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Robin Speculand, Change Speaker

Robin Speculand

    Business Strategy Implementation Expert
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Keynote Speaker Robin Speculand

Keynote Speaker Robin Speculand

Keynote speaker Robin Speculand is a global pioneer in strategy implementation. He is the founder and chief executive of Bridges Business Consultancy Int., a global pioneer and specialist in strategy implementation. Referred to as the Master of Strategy Implementation by industry peers, Robin Speculand wrote the best-selling book Bricks to Bridges – Make Your Strategy Come Alive, which set the benchmark for new thinking in his field. His follow up book Beyond Strategy – the Leader’s Role in Successful Implementation, specifically identifies the actions leaders must take to reverse their staggering failure to deliver on their strategy promises.

Robin’s pioneering work has been featured in strategy journals, international print and electronic media including the BBC Global, CNBC and Financial Times. He has become a known expert and sought-after speaker at key strategy and international business forums.

Robin founded Bridges at the turn of the millennium as a response to his frustration of watching implementations repeatedly fail. Since Bridges first assisted Singapore Airlines in 2000, it has helped governments, multinational corporations and local organizations across five continents excel in execution. He refined his strategy implementation techniques in client organizations and at Citigroup in his role as regional vice president, Corporate Bank, Asia Pacific.

His work has led to the development of several proprietary tools that support his mantra, of ensuring organizations successfully implement their strategy. One of these tools includes the Implementation CompassTM, a framework that identifies actions in eight critical areas for excellence in execution.

He is a founding member of the Asia Speakers Association and outside of work, a diehard ironman athlete. To book Business Strategy and Change Speaker Robin Speculand call Executive Speakers Bureau 800-754-9404.

1) Public Seminars

Execution Leadership: Leader’s Role in Implementing Strategy
A half-day executive seminar for leaders who craft corporate strategy

Leaders get it.
They know that a titanic mistake has been to focus more on crafting strategy than implementing it. This is not a hard sell to leaders. The staggering failure to deliver on their strategy promises has led to strategy implementation becoming an integral part of business today. Too many leaders on too many occasions have been involved in too many failures. Something needs to change and it starts with the leaders. The seminar addresses what they must do and more importantly how they can do it by providing the framework, models and playbook.

2) Signature Seminar:

Strategy Implementation for Leaders 
A one-day seminar for people who are in charge of making the strategy happen

Have you ever invested the time to craft a strategy and then been disappointed with its results? Or have you been involved in a workshop to design a new plan and then got so caught up in the day-to-day business, the action items were forgotten? Or have you been part of a project that, despite everyone’s best efforts, did not deliver the desired results? Most leaders have, as research shows:

“9 out of 10 companies fail to implement strategy successfully.”- Bridges research

This highly engaging and enriching one-day seminar, based on the international bestselling book Bricks to Bridges Make Your Strategy Come Alive, addresses the challenge of implementing strategy. Starting where most seminars end, it explains what to do after you have crafted your strategy. It’s packed with what works and what to avoid, plus the latest thinking in the field and a framework to guide you on your implementation journey.

3) Master Class:

Mastering Implementation: Building Your Implementation Plan
A three-day workshop for people responsible for creating and executing the implementation plan

An exciting, intricate, hands-on master class over three full-on days for people who are responsible for building and delivering the strategy implementation plan and want to excel in execution. Initiated by our clients requests, the workshop recognizes that every organization is different and every strategy implementation is unique. Although two organizations may have similar strategies the implementations are never the same. The challenge that follows crafting a strategy is to work out how to execute it. After all, it is not strategy that delivers revenue but its implementation.
4) In-house Seminar:

Double Bridges – How to Implement Strategy

Double Bridges is a strategy implementation intervention based on extensive experience and years of research. It addresses this urgency: when implementation succeeds, it is not only "top-down driven" but also "bottom-up" sustained.

Even though implementation initiatives are designed to deliver performance, they rarely do. In fact, implementations still fail more frequently than they succeed. It requires paying more attention to how the right actions are implemented every day.

This Double Bridges approach gives you the methodologies and techniques that address today's concerns so you can build tomorrow's successes.
Operational Excellence for the Banking Industry: Why Wouldn’t You Do It?

Banks are notoriously bad at managing operations. Fortunately this is a well kept global secret and most customers are not aware of the number of mistakes made, funds lost or time taken to complete transactions. This one-day, interactive, inspiring and informative workshop recognizes that there has never been a more important time to improve the way we operate, to be more competitive and to improve the global perspective of banks.

The workshop focuses on providing a framework to guide you through the implementation of operational excellence. It identifies the main steps, shares examples from other banks (both what works and what to avoid) and demonstrates how OPEX delivers the dollars to the bottom line, through cost savings and increase business.

To launch OPEX in a bank the first key step is to create initial impact by launching cross-functional redesign projects to solve key visible problems, e.g. account opening that encapsulate the customer end-to-end experience. The second-prong is to imbue quality into the bank’s DNA.
Roll Up Your Sleeves - Crossing the bridge to action

"Without action, the world would still be an idea." This is a famous quote in the INSEAD library in France and aptly captures the essence of this dynamic and impactful half-day working session. "Roll Up Your Sleeves" is designed for an organization who needs to cross the bridge from creating ideas to implementing actions; although easy in theory, rarely is it done successfully.

The session picks up where most workshops/meetings end. It is not enough to just identify the actions and assign responsibilities. If it was then we would not have so many poor implementations. In this session we focus on, overcoming organizational issues; making sure the actions are the right ones to drive performance forward and identifying the critical successful factors. Roll Up Your Sleeves is a perfect fit for any company who is seeking a hard hitting and focused session for converting ideas into the right actions.

Excellence in Execution

Most strategy implementation efforts don’t work; they fade out along the way and fail to deliver. Overwhelmingly, this is because most leaders underestimate the challenge, effort and commitment involved in executing strategy.

“9 out of 10 companies fail to successfully implement their strategy to achieve the desired results.”- Bridges research

Making Your Strategy Come Alive is a straight-talking, highly engaging, no-nonsense presentation that will be invaluable to any company that truly wants to make implementation work.

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