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Congratulations to Executive Speakers Bureau’s 2024 Global Gurus

Kristen Hall
Wednesday, Apr 17, 2024
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Executive Speakers Bureau is thrilled to announce that six of our Managed Speakers have been inducted into the esteemed ranks of the Global Gurus in 2024. Covering a diverse range of categories and industries, these keynote speakers have been recognized for their thought leadership and forward-thinking strategies.

With great pride, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to our Exclusive Speakers who have achieved this honor in their respective categories this year.

2022136193111Headshot2-2022-06-13T142107-424.png (16 KB)Brent Adamson, #13 Sales

Brent Adamson is a distinguished figure in the realm of B2B sales research and commercial strategy, renowned for his innovative contributions to the field. As a prolific author, presenter, and advisor, Adamson’s expertise is showcased through his best-selling works like The Challenger Sale and The Challenger Customer, which have significantly influenced industry practices. What sets him apart is his forward-thinking approach, exemplified by his exploration of cutting-edge concepts such as Buyer Enablement, Sense-Making, and Customer Decision Confidence.

With nearly two decades of experience collaborating with top B2B and B2C thought leaders, Adamson’s insights bridge the gap between selling and buying dynamics in today's rapidly evolving marketplace. His storytelling abilities and world-class presentation style have captivated audiences worldwide, making him a sought-after speaker. Selecting Adamson to speak at your company promises a tailored deep dive into the latest commercial strategies, disruptive insights, and invaluable perspectives that can drive success.

2020149235959SS-Headshot-Black-SQUARE.jpg (67 KB)Sam Silverstein, #8 Organizational Culture

Sam Silverstein is a renowned advocate for accountability, achieved through his dedication to inspiring individuals and organizations to transform their approach to business and personal growth. With a profound mission to cultivate accountability-driven cultures and encourage leaders to prioritize responsibility, Silverstein’s insights have propelled companies towards unprecedented levels of productivity, profitability, and success.

Through initiatives like The Accountability Institute™ and The Culture Audit™, Silverstein equips organizations with the tools and knowledge to foster accountability, creativity, and collaboration within their teams. His extensive literary contribution, with 12 books focusing on accountability and success, exemplifies Silverstein’s commitment to empowering individuals to embrace ownership and drive meaningful change. Choosing Adamson as a speaker for your next event offers an opportunity to instill a culture of accountability, drive organizational change, and unlock untapped potential within your teams.

2022252192031Headshot2-2022-02-25T131959-094.png (15 KB)Louie Gravance, #27 Customer Experience

Louie Gravance is acclaimed as the individual who can authentically translate the renowned "Disney Thing" into real-world success beyond the confines of Disney. With an illustrious career spanning over 25 years at the Walt Disney Company, Gravance crafted captivating live entertainment experiences and crafted innovative customer service training programs through the Disney Institute in Orlando, Florida. His impact at Disney transitioned seamlessly into a successful consultancy and speaking career, where he shared his expertise with companies like ING Financial, Nikon, and Bank of America.

Given Gravance’s extensive experience in enhancing customer service, corporate culture, and service campaigns, selecting him to guide your team can unlock insights and strategies to elevate your organization's customer experience and employee engagement. Gravence’s proven track record as a master storyteller and service expert, coupled with his unique blend of entertainment and training experiences, positions him as a powerful choice to inspire and transform your company's approach to service excellence and organizational culture.

2021112184440Headshot2-8-.png (16 KB)Pamela Barnum, #19 Body Language

Pamela Barnum's extraordinary journey from working undercover in the Drug Enforcement Section to becoming a seasoned federal prosecuting attorney and corporate negotiations expert is nothing short of inspiring. With a background steeped in deciphering deception, building trust, and mastering the intricacies of body language in high-stakes situations, Barnum brings a wealth of real-world experience and invaluable insights to her audiences.

Bringing Barnum to your next event offers a rare opportunity to tap into decades of hands-on experience and field-tested techniques that have been proven effective in challenging environments. Her ability to decode trust, separate fact from fiction, and deliver pragmatic strategies for your team to utilize this knowledge in a compelling and engaging manner makes her presentations impactful and memorable. Barnum is a standout choice to elevate your team's communication, trust-building, and effectiveness within your organization.

20221310162508Headshot2-2022-10-13T110948-600.png (14 KB)Chad Foster, #24 Motivational

Chad E. Foster's story is one of resilience, innovation, and unwavering determination that transcends barriers and inspires audiences worldwide. Despite facing the challenge of blindness, Foster’s remarkable achievements as a billion-dollar revenue generator, tech innovator, and trailblazer in the corporate world underscore his extraordinary success. By sharing his transformative journey and championing an overcomer mindset, Foster empowers individuals to view obstacles as stepping stones to greatness and turn challenges into opportunities for growth.

Foster’s keynote presentations are not just motivational talks; they are catalysts for positive change that drive action, spark new perspectives, and unleash untapped potential within each listener. His direct and confident speaking style, coupled with his inspiring belief system and personal achievements as an avid downhill skier and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, have established him as a high-impact speaker that translates to any industry. Secure a dynamic force for transformation and leave your audience energized, equipped, and ready to tackle challenges with renewed determination by bringing Foster to your next event.

2021182185810Headshot2-7-.png (17 KB)Ryan Campbell, #29 Motivational

Ryan Campbell's journey from teenage solo pilot to resilient mental health advocate offers a compelling narrative of triumph over adversity that resonates with audiences worldwide. Despite facing a life-altering plane crash and a paraplegic diagnosis, Campbell’s remarkable recovery and return to walking and flying symbolize the power of resilience and determination in the face of immense challenges.

Through the metaphor of his Elvis-inspired 1960 pink Cadillac, Campbell offers accessible and practical frameworks that enable immediate improvements in mental health and emotional well-being. His message of finding one's own "Pink Cadillac'' encourages individuals to discover what brings them joy and fulfillment, ultimately enhancing their well-being and productivity. By inviting Campbell to speak to your company, you are providing your team with a powerful reminder of the significance of mental health, resilience, and the transformative potential of choosing joy in both personal and professional life.

These speakers’ invaluable insights and contributions have not only steered industries but also challenged established norms. Embrace the opportunity to learn from the finest—embrace learning from a Global Guru.


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