-awareness: understanding the impact of your leadership style and how to win the hearts and minds of your people by connecting to the emotions that drive their behavior
- Engaging stories from the frontlines of leaders who are stepping up and winning in the most challenging, pressure-filled circumstances

When facing a challenging conversation, most managers adequately cover the first 92% of content they want to cover. When they get to the more difficult part of the conversation, more often than not, they avoid the last 8% of the conversation. What’s missed is the critical information and feedback an individual or organization needs to improve performance, grow and achieve objectives.

Having the “Last 8% Conversation” is one of the key differentiators of world-class organizations and while having them is not easy, it is a skill that can be learned and mastered.

In this powerful keynote, your team will learn:

- What is a “Last 8% Conversation” and why most people avoid
- How to have these conversations in a way that the other person can hear
- How to navigate the difficult emotions that typically prompt us to avoid the Last 8%
- How to inspire your team to be more courageous and skillfully step into having the conversations they need to

If the Hippocratic Oath main directive is ‘first, do no harm,’ then the brain’s is ‘first, keep alive.’ Yet the usual approach most organizations take in managing change and disruption does not take into consideration this neurological reality. Leaders bring their...

From the moment we wake up, we are bombarded with emails and inundated with requests. Distractions today are stronger and more pervasive than at any other time in human history, diminishing our ‘attentional strength’. Yet leaders are expected to focus, make thoughtful decisions and connect to a variety of employees, customers and stakeholders in a volatile, uncertain world. How is this possible? The answer is Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a practice that builds our attentional strengths, allowing us to be more present for people and important decisions and increases our resilience, the ability to deal with the ups and downs of life. In the same way that we go to the gym to build physical strength and endurance, Mindfulness is strength training for our brain. It is the antidote for a multi-tasking world where leaders need to make important decisions, be present to engage people and inspire their teams to the next level of performance.

In this powerful keynote, your team will learn:

- An introduction to the practice of Mindfulness and how it powers performance, energy and health
- The science of the brain under pressure
- Tools to slow down and be decisive when important decisions need to be
- How to use Mindfulness to become a more effective leader that others will want to follow

Why are some people able to deliver under pressure while others fall apart? This program, based on the ground-breaking New York Times bestselling book, Performing Under Pressure, The Science ...

How are managers doing today with all of the changes and challenges they are facing?

Well, 65% of employees would forego a pay raise to get their manager fired.

Maybe not so well.

What to do? With engagement levels at historically low levels, this is a serious problem organizations need to solve if they are going to adapt and win.

The good news? We have found in our data pockets of employees who feel differently, who are far more engaged. The reason? They felt they had an ‘exceptional’ manager who, specifically, had a higher level of empathy.

This program focuses on what your managers can do to create a high-performance environment that meets the needs of your employees:

How your managers can be an ‘umbrella’ manager for their people – someone tuned in and understanding of the challenges their people face and who can offer protection from the stress and pressure everyone in the organization feels. These kinds of exceptional managers lead with a balance of ‘Heart’ and ‘Edge’.
What is Heart and Edge? It is the ability to listen, have empathy, be humble, and be able to emotionally connect while at the same time, set challenging expectations and hold people accountable.

Employees with exceptional managers had greater clarity of what was expected of them, and when they met a particularly challenging situation knew that their manager was on their side – that the manager was someone whom they could go to for help and who would come through when it was needed.
Your team will learn actionable strategies to manage more effectively they can use the very next day from this inspiring program.

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