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Kevin and Jackie Freiberg, Speaker

Kevin and Jackie Freiberg

    • Global Thought Leaders
    • International bestselling business authors of 7 books, including BOOM! 7 Choices for Blowing the Doors Off Business as Usual
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Dr Jackie Freiberg To Innovate Get Involved Part I

Dr Jackie Freiberg To Innovate Get Involved Part I

A Herioc Story About Innovation

A Herioc Story About Innovation

DUO DEMO CAUSE! A Business Strategy for Standing Out

DUO DEMO CAUSE! A Business Strategy for Standing Out

Kevin and Jackie Freiberg Speaker Biography

Kevin and Jackie Freiberg are authors of BOOM! 7 Choices for Blowing the Doors Off Business as Usual. BOOM! is the result of studying the most innovative and unconventional businesses, notable leaders, and committed employees. The Freibergs have distilled this collective wisdom into 7 essential choices that cause culture, service, success, and business to BOOM!

Every great leader asks `How can I motivate my people?` Kevin and Jackie get to the heart of what it takes to create engaged and results-oriented team members - one choice at a time. "Whether you are the leader or those being lead, these choices will determine the quality of your life and the significance of your contribution to the world in which you work. Will you become a person who is truly indispensable to your company or one who`s hardly missed - the choice is yours," say Kevin and Jackie. 

BOOM! follows GUTS! Companies that Blow the Doors Off Business-as-Usual, and the Freibergs` USA Today and Business Week best-seller, NUTS! Southwest Airlines` Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success (over 500,00 copies sold) 

NUTS!, GUTS! and BOOM! are impacting organizations all over the globe. Business leaders from companies in over 60 industries have tapped into the unconventional leadership of some of the most successful corporations in the world. These industry leaders are literally changing the rules of the game with powerful ideas that work! 

Entertaining and fun, hard-hitting and provocative, the Freibergs are among the most influential voices on the speaking circuit today. They`ll make you laugh and challenge you to stop making excuses. Their mission: to help business leaders create cultures where impassioned people come to work fully engaged, knowing they`re going to do something heroic. Places where people, unbridled by antiquated rules, political games, and terminal professionalism, have the freedom to think out of the box and make a difference while making a profit.  

To book innovation speakers, Kevin and Jackie Freiberg call Executive Speakers Bureau 901-754-9404

Bochy Ball! The Chemistry of Winning and Losing in Baseball, Business, and Life.

Business leaders can draw from the insights and apply the wisdom that turned the failing San Francisco Giant's franchise into a $2B force, with 3 World Championship titles in 5 years.

You do NOT have to be a baseball fan or sports addict to learn from Bochy Ball. You do have to be a person who wants to borrow from what great leadership looks like in the best and worst of times! How does that translate to today's business leaders?

The Giant's success is based on clubhouse culture, team chemistry, and a championship mindset, all things every business can gain from. Top CEO's understand that an intentional approach to company culture and a willingness to nurture a "champion's mindset" in each of their employees is vital to their organization's success. Whether you want to...

  • Reinforce a Major Initiative
  • Stretch People's Thinking
  • Build More Team Chemistry
  • Establish a Business Case for Change
  • Coach People to Perform at their Very Best, or
  • Inspire a Higher Level of Leadership

You will get a highly customized keynote, that wraps countless lessons from Bochy Ball around your team's performance goals and your meeting objectives.

The ROI of Engagement, Culture, and CAUSE

People no longer trust the government to turn our country around.  Today they trust businesses that are making a profit while improving society.  Bottomline, when your business gives back, employees are more engaged and customers are more loyal. In this keynote, audiences will get two perspectives on what it takes to grow ROI by earning the TRUST of employees, customers, and 
the community.


Want to move innovation from a tired cliché to a powerful competitive advantage? Want to make it everyone’s job to innovate? We layout the preconditions leaders must create to make innovation a way of life—a deeply embedded part of your cultural DNA. Find out how the most creative companies in the world innovate BEYOND customer expectations. Learn what the best leaders do to inspire ingenuity and unleash imagination—to create a place that is perpetually loaded with fresh ideas. We will also take you behind the scenes and show you how, in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, the people of Tata Motors achieved the impossible by creating the Tata Nano, a 1 Lakh ($2500) car that has taken the world by storm.


The SheEconomy An Untapped $20 Trillion Trend! Dr. Jackie Freiberg calls all business leaders to discover what is at the intersection of some very powerful “NEED to KNOW” global trends. In this new keynote, Jackie unveils an economy that is under-represented, misunderstood and often times ignored! Yet if mined correctly this economy provides a rich, loyal and extremely profitable market.


Leaders shape culture, which in turn, shapes performance and determines the ultimate financial condition of your business. Leadership is a choice, not a position. If we got rid of your title would people still follow you? In this theme, we unpack the character strengths of great leaders and show you how these strengths play out in some of the world’s most revolutionary companies. Our objective here is to help you dramatically accelerate the development of leaders at every level within your company.We want to help you grow leaders who can energize and inspire others, who refuse to be held hostage by history and who have the GUTS to move your organization in bold new directions.

Engagement and Culture

What if your company had a reputation for being the BEST PLACE, where the BEST PEOPLE, can do their BEST WORK? We’re talking serious competitive advantage! You can deliver on the brand promise you make to your employees; it means creating a place where impassioned people come to work fully awake, fully engaged and committed to driving growth. We’ll unpack Southwest Airlines’ crazy, yet purposeful recipe for creating one of the most productive workforces in the world with 37 consecutive years of profitability. The greatest success story in the history of commercial aviation boasts a culture in which 35,000+ people are fully committed and inspired to achieve extremely high productivity, service, safety and financial objectives. This is an exciting, behind-the-scenes look into an all-American, yet globally recognized brand that will help you create your own blueprint for success.


Service and loyalty are the results of leadership from the inside out—the consistent, diehard execution of a “people-first” service philosophy. This theme addresses the critical links between leaders who adhere to a “people-first” philosophy, turned-on, passionate employees who give something of themselves in addition to just doing the job and fiercely devoted customers who evangelistically tell your story. The research is very clear. Companies have known for world-class service, quality, and hospitality work hard to create cultures (even in tough times) where employees feel honored and served; people truly trust and connect with each other; seamless collaboration translates into flawless execution and work is fun. This theme allows you to borrow from the best and create your own “people-first” service strategy. We have written about many of the most admired companies and global service brands around and we’re passionate about revealing the chutzpah and details behind their success.

Loyalty – Fiercely Devoted Customers

We’ll share the key factors that will take you from plain vanilla consumer satisfaction to extreme customer loyalty; from simply being a vendor of choice to being a trusted advisor and a strategic partner with your clients. What if your team knew more about the pressures, pain points, preferences and particular nuances of your customers than anyone? What if they positioned themselves as industry experts who are better than anyone at providing relevant solutions? What if they mastered the discipline of follow-up and the art of making customers feel special long after the solution is delivered? Using these strategies your team can become the “go-to” people that fiercely devoted customers can’t live without and competitors can’t dethrone.


You learn what it takes to establish a critical mass of players who OWN IT. You know the type; the shakers and movers who take initiative vs. take orders. They don’t make excuses, they make things happen. They might be victims of a crummy economy, an industry in turmoil or an organization undergoing significant change, yet they refuse to be victimized. Instead, they bring energy, vitality, creativity and the best of themselves to work—they are people of excellence and they create POCKETS OF EXCELLENCE. You’ll get timeless choices, stories to share and actions to use immediately to create your own pockets of excellence


New business models are disrupting the old. The rules of your industry are being rewritten. The future is unpredictable and the pace of change continues to accelerate. If you want to be built to last you must be built to change. The only question is: Will the changes you make be opportunity led or crisis driven? This theme is about getting in the right frame of mind—one that’s hungry for change. It’s about building a YES-FAST culture where people move with a sense of urgency, declare war on complacency and say “yes” to new skills, new relationships, new business models, new products and new markets. You have a choice. You can lean on yesterday’s headlines and hope that what you’ve been doing will carry you into the future, or you can change.


Radically different. Unforgettably distinct. Easily distinguished. Do these words describe your business? In a world of mimicry and “me-tooism,” you can’t be a leader by playing follow the leader. You lead by constantly finding new ways to add value. We will show you what it takes to “de-commoditize” your business and stand out in an overcrowded market. We will give you some vivid examples of extraordinary companies that are “special.” What’s so special about being special? Special means you are unforgettable. Special means that if we eliminated your business tomorrow you would be missed. Special means your customers can’t live without you. Special makes the comparison with your competitors totally irrelevant because you stand out and give your customers something they can’t get anywhere else.

Corporate Social Responsibility

You will learn how some of the world’s most admired companies rally around causes that go beyond making money to making the world a better place. For these firms, Corporate Social Responsibility is more than a PR tactic, sales strategy or a trend. CSR is a way of doing business—and it’s profitable. In a world where corporate behavior is under a microscope, socially-minded customers want to do business with socially-minded companies. Companies that care about the societies in which they operate also endear themselves to socially-minded employees, partners and investors. Whether it’s green thinking, training entrepreneurs in poor villages to be self-sustaining or restoring disaster-stricken communities, these CSR leaders will inspire your group to see what’s possible in terms of its own initiatives.


Someone once said, “any PR is good”, not true! Every company has a story, and every leader has a responsibility to know the story and to tell it well. You’ll learn how people of influence become even more powerful when they know how to tell great stories. Why, because stories are a compelling teaching tool—a fact that has been demonstrated for over 2000 years. Research shows that stories can increase recall by up to 300%! House a critical point in an interesting story and bingo—if people remember the story they will remember the point. Stories can strengthen team unity. They can also increase commitment and loyalty to the culture, a project and even a challenge. When was the last time you sat around with co-workers and talked about the all-nighter that got the shipment there on time; the heroic customer service comeback; or the brilliant marketing campaign that differentiated you from the competition and grew market share?

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