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Brian Solis Speaker
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Brian Solis

    • Acclaimed Thought Leader On Digital Transformation
    • Principal Analyst and Futurist at Altimeter
    • Helps organizations understand and embrace the dynamics defining the rise of social business
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2020 Speaker Reel

2020 Speaker Reel

Brian Solis Explains How to Create Change Agents Within Your Organization

Brian Solis Explains How to Create Change Agents Within Your Organization

Brian Solis | SXSW 2019

Brian Solis | SXSW 2019

Brian Solis Speaker Biography

Brian Solis is globally recognized independent digital analyst and anthropologist. He is also an award-winning author, prominent blogger/writer, and world renowned keynote speaker. 

Brian Solis is Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce, the global leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Brian’s work at Salesforce focuses on thought leadership and research that explores digital transformation, innovation and disruption, CX, commerce, and the cognitive enterprise.

Brian Solis has been called “one of the greatest digital analysts of our time.” Brian is also a world renowned keynote speaker and an award-winning author of eight best-selling books including, X: The Experience When Business Meets Design, What’s the Future of Business and The End of Business as Usual.

In his latest book, Lifescale: How to live a more creative, productive and happy life, Brian tackles the struggles of living in a world rife with constant digital distractions. His model for “Lifescaling” helps readers overcome the unforeseen consequences of living a digital life to break away from diversions, focus on what’s important, spark newfound creativity and unlock new possibilities.

For almost 30 years, Solis has studied and influenced the effects of emerging technology on business and society. His research and books help executives, and also everyday people, better understand the relationship between the evolution of technology and its impact on people and also the role we each play in evolution. As a result of his work, Solis also helps leading brands, celebrities, and startups develop new digital transformation, culture 2.0, and innovation strategies that enable businesses to adapt to new connected markets from the inside out.

With a loyal online audience of over 700,000 people online, his work makes him a sought-after thought-leader to leading brands, celebrities such as Oprah, Shaq and Ashton Kutcher and over 1,000 startups around the world.

Brian also hosts (r)evolution, a popular online video series that examines technology, trends and best practices and introduces viewers to the thought leaders who are blazing the trail. Guests have included Katie Couric, Mark Burnett, Shaq, Billy Corgan, and Adrian Grenier.

To book Brian Solis call Executive Speakers Bureau at 901-754-9404.

Welcome to 2030: Building the Business of Future, Today, in the Race Against Digital Darwinism

What can we learn from some of the colossal mistakes we have seen a great number of incumbent companies make? How do we survive and thrive in an era of digital Darwinism? And how did everything change so quickly?

Two major success factors are crystalized:

  1. The rate and ability to embrace and enact digital transformation within the business, And
  2. The development of leadership change-agents and influencers who champion innovation.

Brian presents this exciting and poignant keynote in a just-in-time session to ensure your business remains relevant in an ever-changing future.

With a magnified focus on your specific industry, Brian will unpack:

  • The state and future of digital transformation and how it’s changing businesses at the very core
  • How to identify, lead and empower business mavericks and change-makers within your organization and across your industry
  • How incumbent companies are making mistakes and what you can do to avoid sealing your own fate in the same way
  • What you can do personally to change things for the better in your career and for your company


Experience Innovation: The Intersection Where Operational and Business Model Innovation Create Next Generation Customer Experiences.

X marks the spot! Brian Solis knows what it takes to be innovative. As one of the world’s leading voices on the subject, Brian has published numerous reports, books, and has been at forefront of customer experience innovation working with Fortune 500 companies and the startups around the world. In his work, he’s learned that innovative customer experiences help businesses outperform their peers.

In this exciting and captivating keynote Brian visualizes the future of physical, online, and hybrid experiences. He’ll also share his insider knowledge on how to reimagine touchpoints as ignite moments, unify 360 customer journeys, and create enchanting, personal experiences that customers will cherish and seek out.

Audiences will discover:

  • How micro-moments are reshaping the new customer journey in each of the four moments of truth
  • What’s really at the heart of a great experience
  • How experiences become memories and how to connect to people’s hearts and minds
  • Why transcending touch points into ignite moments electrify customer journeys
  • How to create customer 360 companies that align Brand Experience (BX), Customer Experience (CX), and User Experience (UX) to change how companies work, sell, and serve
  • How to design customer experiences that matter to customers what Brian calls, "accidental narcissism"


Leadership 2.0: Leading Past Digitization to Build a Culture of Innovation.

A new generation of leaders must build innovative organizations by breaking free from the rigid processes and risk-averse cultures that hold companies and employees back. Business models weren’t the only thing disrupted when the world became digital-first overnight. Leadership itself needs a Ctrl-Alt-Del to compete in this new and still evolving world. Legacy management, rigid processes and mindsets, and risk-averse cultures won’t help businesses compete at the speed and capacity that markets are demanding. But many executives are confusing digitization brought on by 2020 disruption with innovation. There’s a stark difference, however. The adoption of innovative technologies can offer a blinding illusion of making businesses innovative when in actuality, they’re digitizing yesterday’s processes.

Now, leaders must reassess how digital technologies, evolving behaviors and expectations, and innovative leadership and operating models can lead to the creation of new market value. Otherwise, executives will get stuck in a finite cycle of trying to succeed in a digital economy with a pre-digital value proposition. The opportunity for leaders in this new world is to create space for creativity and imagination and an operating culture that helps people nurture their ideas into something transformative and meaningful to unlock new value.

In an engaging and insightful, Brian will:

  • Help attendees learn the difference between digitization and digital transformation as well as the defining qualities of iteration, innovation, and disruption
  • Inspire the audience to recognize their role in changing and leading change
  • Empower the audience embrace creativity and show up differently every day
  • Shift perspective to always learn and learn to unlearn
  • Help the audience learn to collaborate, ideate, and help one another bring meaningful ideas to life
  • Teach and motivate people to believe in themselves and change work routines to unlock new opportunities


Hey Mr. Futurist, WTF (What’s The Future) of…

As one of the world’s leading digital anthropologists and futurists, Brian studies how the evolution of technology, business, and culture impact specific industries.

In this specifically tailored keynote presentation, Brian will study your space, goals, and even theme, and share his vision and experiences to help your organization understand and embrace the dynamics defining the rise of digital transformation, innovation, connected consumerism, digital lifestyles and important trends impacting your industry.

Topics include but not limited to...

  • Tech, Innovation and Silicon Valley - What is it about Silicon Valley that drives innovation and disruption, what’s the hot new tech and what’s the next big thing?!
  • Retail - Brian re-imagines the world of shopping, payments, omnichannel and retail/e-tail for a digital world.
  • Leadership vs. Management - Learn how executives lead in roles from the top to bottom, to inspire a more passionate, loyal and profitable workforce.
  • Finance Services and Insurance - The future of banking, finance and insurance is so important. Learn from Brian’s in-depth studies centered deeply on UX (user experience).
  • Travel and Hospitality – Learn about the future of tourism, travel and experiences.

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April 29, 2021

Brian is wicked smart and is a leader in connecting the dots between digital transformation and human transformation.

Solomon Coyle, LLC


A wonderful bureau to work with! Big ups to everyone who helped make our event a success. Fingers crossed we get the chance to collaborate fo..

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"As always, you are the best most responsive speaker bureau I've ever worked with!"

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