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Ryan Cambell, keynote speaker Managed
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Ryan Campbell

    • Interactive Speaker that Leaves Audiences Engaged, Energized, and Inspired into Action
    • Youngest Solo Pilot to Fly Around the World, One of Australia's 50 Great Explorers
    • Plane Crash Survivor with Paraplegic Diagnosis
    • Teaches a Powerful Framework that Transforms Team Culture, Burnout, and Mental Health
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$15,000 - $20,000

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2024 Ryan Campbell Keynote Speaker Reel

2024 Ryan Campbell Keynote Speaker Reel

Meet Ryan Campbell - From World Record Breaking Pilot to Paraplegic Plane Crash Survivor

Meet Ryan Campbell - From World Record Breaking Pilot to Paraplegic Plane Crash Survivor

Ryan Campbell Speaker Biography

Ryan Campbell is one of the world’s leading mental health and resilience keynote speakers. His gripping story of adventure and adversity leaves audiences in laughter, tears, and inspired into action. As a teenager, Ryan became the youngest solo pilot to fly around the world and was named one of Australia's 50 great explorers. But everything changed after a tragic plane crash that left him with a paraplegic diagnosis, told he would never walk again.

Over the next several years, Ryan’s incredible recovery back to walking and flying again defied the odds. While he ticked the boxes that defined success, his mental health had never been worse. Like many in today’s world, Ryan was struggling with burnout, anxiety, and depression.

His missing puzzle piece wasn’t found in a massive global expedition or miraculous recovery. Ryan’s greatest lesson was parked right in his driveway.

Today, Ryan speaks to organizations around the world about the life-changing power of prioritizing joy. Through the story of his Elvis-inspired 1960 pink Cadillac, he shares accessible and attainable frameworks that will immediately improve mental health, fuel performance, and transform culture.

Through harnessing the power of joy, Ryan helps audiences shift their thinking so that they can step back in order to show up better. All by asking one simple question…

What’s Your Pink Cadillac?

Featured Keynote:

What's Your Pink Cadillac? The Transformational Power of Prioritizing Joy
Dive into the joy-fueled resilience hidden in our hobbies, interests, and simple pleasures. In a fast-paced world where our challenges are relentless and the solutions seem out of reach, Ryan delivers a message of accessible, attainable change. From the highs of a world record-breaking expedition to the most unimaginable low of a plane crash and paraplegic diagnosis, Ryan uses his story to highlight the realities of adversity and the role of resilience. A message built on the importance of mental health and self-care, What’s Your Pink Cadillac? uncovers the most unexpected, transformational tool discovered in the most unexpected place, the purchase of a 1960 Pink Cadillac. Get ready to smile like a kid, step back, and show up better.

As a result of this program, attendees will:

- Develop a new understanding of adversity and the role of resilience
- Discover the hidden power of our hobbies, interests, and simple pleasures
- Unlock the tools to improve mental health, fuel performance, and improve culture
- Identify and share their own personal Pink Cadillacs
- Identify the five steps to driving our Pink Cadillacs

Additional Keynotes:

What’s Your Pink Cadillac? The Unconventional Road to Becoming #TurbulenceTough
How do you bounce back better? Not just from a bad day or tough quarter but life’s most challenging moments.

Ryan Campbell is a firm believer in resilience - the bedrock foundation for a life of success, happiness, adventure, and endless professional growth.
Finding that perfect team meeting speaker or opening or closing keynote can be tough. Ryan Campbell is a leading motivational speaker, starting the conversations that matter through a laid-back, unforgettable, emotional, unpredictable, and transformational keynote experience.

At just 19, Ryan became the youngest person and first teenager to fly solo around the world - 24,000 nautical miles, 35 stops, and 15 countries. A Guinness World Record breaking adventure that led to the title of one of Australia’s 50 Greatest Explorers.

At 20, Ryan became an author with the release of Born to Fly, the bestselling story of a teenager’s global expedition.

At 21, Ryan was diagnosed a paraplegic following a serious plane crash.

Ryan endured 6 months in a hospital spinal rehabilitation ward. What followed was a year and a half long journey of recovery back to not only his feet but the air.

A journey to becoming TurbulenceTough, from adventure to adversity, and the greatest lesson of all.

Now based in the US, Ryan is the guy behind 'What's Your Pink Cadillac?, a leading keynote speaker helping others discover the unexpected, unconventional road to a culture of joy and resilience.

Key takeaways include:

- Understand the role of resilience and the path to mastering this learned and constantly refined skill
- Take One Step, the approach to not just achieving but overcoming. The importance of understanding the big picture yet focusing solely on the controllable.
- Slow Down, the importance of slowing down in turbulence. Utilizing turbulence as a teacher by dedicating time and space to analyze, extract and store. Finding a way to take an easily forgettable moment, extract the lessons, and place them in an unforgettable drawer.
- Step Back, the importance of utilizing joy to build a culture of resilience. Stepping back, prioritizing the things that make you smile like a kid in order to show up better in all areas of your life. Asking the critical question, What's Your Pink Cadillac?

Becoming #TurbulenceTough: Your ticket to overcoming adversity, navigating change, and building a better future.
We all face turbulence, but the secret to smoother air lies in one’s willingness to fill their Mindset Toolbox with the tools used to divert around bad weather and overcome change, challenge, crisis, and adversity. Organizations are constantly struggling to find the right tools they need to not only overcome and re-invent but ride out the roughest bumps. In this session, Ryan Campbell uses Aussie storytelling to deliver the experience earned tools, mindsets, and strategies to not only navigate today but build a better future.

Your audience will learn how to:

-Adopt a #TurbulenceTough mindset for life
-Navigate change quickly and confidently using the proven 3-Step Checklist
-Use adversity as a fuel for building resilient individuals and teams
-Find confidence in your ability to overcome all change and challenge through filling your Mindset Toolbox
-Use change, challenge, crisis, and adversity as a propellant for building a better future

In today's fast-paced, ever-evolving corporate environment there has never been a more important time to focus on work-life balance. One of the most common forms of turbulence is burnout.

Through an unnecessary and somewhat irresponsible purchase, a 2.5-tonne Pink Cadillac, Ryan discovered the power and fulfillment in the things that make you smile like a kid. Ryan now brings the ‘What’s Your Pink Cadillac?’ message to audiences around the world and the response has been incredible.

Let’s step back from the desk to discover your Pink Cadillac and show up better in all areas of your professional life!

In this session, attendees will learn how to:

-Understand the implications of work-life ‘imbalance’
-Find the one thing that makes them ‘smile like a kid’
-Find, drive, and share their own ‘Pink Cadillac’
-Laugh! And learn things about their co-workers that they never knew

Your Healthy and Positive Mindset Allows You to Change the World-One Patient at a Time. Sincerely, A Patient
World record-breaking pilot and plane crash survivor Ryan Campbell understands the power of the healthcare industry from a unique perspective - that of the spinal cord injury recovery ward. Five breaks in his back, a fractured orbital, a shattered ankle, and a complete spinal cord injury at L1 left Ryan in hospital for six months as he began his journey back to walking and flying again. One of the largest contributors to Ryan’s recovery was the empowering healthcare environment, and he is now on a new mission to help those healthcare industry members who are struggling through their own change and adversity journeys.

The global healthcare system is experiencing immense challenges as a direct result of the pandemic. Always a high pressure and ever-changing world, COVID-19 is placing new and unexpected demands on day-to-day operations, leading to constantly evolving operational processes, high-stress workplace environments, paralyzing workloads, and healthcare workers who are now in need of their own care.

Immense fatigue, both mental and physical, is a threat to the core workforce of the healthcare industry. The negative effects from poor mental health in the workplace are extensive, and a threat in and of themselves.

The remedy? A strong yet simple foundational approach to ensure all healthcare industry personnel have the tools they need to succeed both personally and professionally. Through virtual or in-person, Ryan’s dedicated healthcare industry sessions will not only provide a much-needed morale boost but will ensure the front-line workers and industry professionals are being provided with the tools, tactics, and mindsets to combat the change, challenge, crisis, and adversity that they are currently facing.

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November 7, 2023

Ryan Campbell is one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard. His overall voice (delivery, tone, timbre, subject, relatability, pacing - EVERYTHING) was presented in the most authentic way possible. Other speakers should watch Ryan in action to understand what a true connection to their material looks like. While I know Ryan delivers this presentation many times, it never once felt canned or over-produced. What a special session. I am grateful that Ryan spoke to my members.



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