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Matthew Emerzian

Matthew Emerzian

    • 4-Time Best-Selling Author with Over 350 Keynotes Delivered
    • Powerful Keynote that Helps Create Stronger Company Culture and Drive Employee Engagement
    • 300K TEDx Views
    • Founder And CEO, Every Monday Matters™ Non-Profit Serving Over 3 Million People
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Every Monday Matters - Never Forget

Every Monday Matters - Never Forget

Matthew Emerzian - Author, Speaker, Founder & CEO Every Monday Matters

Matthew Emerzian - Author, Speaker, Founder & CEO Every Monday Matters

You Matter: Mental Health and Business Culture with Matthew Emerzian

You Matter: Mental Health and Business Culture with Matthew Emerzian

Matthew Emerzian Speaker Biography

For the past 15 years, Matthew Emerzian has been on a mission to create a world where everyone embraces how much and why they matter. He is the bestselling author of four books, a highly sought-after keynote speaker, having taken the stage for Zoom, Google, Outreach, HP, Jack in the Box, Chili’s, Genentech, Amgen, and more, and his work has been hailed by Oprah.com, The Today Show, Fast Company, and several other media outlets.

Matt is also the founder and CEO of Every Monday Matters (EMM), a non-profit organization that has impacted millions of lives. The EMM K-12 Education Program serves over 3 million students nationwide. The EMM Employee Engagement and Culture Program is changing the cultures of companies of all sizes. And the EMM Senior Living Program is bringing dignity and purpose to our senior population who deserves to know how much and why they matter.

After achieving great success in the music industry as the SVP of Robert Kardashian’s music marketing company and working on projects for the biggest artists in the world, including U2, Avril Lavigne, Coldplay, and more, Matt woke up on a Monday morning with a massive panic attack that turned into chronic anxiety and depression. Realizing everything he thought mattered actually didn’t, he set out on a journey to rediscover his life’s purpose and why he matters. Matt realized that mattering is at the heart of everything and developed The Mattering Mindset™— a methodology that has transformed countless lives, organizations, and communities.

Allow Matt to transform your people and organization with his inspiring story and interactive keynote that will empower every participant to embrace how much and why they matter to themselves, their relationships, their company, and their community.

You matter™.

YOU MATTER – A Story and Framework that Matter

Everyone has a story… some just happen to create a ripple effect of positive impact that transforms millions of lives. That is Matt’s story.

After graduating from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, Matt pursued a career in the music industry. As SVP of Robert Kardashian’s music marketing company, Matt had the pleasure of working on projects for the biggest artists in the world, including U2, Coldplay, Avril Lavigne, Tim McGraw and more.

He had achieved success, as defined by our Western culture, but woke up on a Monday morning with a massive panic attack that turned into chronic anxiety disorder and depression. He realized that none of what he thought mattered actually did.

Matt worked to find new meaning and purpose in his life, leading him to write his first book in 2007, Every Monday Matters™ (EMM). That book became the inspiration for founding a non-profit organization with the mission of helping individuals and organizations embrace how much and why they matter.

Today, EMM serves over 3 million people with transformational programming through the Mattering Mindset™ methodology. He has now written four best-selling books and shared his inspirational story through over 350 keynotes in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

Matt is on a mission to help individuals and organizations embrace how much and why they matter. And, he believes that mattering is at the intersection of human and business needs. Get ready for a moving, empowering, and interactive keynote that will leave the hearts and minds of everyone in the room forever transformed.

You matter.™


Today, companies and employees are struggling with uncertainties in the speed of innovation, economic and geopolitical disruptions, growing social and environmental pressures, mental health and well-being struggles, and a wicked pandemic hangover. The future is coming so fast that it nearly feels like the present.

Over the next five years:

• 86% of companies reported will adopt new technologies
• 23% of today’s jobs won’t exist and replaced with new skill-based jobs
• Analytical thinking, creative thinking, resilience, flexibility, motivation, self-awareness, and curiosity will be the top core skills for workers

Matt proposes that mattering is our future; therefore, mattering is at the intersection of human and business needs. Companies are human. Thus, the future of work is human; and, preparing for tomorrow means investing in your people today.

The Mattering Mindset™ provides an actionable and timely methodology for how companies can best prepare for the rapid changes the future has in store for them. Participants will reconnect to the foundations of developing a human-centered organization that promotes inclusion, connection, and purpose. More so, they will walk away inspired and empowered to welcome a future that matters.


Company culture is built upon experiences and transformed through meaningful engagement. It takes time to gain commitment and participation. It is essential to the health and success of any company, yet in today's ever-changing, remote and hybrid work environments, culture creating and maintaining is more challenging than ever.

• By the end of 2023, 25% of US professionals will work remotely
• 88% of workers believe that company culture is essential in remote work, yet only 2 in 10 employees feel connected to their company’s culture
• In 2019, 63% of meetings were held in person. 2021, only 33%, projected to drop to just 25% in 2024

These conflicting trends are where the tension lies, but also the opportunity. As employees push for more remote and hybrid work, the paradigm for culture needs to change.

For too long, company culture has been viewed as the responsibility of leadership. Now culture is as much bottom-up as it is top-down. It requires accountability by everyone to build a space where people don’t want to quit, but instead grow, thrive, and celebrate.

The Mattering Mindset™ offers real and implementable insights to create experiences that matter and the engagement needed to drive culture and business forward. Participants will redefine their paradigm of culture and leave with a new vision and understanding of their role in creating a work culture that matters.



Companies today face many challenges, but one of the biggest is retaining the staff to meet and exceed business goals. This puts extra weight on the shoulders of People Leaders to ensure their employees are meeting business needs while simultaneously addressing human needs.

If not done well, a domino effect of poor results, disconnection, and quiet quitting can ensue.

• 32% of Managers report being engaged, 18% report being extremely satisfied, and 53% are watching for or actively seeking a new job
• 19% of employees agree that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work
• 21% of employees trust organizational leadership

Leaders hold the power to realize—or vaporize—incredible organizational performance. Their leadership capacity determines the future of those they lead.

The Mattering Mindset™ is at the ‘Heart’ of every great leader. People don’t want to be managed; they want to know they matter. Participants will learn proven techniques in how to embrace The Mattering Mindset™ for leadership success by making their teams feel seen, heard, loved, and empowered.



The arguments for making belonging a top driver in a company’s employee engagement strategy are limitless and extraordinary.

• 91% of employees who feel like they belong are engaged at work
• Workplace belonging leads to a 56% increase in job performance
• Employees reporting the highest levels of belonging have a 50% drop in turnover risk and a 75% reduction in sick days

Why is belonging so powerful? Because it touches on the deepest levels of human needs. Depending on the definition of belonging, we find sentiments like feeling welcomed, known, included, supported, connected, and valued. Thus, when a company prioritizes belonging, they prioritize the human being. And, when a company comprises people who feel whole, the company has a greater chance for long-lasting success.

But belonging is not a strategy; it is an outcome. Belonging can only be achieved by better understanding ourselves, allowing us to appreciate better and value those around us.

The Mattering Mindset™ is built upon the foundation of “I Matter, You Matter, and We Matter,” which leads the way for self-awareness, empathy, and valuing the greater good. Participants will learn actionable and timely methods for creating a space for diversity, inclusion, and equity to thrive.


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