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Todd Buchholz, Speaker
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Todd Buchholz

    • Award-winning economics Professor at Harvard
    • Former White House Director of Economic Policy  
    • Discusses the intricate connection between policy and the economy, and what’s at stake for the country in years to come
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Meet Todd Buchholz

Meet Todd Buchholz

Todd Buchholz | PBS NewsHour

Todd Buchholz | PBS NewsHour

Todd Buchholz Speaker Biography

The former White House director of economic policy and past managing director of the $15 billion Tiger hedge fund, Todd Buchholz has both crafted economic policy as a public servant and invested in the market.

In entertaining presentations refreshingly free of investment jargon, Buchholz shows audiences how to interpret strategy-altering phenomena for wiser, sounder investments, providing you with a snapshot of the market to come: what companies are on the right track to success, what you can learn from them and how their successes can be yours as well.

Buchholz discusses critical issues, conveys practical survival tactics and shows audiences how to adapt to the ever-changing global economy. Buchholz, a contributing editor for Worth magazine, has authored numerous books, including the critically acclaimed Market ShockNew Ideas from Dead Economists, From Here To Economy and Bringing the Jobs Home, the business leadership book, New Ideas from Dead CEOs, Rush: Why You Need and Love the Rat Race and The Price of Prosperity: Why Nations Fail and How to Renew Them.

How to Tackle and Embrace AI
AI is disrupting the way we do business, even faster than the Internet, the PC, and television did in past decades. Former White House Director of Economic Policy Todd Buchholz, author of Market Shock and New Ideas from Dead CEOs, tackles the startling implications of AI technology — when to harness it, and how to discern hype. As finance, tech, and industrial firms like Morgan Stanley, Apple, and Tesla rush to file patents, Todd explains where the AI revolution is going and how AI will impact inflation, oil prices, and interest rates. A former managing director of the legendary Tiger hedge fund, Todd's writing on technology and the economy have been praised in the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times, and he has been featured on media programs from ABC to the BBC. Organizations like the Pentagon and Goldman Sachs have placed Todd’s works on their recommended reading lists, and Todd has delivered provocative and insightful keynotes before the world’s leading companies, and audiences at Stanford, Harvard, and Cambridge, among others.

· Discover how to harness AI to lower costs and expand markets
· Pinpoint how AI will change financial markets, disrupting inflation and interest rate expectations
· Reveal how AI will overhaul the job market, creating vast new opportunities, while also requiring retraining
· Decode when AI is used effectively versus when it’s used merely to hype

How to Compete in a Global Economy
Never before have businesses felt such excruciating pressure to compete. The go-go days of the 1990s turned into the go-sideways days of the 2000’s. What’s next? While enjoying superlow interest rates and riding a roller coaster stock market, firms have struggled to raise prices, even when their costs go up. China poses a threat but also an opportunity for new sales. Loyal customers seem ready to jump to a competitor. How can your company or industry survive and thrive? Can the Fed keep the economy recovering in the Janet Yellen era? Will Congress try yet another “stimulus?” Todd Buchholz, who led the White House Energy Strategy, will help you figure out whether OPEC and Russia can tighten energy supplies again or whether a revolution in natural gas will reinvigorate U.S. factories. Learn how the “scissors economy” opens up new business and investment opportunities. Today might be the very best—or the very worst—time to finance a loan. By “connecting the dots” of the world economy, Todd teaches how to anticipate the new trends that open up fresh opportunities for manufacturing, service and technology companies.

New Ideas from Dead CEOs
Every great – and not-so-great – CEO wrestles with new challenges. By examining the brilliant CEOs who launched and led revolutionary businesses, Todd shows you the most important lessons that your company can use to anticipate trends, conquer inertia, and open up fresh opportunities for profit.

· Discover the entrepreneurial secrets that launched McDonalds, Sony, Estee Lauder, and Apple
· Find out why Ray Kroc, Steve Jobs, and Sam Walton conquered their competition
· Apply the brilliant and motivational lessons of the greatest CEOs to your business today
· Examine whether now is the best time to lock in financing and where around the globe are the best opportunities

Consumers, Cash, and Your Coronavirus Comeback
Todd Buchholz is advising some of the hardest-hit companies – from major cruise lines to Broadway theaters – on their coronavirus comeback. Tap into his frontline economic experience to help your business grow now.  

· Find out whether the economy will bounce back with a V-shaped, U-shaped, or W-shaped recovery, and how to adjust for contingencies 
· Position your company to be, not just a survivor but a beneficiary of the economic rebound ahead
· Target the customers and entities that can spend the most—soon

Behavioral Economics Can Work for You
People matter. The economy is not an Excel spreadsheet stuffed with numbers. And humans don’t respond merely to data. Our brains yearn for excitement.  Psychological forces can move financial markets and product markets quicker and further than anything else. Find out how to harness these forces in 60 minutes.

·        Explore how generational differences impact your workplace and your customers
·        See how psychology shapes financial and customer choices
·        Learn the three words that most excite your employees, investors, and clients

What You Must Know About Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
The “Blockchain” can disrupt the way we do business, just as the Internet, the PC, and television did in past decades. Todd Buchholz, author of Market Shock and New Ideas from Dead CEOs, tackles the startling implications of blockchain technology, and the crypto-currencies that employ it, including Bitcoin. His writing on technology and the economy have been praised in the Wall Street Journal, on ABC News, and on the BBC. In Fall 2018, Todd was a keynote speaker at Blockchain Nation, one of the premier events in the industry. As finance, tech, and supply-chain firms from Bank of America and Mastercard to UPS, IBM and Apple rush to file patents, Todd explains where the blockchain revolution and crypto-currencies are going and what your company needs to know. Todd has delivered provocative and insightful keynotes before the world’s leading companies, and has lectured at Stanford, Harvard, University of Chicago, and many others.

Finding Hope in World Politics
While the daily news tend to focus on the “crisis of the day,” Todd Buchholz puts the world in perspective, showing you where progress is taking place and what you need to pay attention to. ·

· Start pursuing tomorrow’s opportunities today.
· Take a world tour to the “hot spots” that are on the cusp of economic and political change.
· Understand how presidents and prime ministers – from Washington to Beijing to New Delhi– make crucial decisions
· Learn how globalization has lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty, while sparking protests about Brexit, big banks, and NATO


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October 10, 2022

Todd provided great information and insight as well as kept the audience engaged. He customized his talking point to our specific audience and tied the information together nicely.

Cartus Corportation

November 23, 2019


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