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Michael Roizen, Motivation Speaker

Michael Roizen

    • Co-Founder of RealAge, a consumer-health media company and provider of personalized health information and management tools
    • New York Times Best-selling Author
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Michael Roizen Speaker Biography

In October 2007 Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz released YOU: Staying Young and it also hit the top of the charts after numerous TV appearances and magazine features.

Dr. Roizen is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Williams College and Alpha Omega Alpha graduate of the University of California, San Francisco, and medical school. He performed his residency in internal medicine at Harvard's Beth Israel Hospital and completed a tour of duty in the Public Health Service at the National Institutes of Health in the laboratory of Irv Kopin and Nobel prize winner Julius Axelrod. He is certified by both the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Anesthesiology. He is 58 calendar years of age, but he lives his RealAge paradigm and therefore has a RealAge of 40.6 years of age.
Dr. Roizen is past chair of a Food and Drug Administration advisory committee; has been an editor or associate editor for six medical journals; has published more than 155 peer-reviewed scientific papers; 100 textbook chapters; 30 editorials; and four medical books (one a 'medical' best seller, translated into 13 languages). He has also been issued 12 US patents and several foreign patents.

After nine years on the faculty at the University of California, San Francisco, he started and was medical director of the Chicago Program for Executive Health. He also chaired the top 10 rated department of Anesthesia and Critical Care at the University of Chicago. He then became Dean of the School of Medicine and Vice-President for Biomedical Sciences at SUNY Upstate University. Currently he is at the Cleveland Clinic as Chairman of the Division of Anesthesiology.
Dr. Roizen is the founder and chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of RealAge, Inc., a San Diego-based company. The site addresses health, and wellness issues, and the RealAge "Tip of the Day" is subscribed to by over 1.9 million people in USA. This site was purchased by Hearst publications in 2007.

Dr. Roizen is currently the Wellness Officer of the Cleveland Clinic and Chair Designate of the upcoming Wellness Center at the Cleveland Clinic.

RealAge Programs
The RealAge program is adapted from Dr. Roizen's three New York Times best selling books. RealAge has been translated into 22 languages and www.realage.com is the second largest medical web page in the world with 1.4 million hits per day. Each program can be customized to include the following:

- Your real age versus your calendar age and why you should care
- The steps to take in order to control your genes and delay aging
- Seven natural ways to lower blood pressure
- Discover the most important and powerful anti-aging agent for men and women over 50
- Six ways to lower your lousy LDL cholesterol and four ways to increase your healthy HDL cholesterol without drugs
- How to make your immune system function well regardless of your age
- Ideas to adopt that will increase your energy, alertness, and vitality
- How to prevent or stop the progression of arthritis and osteoporosis two of the biggest health concerns for women and older men
- Scientific studies that give insight into the aging process and how to ward off disease
- Why certain vitamin supplements should be part of your daily health regime versus what Madison Avenue tells us
- Secrets to success in weight loss the biggest challenge of the millennium!
- Three types of exercise to make your RealAge younger
- How to manage stress in all aspects of your life and more!

The Secret Story of What's In Your Belly and How to Get Rid of What You Do Not Want
In the simplest form, we all know the formula for gaining weight. Daily buckets of ranch dip, plus photo-album-sized hunks of cheesecake, plus a life of couch dwelling equals a very unfortunate conclusion: too-frequent button poppings. But many of us really don't know how fat works and how it works against us. This talk will concentrate on that.

To change your body, you need to know your body. Technically, when you ingest fat, it's absorbed via your intestines. But the key organ in the entire digestive, fat-storing process is an organ called the omentum, a fatty tissue that makes your belly stick out when it grows too large. Think of the omentum fat as the obnoxious 18-wheeler on a crowded highway-elbowing out the stomach, pushing away other organs, and claiming up all the space for itself.

This talk will center on how omentum fat works, how it injures the body, and what you can do to successfully get rid of it. When this organ is out of control it causes frequent, abnormal hunger; arterial aging; loss of energy, sexual impotence; inflammation that leads to stroke and heart attacks, and other things we will discuss.

You Can Make Immediate Changes What's most interesting and encouraging is that as soon as you make physiological changes to your omentum, your body starts seeing the effects. That is, once your body senses it's losing that fat, then your body's blood-related numbers (cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar) start traveling in the healthy direction. This happens within days before you even notice any kind of physical sign of weight loss (especially when you consider that the size of your omentum is impossible to measure without a CT scan). There are many important ways to start shedding this unhealthy fat, and that's how the talk will end.
These programs are available as a half day, full day, or as a keynote speech. Weekend retreats and longer programs are also offered

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