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Tara Renze

Tara Renze

    • Emotional intelligence practitioner, accomplished author and keynote speaker
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Tara Renze Story Reel

Tara Renze Story Reel

Be Who You Came to Be keynote segment

Be Who You Came to Be keynote segment

Get Mentally Fit workshop segment

Get Mentally Fit workshop segment

10 Secrets to Level Up Your Leadership

10 Secrets to Level Up Your Leadership

Be Who You Came to Be interactive keynote/workshop (for direct sales client)

Be Who You Came to Be interactive keynote/workshop (for direct sales client)

Be Who You Came to Be in Healthcare

Be Who You Came to Be in Healthcare

Tara Emcee Footage

Tara Emcee Footage

Tara Renze Speaker Biography

Tara Renze is an author, keynote speaker, emotional intelligence & positive intelligence practitioner, podcaster, thought-leader, wife and mother and is redefining how we unleash purpose, level up our success and create sustainable happiness and fulfillment in all aspects of our lives. After two decades of success in corporate leadership and social selling, she started writing and keynote speaking to empower others to "be who they came to be" and create, own and live the life they desire, envision and deserve. Tara has a true passion and talent for guiding others to harness and realize their full potential.

Tara Renze's journey to empowerment and inspiration began in the competitive arena of corporate America. At CareerBuilder.com, her exceptional leadership and sales acumen were quickly recognized, earning her the coveted "Sales Leader of the Year" accolade. Tara's impact expanded as she took the helm of the national new hire sales training program and served as a national sales manager consultant, shaping the future of sales leadership with her innovative approaches and insights.

Building on her corporate success, Tara ventured into the world of social selling with Stella & Dot. Here, she founded a nationwide, multi-million-dollar business, blending her corporate expertise with entrepreneurial spirit. This phase of her career not only showcased her business acumen but also her ability to connect with and inspire a new generation of women entrepreneurs.

Today, Tara Renze is a beacon for those seeking to "be who they came to be." Her grandmother's transformative note to her son in 2007 became the cornerstone of Tara's mission. As an author, keynote speaker, and emotional intelligence practitioner, Tara has dedicated her life to empowering others. Her work is supported by her impressive educational background, with a degree from the University of Kansas and leadership studies at the Wharton School and 
Tara's influence extends through her books, such as "Be Who You Came To Be" and the collaborative children's book "Be Who You Came To Bee," along with her eagerly awaited "Perfectly Flawed." Her "Be Who You Came To Be" merchandise line further embodies the spirit of her empowering message.

Tara's credibility is underscored by her collaborations with renowned brands such as Aflac, T-Mobile, Amazon, American Century Investments, Baxter, the Women's Foodservice Forum (WFF), Farmasi, and many more. These partnerships reflect the trust and value placed in her expertise and the universal appeal of her empowering message.

Her favorite titles in life are wife to Scott, mom to Ben and Jack, daughter, sister and friend. Her dogs, Olive & Phog, are by far her biggest fans. Tara enjoys traveling, cooking, fitness, live music, all things sports and dancing in the kitchen. Beyond her professional achievements, Tara is a passionate advocate for breast cancer awareness, inspired by the battles faced by her loved ones.

Be Who You Came To Be - Create, Own & Live the Life you Deserve & Desire

In this high-energy, packed with takeaways presentation, you will learn to tap into your emotional and positive intelligence to:

  • Redefine Happiness
  • Extinguish Burnout
  • Embrace Change
  • Eliminate Comparison
  • Self-Assess to Self-Actualize
  • Lean into Fear to Take Risks
  • Achieve Higher Goals
  • Never Play Small Again
  • Elevate Your Success
  • Finding our purpose, balancing career and home and living a truly fulfilled life are three priorities for professionals.
    • In response to these situations, we ask ourselves many questions, including:

      How do I make an impact?
      How do I find my purpose?
      How do I create sustainable happiness?
      How can I be successful at work and at home?
      How can I eliminate comparisons and embrace my authenticity?
      How do I become the best version of myself?
      How do I move through fear, take calculated risks and go all in on my life and career?

Be Who You Came to Be is a thought-provoking, inspiring, genuine and fresh approach that answers these questions and helps professionals unlock and unleash their purposes in life.

Tara takes a new and refreshing approach to help her audience find purpose and be who they came to be. Through personal experience, stories and research she walks her audience through a three-step process to "be who they came to be". She combines her 20 years of success in corporate and direct sales along with her role as a wife and mother so she can offer her audience an experience and a message that are sincere, motivating, relatable and game changing.

Create It
Understand fulfillment vs. happiness; why fulfillment is a better gauge and driver of success and purpose
Discover how emotional intelligence plays a role in how you “show-up” at work and in the home.
Give yourself permission to change and evolve

Own It
Eliminate unrealistic expectations created through comparisons
Extinguish self-limiting beliefs and internal narratives that are holding you back
Determine what fuels your purpose, and remove feelings of guilt, envy and inadequacy

Live It
Understand how to self-assess to see your full-potential and go all in on you
Gain clarity about your strengths and opportunities to create a personal development bucket list

Learn how to embrace fear, deconstruct it and take risks to be who you came to be

Get Mentally Fit - Emotional & Positive Intelligence and The Leader You Came to Be
In this keynote, you will learn to:
Elevate emotional intelligence in your teams, unlock your positive intelligence, strengthen your mind, eliminate self-doubt, and conquer your saboteurs so you can create, own and live the life you deserve and desire – at work and in the home.

Understand the role emotional intelligence plays in self-perception, employee retention, leadership development and overall employee satisfaction
Understand your personal PQ score, saboteurs and how to elevate your mindset.
Understand fulfillment vs. happiness; why fulfillment is a better gauge and driver of success and purpose within your organization
Eliminate unrealistic employee expectations created through comparisons; elevate employee authenticity to raise overall job satisfaction
Learn how to embrace fear, deconstruct it, and take risks to be who you came to be, both personally and professionally
Employ a system that allows employees to self-assess to self-actualize
Create a quarterly review platform that encourages employees to identify their strengths and opportunities to create a personal development bucket list
Understanding the role emotional intelligence plays in self-perception, employee retention, leadership development and overall employee satisfaction

Living our purpose, balancing career and home, and living happy are three priorities among the workforce. In response to these situations, professionals ask themselves many questions:

How do I make an impact and grow within the organization?
How do I navigate change or stress?
How can I be successful at work and at home?
How do I become the best version of myself?
How do I get mentally fit to stop sabotaging myself?
How do I create sustainable happiness?

Positive Intelligence represents a breakthrough in your ability to raise Emotional Intelligence (EQ) across your organization. The main challenges until now have been the existence of too many EQ competencies (18) and that initial improvements quickly fade over time. Positive Intelligence dramatically simplifies this challenge due to factor analysis research that identified the root-level building blocks of EQ. The results of this research have been validated by over 500,000 participants in 50 countries.

Increasing your mental and emotional fitness leads to less stress and more satisfaction. “Mental Fitness” is defined as your ability to understand that you are not your thoughts and that you can achieve a consistent and positive frame of mind. Strengthening your Positive Intelligence (PQ) will allow you to become the authentic leader you came to be.
Be who YOU came to be. Authentic leadership is the key to driving results, making a measurable impact and creating camaraderie. Authentic leaders are self-actualized individuals who are aware of their strengths, their limitations, and their emotions. They also display their real selves to their followers. Communities rally around authentic leaders who are confident in their vision and purpose. But how do leaders empower their teams to grow, change and evolve within an organization?

Enter Positive Intelligence, the mastery skill of honoring, celebrating, and elevating who you came to be.
Finding balance between career, family and community continues to be a struggle for the workforce.

This keynote can be expanded into a 120 minute deep-dive workshop including everything from the keynote in more depth and the following:

A custom workbook that will be used during the workshop (attendees will use this during the workshop and leave with it. For virtual attendees a printable PDF will be available.)

Three all-team breakout sessions that include time for personal discovery, creating actionable take-aways to implement, team building and group sharing.
One individual break-out session to create a personal PQ roadmap to get and stay mentally fit.

A FREE Positive Intelligence assessment is available for all attendees to take prior to the workshop (this is highly recommended).

Women’s Leadership Event Keynote:
Be Who You Came to Be - The Emotional Intelligence secrets to…
Embrace Your Authenticity, Take Ownership Of Your Vision, & Embrace A Life Of Success And Fulfillment

Empowering women with the clarity, focus, tools & confidence to extinguish their self-limiting beliefs and create, own, and live the life they deserve and desire.
The challenges women face today can be overwhelming and it takes more than just hard work, dedication, and willpower to achieve a balance between a successful career and a fulfilling personal life.

Through her inspiring message, "Be Who You Came to Be," women’s leadership keynote speaker Tara Renze, shares the secrets to empowering women to create the life they deserve and desire, making sure their voices are heard, and taking ownership of their vision and career paths.

Through a mix of emotional intelligence breakthroughs and practical life experiences, Tara offers insight into redefining happiness, eliminating comparison, and how to never play small again.

Tara Renze’s inspiring message will help women discover their purpose, unleash their power, eliminate burnout and find fulfillment in both their personal and professional lives.

During her keynote, Tara shares the secrets that women use to unlock their authentic potential, eliminate burnout and take their success to the next level by:
Gaining insights into the difference between fulfillment and happiness, and why fulfillment is a more effective measure and motivator of success and purpose in both your personal and professional life.
Mastering the ability to self-assess, achieve self-fulfillment, and reach maximum potential.
Avoiding setting unrealistic career goals by comparing yourself to others and be true to yourself in your professional life, leading to greater fulfillment.
Acquiring the skills to confront and overcome your fears, break them down and go outside your comfort zone in order to reach your full potential, in both your personal and professional life.
Mastering your ability to evaluate yourself to achieve self-fulfillment and reach your maximum potential.

Experience Objectives:
Create It: Unleash Your Power within and create a life you deserve and desire.
Take ownership of your vision, set clear goals, and develop relationships based on trust and emotional intelligence.
​Own It: Find a balance between personal and professional success.
Let go of what no longer serves you and embrace a life full of success and fulfillment through fearless action.
Live It: Rise up to and overcome any challenge.
Be your best self and live a life you love, one that reflects your true potential and strengths.

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