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Allison Massari, Overcoming Adversity Speaker
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Allison Massari

    • Top 10 Inspirational Speaker on Resilience, Change, Self-Leadership, and Retention
    • Hailed as “life-changing” “riveting” “extraordinary” “bold” and “deeply moving”
    • Entrepreneur, Executive Coach, Burn Survivor, Visual Artist
    • Her transformational message has reached audiences in over 75 countries
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Allison Massari Promo Reel

Allison Massari Promo Reel

Allison Massari | Testimonials

Allison Massari | Testimonials

Allison Massari | The Power of the Human Spirit

Allison Massari | The Power of the Human Spirit

Allison Massari | Mastering the Art of Resilience

Allison Massari | Mastering the Art of Resilience

Allison Massari | Customization for Healthcare

Allison Massari | Customization for Healthcare

Allison Massari Speaker Biography

Voted one of the Top Ten best motivational speakers in North America by Meetings and Conventions Magazine, Allison Massari’s quintessential story of courage and perseverance resonates with participants long after an event has finished. Hailed as “life-changing” “riveting” “extraordinary” “bold” and “deeply moving”, Allison instills the essential tools to quickly access grace and resilience in the face of challenges. Through her unified work as an international keynote speaker, executive coach, and acclaimed visual artist, Allison provides an exceptional blend of business acuity, creative perspective, and genuine care - profoundly affecting audiences worldwide.

Allison Massari has been recognized with esteemed speaking engagements, including a main platform keynote at the 2013 Million Dollar Round Table conference (audience of 8,600 from 75 countries), and a TedX event in Spain. She has been featured on ABC, NBC, and FOX networks and stars in the award-winning international documentary, Resolve (2015). In this film, hosted by the Head of Special Forces for the US Military in Afghanistan, she teaches solutions to overcome adversity and PTSD. Her diverse client list includes: GE Healthcare IT, LPL Financial, Kaiser Permanente, PEI, Eli Lilly and Co., HIMSS/CHIME, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Allscripts, and Siemens Healthcare. 

Allison found remarkable success, happiness, and an undeniable “fire” within after overcoming two horrific car accidents that nearly took her life. In one, she was hit at 60 mph, burned alive, conscious the entire time, and sustained severe burns on over 50% of her body. She collectively spent hundreds of days in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and physical therapy centers, and learned to navigate her way to true healing, eventually creating an extraordinary life beyond anything she had dreamed possible. Amazingly, Allison views her experiences as a tremendous gift, one that gave her the tools and understanding to share with others. Her breathtaking keynote blends powerful life lessons with compelling, insightful, and awe-inspiring, stories, and offers actionable takeaways for people to immediately transform and manage their lives. “The truth is, the same internal fire and ‘command of self’ that I needed to heal my life is exactly what has given me success professionally.” 

Allison’s vision and clarity, her honest and encouraging communication, and her gift in actuating the steps towards her clients’ success, make her an invaluable asset to any organization. She adapts her message to address the individual issues affecting each market and has worked with diverse industries including Finance, Insurance, Sales, IT, Energy, Agriculture, Healthcare, and Non-profits. In Healthcare, Allison has quickly become a leading educator, helping to alleviate burnout, offering support for compassion fatigue, and providing a preeminent program on patient-centered care for Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Education Units (CEU). As Allison states, “Compassion heals the places that medicine cannot touch.”

A diversified entrepreneur, Ms. Massari has built four enterprising businesses in the past 25 years. In addition to her success as a professional speaker and executive coach, her thriving fine arts business and jewelry line, Massari Fine Arts, LLC, has received commissions from prominent Fortune 500 companies including General Mills, Lockheed Martin, and US Airways. Her sublime and dynamic visual art serves as a stunning backdrop to her inspiring keynotes. 

Allison believes deeply in the power of community and compassion. On the advent of her own recovery she began helping children and teens with severe burn injuries. In 1998, Allison founded a revolutionary outdoor sports program, named after the man who risked his own life to save her, when he pulled her from her burning car. The Roger Pepper Adventure Camps powerfully build confidence, hope, and healing in young participants. These innovative programs continue to transform lives to this day at the Adaptive Sports Center in Crested Butte, Colorado. 

Allison Massari’s keynote programs are jaw-dropping, informative, and heartfelt. She captivates audiences with unforgettable stories about the power of kindness and incredible perseverance. Clients refer to her speech as the “Survival Guide to Being Human”. With compassion and sensitivity born from her experiences, Allison shares how to transform any challenge into an opportunity, teaching secrets to create against-all-odds successful outcomes and new beginnings. 

When a struggle enters your life, be vigilant in every breathing moment to seek and find the good that is going to come from it. Search with ferocity. Have an unbending belief. The day will come when your heart can smile and rest. If nothing else, your pain can sculpt your spirit and bring you the greatest of gifts... a humbleness, a generosity of spirit, and a quiet strength.”—Allison Massari

Allison Massari holds a Masters of Arts degree from School of Visual Arts in New York City and a Bachelor of Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design, as well as being the recipient of an adventurous award to study in Brugge, Belgium and La NaPoule, France.

The Fire Within℠ — The Art of Bold Self-Leadership

Launching with a powerful story of triumph after being burned alive in a fire, Allison’s astounding keynote offers life-changing tools to immediately rise above any obstacle and ignite an unquenchable passion, strength, and inspired vitality. In today’s changing world of merging companies, new leadership, digital transformation, hypercompetition and an epidemic of burnout and isolation, Allison Massari brings a fresh and riveting message of hope and possibility to her audiences.

With genuine encouragement and support, she intimately shares the nuances of how to respond to change and difficult circumstances and maintain personal command and integrity despite turbulent times. As Allison states, “The truth is, the same internal fire and ‘command of self’ that I needed to heal my life is exactly what has given me success personally and professionally.” Allison Massari’s keynote elevates self-leadership, celebrates the power of taking personal responsibility, and reconnects audiences to a sense of real purpose and fulfillment in their work. Prepare to be taken on a journey.


Activating True Resilience — Self-Mastery and The Five Kinds of Courage℠ 

People often believe that resilience is just about grit and determination, but that is how you burn out. Allison Massari’s innovative and timely keynote reveals the five active qualities that we all need to access in order to build and support a healthy, fully-functioning resilience mindset. Allison describes these qualities as “Five Kinds of Courage.” She explains, “In the fullness of true resilience, you don’t just survive—you become a better version of yourself on every level. You come into true aliveness.”

Allison creatively crafts her material with truly unique concepts, boosting confidence and well-being and teaching secrets to achieving a resilience mindset that you haven’t heard. You’ll receive a new perspective from which to see the world and walk away with effective methods to handle challenges and move towards your dreams and goals with courage, purpose, and the strength of an open heart.


Retain Your Workforce Through A Heart-Led Culture Shift

Build a happier, more productive workforce and fully engage the hearts of your people. When people are worn thin and dealing with burnout or fatigue, the first essential solution is to care for them and to show up with thoughtful ideas to innovate, pivot, and excel within a changing world. Through storytelling, Allison Massari teaches audiences the mindset that is needed to successfully manage adversity, build emotional intelligence and have more command in managing difficulties at work. Her transformative program challenges your audience to see struggle and change through a profound and empowering new lens. She explains, “We can each make a vigorous, life-changing choice to navigate our way through and beyond adversity and be a force of light for ourselves and others.” Allison’s unforgettable keynote is a celebration of the human spirit—inspiring heart-led leadership, compassion and empathy skills in the workplace, and leaving audiences with a true sense of purpose and belonging. After hearing Allison speak, audiences feel more connected to their purpose and to each other—enhancing engagement and advancing employee retention in the workplace. Your people will be forever changed.


Leadership Lessons: Nurturing Organizational Transformation


In today’s shifting workforce, the role of leaders has changed dramatically. Employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention are top priority, along with the consistent strain from regulatory pressures, board and stakeholder demands, and needing to do more with less. Additionally, leaders are asked to assume the role of coach, mentor, friend, motivator, and career counselor while simultaneously maintaining an executive presence with clear vision and direction. With keen insight and appreciation for the challenges faced by leaders today, Allison teaches the mindset to successfully manage adversity and lead with heart—while addressing the personal side of their leadership and the everyday challenges of being human. This dynamic and poignant program provides innovative leadership lessons that invigorate and fortify participants to be able to tackle their work with newfound vigor and expansive thinking.

I don’t believe there is a group who could sit before the pure magic Allison brings to a room and not be forever changed.”—Eli Lilly and Company


Customization for Healthcare: “You are the Medicine℠”

Allison’s life-changing healthcare keynote illustrates the fact that every healthcare professional—including those who do not have direct patient contact—have a crucial impact on person-centered care. Passionate about tailoring her keynote to address the specific issues affecting each audience, Allison has worked with diverse groups within healthcare including: Leaders, Physicians, HR, Nurses, Finance, IT, Environmental Services, Laboratorians, Diagnosticians, Pharmacists, Physical Therapists, Insurance, Pharmaceutical Sales, and more. By specifically recognizing the ways that their work is directly tied to a human being, Allison generates a deeper connection to the patient experience for each participant. They learn that their expertise, attentiveness, and devotion improve the health and success of patients while boosting their own sense of well-being and directly affecting the bottom line.

This groundbreaking and uplifting program can be offered for CEU’s, and receives exceptional feedback.

Allison’s unique ability to support healthcare clients with employee retention, time restraints, alleviating burnout, and everyday stresses is evident. She consistently receives exceptional praise from her clients, as in this recent testimonial: “You were OUTSTANDING! We have been talking for years and years about THE NEED TO ADDRESS BURNOUT with our physicians and pharmacists, yet, frustratingly, we did not know what to do and we have never done anything about it. YOU just DID! Thank you so much!” —McKesson, US Oncology Network

The power of what you do goes far beyond the technical part of your job. You are healing the places medicine cannot touch. In fact, YOU are the medicine.” —Allison Massari




  • Master Adversity

  • Alleviate Burnout

  • Triumph Through Change

  • Advance a Success Mindset and Emotional Intelligence

  • Activate Perseverance

  • Enliven Wellness and Well-Being

  • Enrich Personal Development

  • Deepen Self-Awareness

  • Strengthen Resilience

  • Amplify Courage and Unconditional Confidence

  • Inspire Compassionate Leadership

  • Support and Encourage Employees

  • Ignite the Power of the Human Spirit

  • Leave a Legacy of Kindness

  • Self-Leadership: Having Personal Command in All Moments

  • Advance the Ability to Advocate for Yourself


  • Triumph Through Change and Unify Your Workforce

  • Alleviate Burnout 

  • Build a Happier, more Productive Workplace and Advance the Company Culture

  • Activate Self-Leadership: Having Personal Command in All Moments

  • Expand Courage and Unconditional Confidence

  • Reclaim Your Passion for Your Life’s Work in Healthcare

  • Master Adversity

  • Transform Lives—The Art of Person-Centered Care

  • Illuminate the Power of Empathy

  • Provide a Powerful Presence for the Patient Voice

  • Highlight How Those With or Without Direct Patient Contact Impact the Patient Experience and Person-Centered Care

  • Receive Actionable Tools for Personal Development

  • Enhance Emotional Intelligence

  • Deepen Self-Awareness

  • Clearly Understand the 5 Components of a Resilience Mindset

  • Inspire Patient Safety Through a Critically Acclaimed Survivor Story  

  • Leave a Legacy of Kindness

  • Grow a Mindset to be Vibrant, Alive, and in Command of Your Life

  • Inspire Compassionate Leadership and Work Culture

  • Unite Teams Through a Shared Mission and Connection to the Whole

  • Empower Leadership to Support and Elevate Your Teams and People

  • Receive a Balm of Hope, Comfort, and Well-Being from Allison

  • Ignite the Power of the Human Spirit

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Warrior Rising

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