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Shane Green keynote speaker

Shane Green

    • Culture Hacker
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Shane Green | World Renowned Speaker & Culture Consultant

Shane Green | World Renowned Speaker & Culture Consultant

Shane Green Speaker Biography

World-renowned culture expert and consultant, Shane Green works with Fortune 500 leaders on customer experience and organizational culture. His book, Culture Hacker, is recognized as the guide, regardless of your company size, to elevating the employee experience.

With a foundation in hospitality and the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, Shane has leveraged his expertise and experience to help iconic brands like the NBA, Westfield, Foot Locker, Net Jets Inc., W Hotels, MGM Resorts International, and BMW to reprogram their employees’ experiences, mindsets, and service habits to create loyal customers and raving fans.

Shane works with thought leaders, research groups, and publications from around the world to bring awareness to how companies can elevate individual engagement, performance, and leadership. He is a featured contributor to Forbes Magazine and Achievers. Shane works with executives around the world on developing strategies for a positive, productive, and performance-driven culture and is a leading voice in understanding the employee experience and its impact on the customer experience.

The Culture Hacker’s Guide to Employee Experience (EX) Strategy: How to Design a Culture Your Brand Needs and Your People Want
• Why This Is Important: The employee experience (EX) industry is worth $300 billion this year, including investments in recruitment, wellbeing, skill development, and anything that will retain their people. However, many organizations that invest in their employees’ experience produce little return and few desired outcomes, creating frustration and exasperation with owners, boards, and managers. Organizations and managers need to understand how to develop a strategy to ensure those investments of time and dollars deliver the desired outcome.
• Keynote Takeaways: This keynote is designed with the following outcomes for each participant:
i. Participants will understand what EX is and how it determines their organization’s culture.
ii. Participants will learn about the key moments in an employee’s journey and career with their organization and why these moments are critical to their employees’ wellbeing, retention, and sense of belonging.
iii. Participants will understand what modern employees want and need from their employee experience.
iv. Participants will understand how various mechanisms and managers affect how employees feel about what they do and whom they do it for.

Culture Is No Longer an HR Thing; It Is a Business Thing: Lessons in Building a World-Class Culture
• Why This Is Important: How your employees feel about what they do and for whom they do it determines how much effort they put into their work, how engaged they will be, and how long they will stay with you.
• Keynote Takeaways: This keynote is designed with the following outcomes for each participant:
i. Participants will understand what culture is and why it is considered critical to your brand.
ii. Participants will discover lessons from organizations around the world on what creates a great culture.
iii. Participants will review how to approach culture change and the key mechanisms to improve how your employees feel.

Too Many Managers and Not Enough Leaders: Why Your Business Is Not as Successful as It Should Be, and What You Can Do About It Now
• Why This Is Important: Organizations grow and promote managers: individuals who excel at tasks rather than people. As such, many employees feel a lack of care and consideration from their manager and, therefore, underperform. Managers must understand how to inspire their employees to be their best and give it their all.
• Keynote Takeaways: This keynote is designed with the following outcomes for each participant:
i. Participants will understand the difference between management and leadership and why leadership matters when it comes to culture.
ii. Participants will learn how a leader inspires their employees to be their best.
iii. Participants will review the key moments in an employee’s day where leadership matters.
iv. Participants will learn about the ten key leadership habits that every manager must master and do.

How to Build Customer Experiences That Inspire Loyalty, Advocacy, and Raving Fans
• Why This Is Important: Customer experience (CX) is your most important marketing tool as customers share stories and offer feedback to others about a brand. While organizations aspire to be the best in their industry in terms of CX, less than half of those companies have a clear strategy to do so.
• Keynote Takeaways: This keynote is designed with the following outcomes for each participant:
i. Participants will discover why CX is important and how the best organizations approach it.
ii. Participants will learn why specific moments and behavioral psychology influence your customer’s experience and happiness.
iii. Participants will understand the four P’s of CX strategy and why people are the defining element for CX success.

A Culture of Innovation: Why It May Be Your Best Competitive Edge
• Why This Is Important: Many companies and managers claim to support creativity and innovation but have little insight into fostering a culture and environment where innovation is a reality.
• Keynote Takeaways: This keynote is designed with the following outcomes for each participant:
i. Participants will understand the difference between imagination, creativity, and innovation and how every person and company can get outside of the box.
ii. Participants will learn the six biggest threats to an innovative culture and how to overcome them.
iii. Participants will consider why scarcity of time and resources is a great catalyst for creativity.

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