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Adolph Brown, Speaker
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Adolph Brown

    • Master Teacher & Motivator
    • Dubbed "The World's Greatest Edu-tainer"
    • Co-host of the show "The Parent Test''
    • Internationally Recognized Real-World Business Leadership & Educational Excellence Authority
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Customer Service Speaker & Corporate Motivational Leadership Speaker - Dr. Adolph Brown

Customer Service Speaker & Corporate Motivational Leadership Speaker - Dr. Adolph Brown

The Parent Test - Special Premiere THURSDAY DEC 15 on ABC

The Parent Test - Special Premiere THURSDAY DEC 15 on ABC

Adolph Brown Speaker Biography

Dr. Adolph Brown, III without a doubt, offers the most uniquely inspiring, relevant and entertaining presentations around. He is an American businessman, investor, author, urban and rural school educator, research-scientist, and keynote speaker. He is a servant-leader at heart, a life-long social justice advocate and a career teacher educator. He is admired around the world for his simple and direct “Real Talk,” and powerful, universal and timeless teachings. Dr. Brown is best known for inspiring all who hear him to learn, laugh and lead, while as an implicit bias speaker simultaneously reducing unconscious bias at every turn. He is the leading provider of anti-bias training in business and education. Dr. Brown knows that understanding structural inequities is only the start, however dismantling the foundations from which these structures are built leads to solutions. He is highly regarded as the "balcony" leadership speaker and highly skilled performance coach who gets you from where you are to where you want to be. Also as a credentialed Master Teacher, he helps teachers reach every student. As a much sought-after and highly effective Unconscious Bias, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion keynote speaker, Dr. Brown skillfully addresses the impact of stereotypes. He credits much of his success to the luxury of humble beginnings of being reared by a single parent mother in abject poverty of the inner city housing projects infested with gangs, drugs and violence. His oldest sibling and only brother Oscar was murdered when Adolph was only eleven years old. Young Adolph often received a respite when he was sent to spend summers with his grandfather in rural farming country, and when he was sent to the library for time-outs in elementary school. Adolph became the first in his family of five to participate in Head Start, graduate high school, and attend college.

Nowadays as a Master Teacher, Dr. Adolph Brown shines in the classroom, in research and on the big stage. He is in the top 1% of world-class scholar teachers based on peer-reviews, nominations, teaching performance, teaching awards, published evaluations and ratings from American’s best schools, colleges and universities. He is recognized as one of the top 10 most influential thought leaders in America. Although he does not consider himself a motivational speaker, he was selected as one of the top motivational and inspirational speakers in America as well. Dr. Adolph Brown is one of the world’s foremost attitude experts, personal development coaches and humorists. His reputation as "The World's Greatest Edu-tainer!™" is always memorable and has won him fans around the world.

Dr. Brown is the author of acclaimed books, including the international mental wellness best seller, Two Backpacks. Other best sellers authored by Dr. Brown include a business soft skills classic - Championship Habits; and the education classic - Real Talk. He is also the co-author with his third grade teacher of a children's book, It's Gonna Be A Great Day! for youth. His trainings have withstood the test of time with audiences all over the world and he is still extremely passionate and committed to helping others "Learn, Laugh & Lead' in all walks of life while spreading “Love, Light and Insight” wherever he goes. These tour de force performances helped establish him as a sterling international stage presence.

His accessible, affable personality and his broad and infectious smile endears him to fans the world over. From Brazil to Toronto, from Cancun to Singapore, from the Virgin Islands to Africa, millions of people and countless business, corporate, early childhood, K-12 primary and secondary education, higher education campus, and family and community engagement clients throughout the world have personally experienced the "Wow" of Dr. Brown’s quiet charisma, profound insight & knowledge base and energetic introverted personality. He dynamically engages, educates and inspires his audiences from all walks of life. His bridge-building approach is brilliant with a massive power to embrace and bring great hope to the world. His keynotes, lectures and seminars transcend all differences – political, religious, socio-economic, philosophical, gender, lifestyle, generational, etc.

His client list reads like a Who's Who of Corporate America and the Educational Arena. Numerous clients exclaim that they wish there was a way that everyone in the world could hear Dr. Adolph Brown, III. Many also say he’s the best they have ever seen. "I don't think we will see a second to him in our lifetime," said meeting planner and promoter Michael Collins describing Dr. Brown as "the change agent of our day," who is thoughtful, funny, bold, smart, charismatic, astute and charming, a crowd-pleaser wherever he goes. Dr. Brown remains humble and grateful for his journey. He is most proud to be the husband of Marla and father of eight uniquely beautiful human beings including a special needs daughter and a grandson.

Dr. Brown has earned undergraduate degrees in anthropology and psychology with a minor in education, master's degree work in special education and experimental psychology, and a doctorate degree in clinical psychology. Whilst having a strong economic presence in his community with several established businesses, Dr. Adolph Brown, III worked as an anthropology undergraduate assistant for the late Dr. Mario Zamora, worked as a special education graduate assistant for Dr. Dennis Wade and as a statistics research graduate assistant for the late Dr. Ellen F. Rosen at the College of William and Mary. Before joining the psychology/education faculty at Hampton University, Dr. Brown became one of the initial major investigators of “The School To Prison Pipeline” paradigm and received the First Annual Francine Kee Peterson Memorial Scholarship for Social Justice Advocacy from his role model, social activist Geoffrey Canada. While at Hampton University, Dr. Brown was selected to be a “Scholar in Residence” at NYU, nationally awarded “Service-Learning Fellow,” and earned the highest distinction given by the President, Provost and Board of Trustees of the prestigious “E.L. Hamm Master Teacher Award for Distinguished Teaching” as a result of having a sustained record of recognized teaching excellence. Based on his record of teaching and research excellence in education, implicit bias training and servant leadership, Dr. Adolph Brown was appointed chairperson of his department, promoted as a tenured full professor and was also the dean of the graduate college. Dr. Adolph Brown continues to be a business, community and educational leader whilst being a generous philanthropist and a continuous learner. Bringing People Together to Learn, Laugh & Lead has become his life’s work.

To book Adolph Brown call Executive Speakers Bureau at 901-754-9404.

Most Frequently Requested Keynote Topics

The BEST School Year EVER!™ Opening Day with Dr. Adolph Brown

Credentialed Master Teacher Dr. Adolph Brown brings a "Party with a Purpose" to your district for Opening Day Convocation. With music, motivation and relevant evidenced-based data driven messages (addressing equity, classroom management, differentiated teaching strategies, implicit bias, growth mindset, social & emotional learning, trauma-informed teaching and so much more) Dr. Brown inspires all to be the very best they can be!  Participants are guaranteed to think more critically, dance out loud, belly laugh and even cry.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will be uplifted and motivated to start the school year. 
  2. Participants will understand the importance of developing relationships with students and each other, as well as maintaining a positive, professional attitude.

Dont' Judge a Book by its Cover 

Literally, one cannot tell the contents of a book by just looking at the material used to hold it together. A book with a torn and worn cover may be more important, more entertaining, or more useful than a book bound in a flashier manner. The same can be extended to relationships. The prejudice of making decisions solely based on outward appearance could cost one the chance of a meaningful encounter. This is a journey that will provide opportunities for self-exploration of one's implicit biases, the tools to adjust automatic patterns of thinking, and ultimatelystrategies to eliminate discriminatory behaviors.

Learning Objectives:

  1. At the end of the session, attendees will be able to avoid the 'perjorative tradition" of falling into the trap of only looking at the surface of people, things, and ideas without taking the time and effort to delve deeper into them.
  2. At the end of the session, attendees will be able to utilize strict self-discipline, concepts of diversity, inclusion, equity and fairness in putting prejudices aside and looking deeper into everything we do without "shaming and blaming".

Diversity and Inclusion

Dr. Adolph Brown is an internationally renowned workplace and education diversity and inclusion speaker and authority. Dr. Brown is known as "the change agent of our day." The actualization of diversity and inclusion is Dr. Brown's life's work whereby ALL feel included, welcomed and supported. As a master teacher, Dr. Brown speaks on numerous topics, however diversity and inclusion permeates everything he is and does. He describes parts of his life before becoming a clinical psychologist, university professor and research-scientist as one of humiliating racism, prejudice and discrimination. As one of the pioneer research investigators of “The School to Prison Pipeline,” Dr. Brown knows that understanding structural inequities is only the start, however dismantling the foundations from which these structures are built leads to solutions. He is a servant-leader at heart, a life-long social justice advocate and a career teacher & business educator. He is admired around the world for his simple and direct “Real Talk,” and powerful, universal and timeless teachings. Dr. Brown is best known for inspiring all who hear him to learn, laugh and lead, while as a one of the most effective diversity and inclusion speakers, simultaneously reducing unconscious implicit bias at every turn. He is the leading provider of anti-bias training in business and educational equity training in K12 and higher education.

Real Talk

Real Talk™ positively addresses "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" dealing with everything from relationships, family, today's youth, diversity, leadership, and education. Doc humorously exposes issues that many avoid in the 'politically-correct' climate. If society privately thinks about it or secretly talks about it, Real Talk™ addresses it! Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this program the attendees will gain the following: 1. Real Talk leads to Real Action. 2. Real Action leads to Real Results!


Beyond Stereotypes: Benefits Challenges and Solutions

This presentation is aimed at getting rid of workplace conflict and building harmony and cooperation at work. This uniquely tailored presentation will take diversity to the next level in your organization by leveraging the variety of differences between people in your organization. Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this program the attendees will gain the following: 1. Participants will learn the changing language of diversity 2. Participants will learn to embrace diversity and realize the benefits.


Reflective Leaders are Effective Leaders (Supervisors, Managers and/or Directors)

Self-reflection is a humbling process. It’s essential to find out why we think, say, and do certain things…then better ourselves. Self-reflection and self-correction are the highest forms of self learning and healing, thus to change the world around us, we must first change the world within us.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this program the attendees will gain the following:

  1. Know that no matter how good a lesson is, one’s leadership strategies can always be improved.
  2. Learn the process of connecting self-reflection to the leadership process

Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out? Saying Goodbye To Negative Peer Pressure!

Whenever Dr. Brown is asked "How are you?"  He vehemently responds "OUTSTANDING!!!"  He believes that to truly be "outstanding,"  one would have to "stand out."  Young people today get so caught up on how the world sees them and how to get the most social media attention, that they lose themselves.  Once they realize that they were born to stand out, with the talents they were gifted, they can live a more filling and compelling life, that changes not only the lives for themselves, but for any person with whom they come in contact.

Learning Objectives 
1.  Students will learn to grow within themselves to stand out, and not try to live in a manner that is untrue to oneself.

2.  Students will learn to grow in physical, emotional, health and financial areas all to not only help them find themselves, but in the end making them stand out, due to the amount of self-confidence they glow with.

General Audience

Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover 

Better Attitude Development

Real Talk

Dancing Through The Storm

"DRAMA" in the Workplace 



Audience Specific

Business & Corporation  

Student Assemblies  

School Boards  

Parenting Education  


Technical & Community Colleges  

School Leaders & Educational Admin  

Educators & School Counselors  

The Early Years  

Faith Communities  

Colleges & Universities  

Sports Teams & Coaches  

Health & Wellness  

Juvenile Justice


Mental Wellness  

Civic Engagement/Service-Learning  

Healthy Marriages & Families  

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