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Kyle Scheele keynote speaker

Kyle Scheele

    • Top Rated Leadership and Innovation Keynote Speaker
    • Accidental TikToker (3M+ followers!)
    • Champion of Crazy Ideas
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Keynote Speaker Kyle Scheele | 2023 Speaker Reel

Keynote Speaker Kyle Scheele | 2023 Speaker Reel

The Legend of Karate Raccoon #shorts

The Legend of Karate Raccoon #shorts

Kyle Scheele Speaker Biography

Turning 30, artist and speaker Kyle Scheele wanted to do something unusual to mark this milestone. Instead of a birthday bash, he decided to hold a funeral to memorialize the decade of his life that was ending. Building a 16-foot Viking ship out of cardboard, he invited friends to help him set it on fire—a symbolic farewell to his 20s and all the grief, regret, and mistakes that accompanied those years.

When the video of his Viking funeral went viral, it encouraged many others to let go of past hurts as well. Moved by the response he received, Kyle planned a second funeral (this time with a 30-foot cardboard Viking ship) and asked people to share the things they carried—the bad choices, disappointments, heartaches, and negative thinking that they wanted to lay to rest. He received more than 20,000 responses from around the world—stories both heartbreaking and hilarious, painful and inspiring.

Scheele's crazy ideas have been featured in the Washington Post, Fast Company, GoalCast, UpWorthy, BuzzFeed, Yahoo! and more. Videos of his projects have been viewed over 200 million times.

But what’s even cooler is this: by chasing his own crazy ideas, he's inspired other people to chase theirs.

BECOMING AN IDEA FACTORY: How to turn yourself (and your organization) into an innovation machine.
Topics: Creativity, Innovation, Ideation

If there’s one belief that is holding you back from getting the most out of your team, it’s this one: some people are creative, and some people aren’t.

That belief is based on outdated ideas about what creativity means, where it comes from, and who gets to harness it.

The truth is, creativity is a skill like any other: it can be learned.

In the same way that we teach employees how to track expenses, process invoices, and jiggle the lock just right to get into the supply closet, we can teach them how to be more creative, how to have better ideas, and how to build a culture where innovation is a natural byproduct.

In this talk, Kyle will:
- Inspire audience members to harness their own capacity for creativity and innovation.
- Give practical tips for how to get more (and better!) ideas out of yourself and your team)
- Share the 5 things that every idea needs
- Help you avoid common idea-killers in your organization

THINKING INSIDE THE BOX: How tough times fuel true creativity and innovation.
Topics: Innovation, Limited Resources, Working Within Constraints.

We’ve all said it: “If only I had ________, then I could do __________.”

We’re convinced that the only thing standing between us and our best work is more money, more time, more resources, more buy-in, a better team, a better boss, a better piece of software… the list goes on.

But the truth is, real creative work thrives within constraints.

True creative work exists in the gap between what you have and what you think you need. After all, if you had everything you needed, you wouldn’t need creativity at all.

True creativity showed up when the Apollo 13 astronauts had to make square filters fit round tubes. It showed up when a global pandemic made in-person work a liability. And it’ll show up for you too, once you let go of your misguided beliefs about what true creativity requires.

In this talk, Kyle will:
- Show how constraints are the breeding ground for creativity.
- Identify the difference between constructive constraint and restrictive contraint.
- Help reframe the constraints in your organization and find the solutions you’ve been searching for.
- Walk through tools and exercises to break through creative blocks.

IT ONLY TAKES ONE: Rediscovering the power of individuals to drive meaningful change
Topics: Mental Health, Kindness, Empathy

The first time Kyle Scheele thought about taking his own life, he was in second grade. He was alone, without a friend, and he thought the world would be better off without him.

Then a new kid showed up and Kyle learned an important truth: it only takes one person to make you feel like you matter.

As time went on, Kyle learned more:
- It only takes one person to make you feel like you matter, and it only takes one person to make you feel like you don’t.
- It only takes one person to lift someone up, and it only takes one person to tear someone down.
- It only takes one person to make someone’s day, and it only takes one person to ruin someone’s day.

In time, he learned that almost all of the most meaningful things in life – the things that truly matter, that truly last –
are done by one person.

In this talk, Kyle will:
- Share the story of his own mental health journey and the people who helped him along the way.
- Show audience members that they are not alone in their struggles, nor are they defined by them.
- Remind audience members of the power they have to make an impact on the people around them.
- Share practical tips for making a positive difference in the lives of others.

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