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Ron Galloway, Speaker
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Ron Galloway

    • Renowned Speaker, Researcher, Author, and Filmmaker with Extensive Healthcare, Technology, and Business knowledge.
    •  Disruptors' (Apple, Google, & Amazon) Impact on Healthcare
    • Ron has been featured on CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, ABC’s World News Tonight, and The Daily Show. He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, and New Yorker magazine.
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The Disruptors Presentation

The Disruptors Presentation

Ron Galloway Speaker Biography

Ron Galloway is an author from Augusta, Georgia. He researches the intersection of technology and healthcare, with a particular focus on the disruptive impact of artificial intelligence on healthcare delivery. His forthcoming book "Data To Diagnosis" examines the new role of AI in healthcare diagnostics. His book "AI: Clear & To The Point" is a primer on the general subject of AI.

Ron's work has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and New Yorker magazine. He has appeared on CNN, CNBC, the BBC, and Jon Stewart's Daily Show.

He has a graduate of Georgia Tech and has two children.

The Disruptors: How Big Tech Will Change Healthcare is a 60 minute presentation which examines the potential of Amazon, Apple, Google, WalMart & CVS to upend healthcare by applying their existing data expertise and scale.

Healthcare and especially hospital-based healthcare is going through a massive disruptive phase right now, with most of the changes being brought about by 1) new technologies and 2) new entrants, competitive and non-competitive, into the space.

In this session Ron Galloway will illustrate the scope of these changes, and the impacts and unintended consequences that may occur.

Sector Zero: Winners & Losers in the AI Economy

This session ventures into the heart of the AI economy, dissecting the sectors poised for growth and those at risk of displacement. It will provide a comprehensive analysis of how artificial intelligence is reshaping the economic landscape, affecting industries, labor markets, and global economic dynamics. By examining case studies across various sectors, this presentation aims to identify the characteristics that differentiate the beneficiaries of AI advancements from those that face challenges.

Ron's session will include these takeaways:

  • A deep dive into sectors that are leveraging AI for substantial growth, highlighting key success factors.
  • Analysis of industries and roles vulnerable to automation, with insights into the scale and timeline of potential impacts.
  • Strategies for businesses and workers to adapt to the AI economy, including upskilling and technological integration.
  • The role of policy and education in mitigating the adverse effects of rapid AI adoption on employment and inequality.
  • Future outlook on the AI economy, focusing on emerging trends and potential shifts in global economic power.

The session will conclude with a balanced perspective on the AI-driven economic transformation, acknowledging both the opportunities for innovation and growth and the challenges of the AI economy's dynamics, equipped with knowledge to navigate the complexities of this evolving landscape.

The Role of AI in the Manufacturing Sector

In this session, we explore the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the manufacturing sector. We'll examine how AI technologies are being integrated into various stages of the manufacturing process, from design and planning to production and quality control. The discussion will highlight the ways in which AI enhances efficiency, reduces costs, and enables more flexible and customized production capabilities.

Ron's session will include these takeaways:

  • Insight into the application of machine learning algorithms for predictive maintenance, reducing downtime and operational costs.
  • Examples of how AI-driven robotics are revolutionizing assembly lines, offering precision and flexibility.
  • Strategies for implementing AI in supply chain management to optimize logistics and inventory management.
  • The role of AI in quality control processes, utilizing computer vision for defect detection and assurance.
  • Future trends in AI within the manufacturing sector, focusing on sustainable manufacturing practices and the integration of IoT devices.

The session aims to provide a comprehensive overview of AI's current and potential future roles in manufacturing. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of how AI technologies can be leveraged to drive innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in the manufacturing industry.


The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Investment Management Sector

This session delves into the profound influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on the investment management sector, highlighting how AI technologies are reshaping investment strategies, risk management, and client service. We will explore the integration of AI in predictive analytics, portfolio management, and automated advisory services, showcasing the benefits of enhanced decision-making and operational efficiency. The discussion will also cover the challenges and ethical considerations of deploying AI in investment management.

Ron's session will include these takeaways:

  • Insights into how AI and machine learning algorithms are used for predictive analytics in market trends and investment opportunities.
  • The application of AI in optimizing portfolio management, including asset allocation and risk assessment.
  • The evolution of robo-advisors and their role in providing personalized investment advice at scale.
  • Ethical considerations and the importance of transparency in AI-driven investment decisions.
  • Future trends in AI within the investment management sector, with a focus on regulatory compliance and the potential for AI to democratize investment.

The closing remarks will emphasize the dual-edged nature of AI in investment management: its capacity to transform the sector through innovation and efficiency, against the backdrop of regulatory challenges. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the critical role AI plays in modern investment management and its implications for the future of the industry.


AI's Influence on the Insurance Landscape

This presentation examines the pivotal role artificial intelligence (AI) is playing in reshaping the insurance domain. It focuses on the deployment of AI in enhancing underwriting processes, claims handling, and customer engagement. The talk will also address the innovative use of AI for fraud detection and risk assessment, illustrating how these technologies contribute to more accurate and efficient operations.

Ron's session will include these takeaways:

  • Detailed analysis of AI's role in refining underwriting accuracy and efficiency through advanced data analytics.
  • Exploration of AI-driven systems in streamlining claims processing, reducing processing time, and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Overview of AI applications in detecting fraudulent activities, leveraging anomaly detection techniques.
  • The significance of AI in personalizing customer experiences, offering tailored insurance products and services.
  • Projections on the evolution of AI in the insurance industry, including the integration of telematics and wearable technology for dynamic risk modeling.

The session will conclude by emphasizing the ‘black swan' impact of AI across the insurance industry, highlighting both the operational advancements and the challenges faced in adopting these technologies. Participants will leave with a nuanced understanding of how AI can foster innovation and efficiency in insurance, alongside considerations for its ethical and practical implementation.


AI's Potential Effect on the Entertainment Industry

This session will explore the dynamic influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on the entertainment industry, focusing on content creation, distribution, and consumer engagement. It will delve into how AI technologies are being used to script and produce movies, music, and video games, personalize content recommendations, and enhance viewer experiences. Additionally, the presentation will touch upon the innovative use of AI in marketing and audience analysis, demonstrating its role in transforming traditional media landscapes.

  • Ron's session will include these takeaways:
    An overview of AI's application in automating content creation, including scriptwriting, music composition, and visual effects generation.
  • The impact of AI on content distribution platforms, highlighting algorithm-driven personalization and its effect on consumer behavior.
  • Insights into AI's role in audience segmentation and targeted marketing, enhancing engagement and optimizing advertising strategies.
  • Discussion of AI-driven analytics in understanding viewer preferences and predicting entertainment trends.
  • Consideration of the socio-economic implications of AI, specifically potential job displacement within creative and logistical roles in the entertainment sector.

In concluding, the session will address the dual nature of AI's impact on the entertainment industry: its ability to drive innovation and create immersive, personalized experiences, juxtaposed with the challenges of job displacement and the need for new skills. Attendees will gain a comprehensive perspective on the transformative potential of AI in entertainment, along with an understanding of the importance of preparing for the industry's evolving workforce demands.


AI and the Future of Senior Living

This session offers an in-depth look at how artificial intelligence (AI) is set to alter the landscape of senior living. It will cover the practical application of AI technologies in enhancing the quality of life for seniors, focusing on health monitoring, personalized care, and operational efficiency in senior living facilities. The discussion will highlight how AI can support more independent living for seniors through predictive health analytics, automated assistance, and improved safety measures.

Ron's session will include these takeaways:

  • The role of AI in monitoring health and predicting medical issues, allowing for proactive care.
  • Examples of how automated systems and robotics are assisting with daily tasks and medication management.
  • The impact of AI on personalizing care plans based on the individual health data and preferences of seniors.
  • Strategies for leveraging AI to improve operational aspects of senior living facilities, such as staffing and maintenance.
  • The potential challenges and ethical considerations in implementing AI in environments designed for senior care.

The concluding thoughts will focus on the realistic implications of integrating AI into senior living, acknowledging both the enhancements it offers to the well-being of seniors and the considerations necessary to ensure these technologies are used responsibly and ethically. Participants will leave with a grounded understanding of AI's potential to support senior living, balanced with an awareness of the importance of addressing privacy and consent.

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Customer Rating 5

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February 26, 2024

Ron does a great job weaving practical applications and humor into a topic that has the potential to be difficult to imagine.

University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point

November 8, 2023

Great speaker, friendly very knowledgeable very engaging

New York State Association of Health Care Providers

July 13, 2023

Ron did a great job at our meeting! His presentation was thoughtful and current.

Alabama Hospital Association

October 11, 2022

Ron always shares fresh content, insights and information with an abundance of energy and humor. Our group loved him so much we brought him back two additional times!


April 29, 2021

Ron was great to work with and very diligent and targeted in his topic for our group. Prior to providing us with his virtual presentation, new news had hit the airwaves that affected our industry, and he made sure to update his presentation and provide us with the most current information. The feedback we are already receiving is stellar. Thank you, Ron.

EPIC Pharmacies

December 2, 2019

Ron Galloway was a real hit for our executive audience. He delivered a tremendous amount of thoughtful and prescient content in an engaging way. Ron tailored his presentation to our audience; we would definitely ask him back for more!

Missouri Hospital Association

November 18, 2019

November 6, 2019

October 22, 2019

September 12, 2019

Ron's knowledge mixed with his great sense of humor was the perfect way to engage our attendees as our closing speaker. Seeing our audience completely attentive to his message after a long two days of programming further confirmed that we made a perfect choice of speaker.

Texas Healthcare Trustees


We work with a lot of speaking organizations... Let me tell you - ESB is the best! Matt Meyer is by far the best agent to work with!

Warrior Rising

Everyone on the ESB team (Matt, Sheryl, etc.) has been great to work with for our events. Looking forward to keep working with ESB!

Plexus Worldwide

We had a positive experience with ESB. Matt Meyer is a great communicator and easy to get a hold of. He helped us through the process to make..


ESB was patient, thorough, and responsive during the planning process. Thank you for making this such a great experience for us!


ESB supported our needs and the needs of our speaker throughout the entire process. I highly recommend working with ESB to find your next spe..


"It's always a pleasure to work with ESB. Very professional and personable staff. Thanks!"

Testimonial | Texas Society of Architects

"Excellent! Thank you for being a true partner to our organization and its development."

HCA Healthcare

"They are the only speakers bureau I will even consider using!"

Testimonial | Youth Villages

A wonderful bureau to work with! Big ups to everyone who helped make our event a success. Fingers crossed we get the chance to collaborate fo..

MDRT | Testimonial

"As always, you are the best most responsive speaker bureau I've ever worked with!"

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