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Shan Cooper

Shan Cooper

    • Former VP Lockheed Martin 
    • Chief Transformation Officer of Westrock 
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Dean's DE&I Speaker Series: Shan Cooper, Atlanta Committee for Progress

Dean's DE&I Speaker Series: Shan Cooper, Atlanta Committee for Progress

Shan Cooper, founder and CEO, Journey Forward Strategies, LLC | Mason Public Leadership Lecture

Shan Cooper, founder and CEO, Journey Forward Strategies, LLC | Mason Public Leadership Lecture

Shan Cooper 95MBA | Taking Diversity to Another Level

Shan Cooper 95MBA | Taking Diversity to Another Level

Shan Cooper Speaker Biography

Shan Cooper’s career, spanning leadership roles at Lockheed Martin and WestRock, culminated in her role as the driving force behind Journey Forward Strategies LLC. With a focus on the intersection of business and people strategies, Shan equips individuals and organizations with the tools to navigate change, fostering understanding and empowerment across all levels.

As the former Vice President and General Manager of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, Shan was responsible for the 6,000 employee operations which designs, produces, modifies, and maintains military aircraft for the United States and countries around the world. During her tenure, Shan also served as the Vice President of Business Ethics for the Aeronautics Division and the first Corporate Vice President of Diversity and Equal Opportunity Programs for Lockheed Martin. She brings her experience to McKinsey & Company where she currently serves as a senior advisor.

Cooper’s journey is one of triumph over adversity, underpinned by unwavering leadership. Her influence extends to numerous boards and institutions, reflecting her commitment to driving change and excellence. A recipient of numerous accolades, her legacy is one of transformative thought leadership, inspiring individuals and organizations to thrive in the face of change.

Face the Storm: Leading in Chaos: Challenge, Change & Complexity
Undeniable realities exist across all workplaces: challenge is guaranteed, change is the only constant, and complexity is an unavoidable reality. A company is only as strong and resilient as its culture, its ability to adapt to change, and its outlook amidst adversity.

As a former VP of Lockheed Martin and CTO of Westrock, Shan has faced unimaginable change and adversity head on. She has led organizations through challenges from tense labor negotiations to a tragic mass shooting. She has endured her fair share of personal adversity as well, oftentimes being the only woman in the room and even once being demoted.

A trailblazer in navigating turbulent landscapes, Shan shares the skills needed to thrive in the face of adversity. She illustrates how to steer organizations with calm authority and develop leadership that can redefine the trajectory of your organization. Her insights will empower you to innovate under pressure and leverage complex work environments to create healthy challenges and opportunities.

Maximizing the Full Potential of Your Workforce Through Culture Transformation

In the shifting tides of the workplace, more employees than ever are prioritizing organizational culture. 83% of workers have said that “finding meaning in day-to-day work” was a top priority for them, according to the 2023 Global Culture Study performed by O.C. Tanner Institute.

With this increasing importance, Shan recognizes that a strong organizational culture isn’t a “nice to have,” it’s a necessity, and many employers don’t know where to start. Through her own extensive experience leading culture change initiatives at Lockheed Martin, she is able to equip people leaders with the tools they need to reinvent the employee experience through structures, systems, and strong interpersonal relationships.

She will delve deep into why only 12% of companies that undertake a culture transformation achieve what they were hoping to achieve, and why so many organizations struggle to maximize the full potential of their workforce and create value for both the employee and the company’s bottom line. Cooper will equip you with the tools you need as a leader to unlock the potential in your organization and build a culture that drives exceptional performance.

Change is the Only Constant: How to Embrace and Navigate Business Transformation

In an era defined by relentless change, the ability to navigate transformation is the key to organizational survival. In an era defined by relentless change, the ability to navigate transformation is the key to organizational survival. Shan Cooper is no stranger to change and prides herself in being a life-long learner who is always facing the next wave of challenge head-on.

It is with this perspective that she unveils strategies to not only embrace change but also thrive amidst it. As businesses grapple with uncertainties, the concept of future-proofing has never been more vital. Cooper sheds light on concrete methods for ensuring your organization is equipped to weather the storm of change, from harnessing the potential of AI to nurturing a culture of adaptability. She emphasizes why proactive preparation is the linchpin for survival and sustained success in the modern business landscape.

Motivate the Middle

In a fast-paced working world, middle management can either be the bottleneck or the driving force behind organizational success. Through Shan Coopers’ experience in managing at all levels, she will help your organization assess the current state of your middle management and explore what it takes to foster intrinsic motivation, self-aware leaders and efficient collaboration. You will walk away with tools to nurture and grow the middle managers in your own team, unlocking the potential for a harmonious, high-performing workplace.

Unwritten Rules for Success

It’s no secret that, in every organization, there are unspoken assumptions that can cut employees out of the conversation before they even have the chance to speak up. Through personal anecdotes and insights, Shan unveils the hidden dynamics that often weave their way into the corporate landscape and exclude members of the team, particularly women and minorities. This empowering session sheds light on navigating these unwritten rules of your company, seizing opportunities, and leveraging your unique perspective to ascend the ranks. Discover how to break barriers, shatter glass ceilings, and forge a path to achievement that’s authentically yours.

Living Out Your Faith in Corporate America

Living out your convictions in the C-Suite can be difficult as-is, but navigating corporate America as a faith-based leader can feel like an uphill battle. Shan’s own experience living out her faith in leadership roles tees her up to share with others how to do the same. Learn how to harmonize your beliefs with business practices, be the salt of the earth even in the c-suite, and foster an environment that lives out love.

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