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Nancy Giordano, speaker

Nancy Giordano

    • #1 Amazon Bestselling Author in Business Ethics & Organizational Strategy
    • Named a Forbes Top Female Futurist
    • Optimistic Interdisciplinary Visionary + Global Enterprise Strategist
    • Exponential Strategist & Business Futurist

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Technology As A Force For Good

Technology As A Force For Good

Nancy Giordano on Leadering: How Visionary Leaders Play Bigger

Nancy Giordano on Leadering: How Visionary Leaders Play Bigger

Leadership to Leadering

Leadership to Leadering

Creating a Future to Be Excited About | Nancy Giordano | TEDxUTAustin

Creating a Future to Be Excited About | Nancy Giordano | TEDxUTAustin

Leading Change with Humble Audacity: Nancy Giordano at TEDxAustin

Leading Change with Humble Audacity: Nancy Giordano at TEDxAustin

Strategic Futurist

Strategic Futurist

Nancy Giordano Speaker Biography

Described as endlessly optimistic, Nancy Giordano is a strategic futurist, corporate strategist, and bestselling author who has consulted on a portfolio of $60+ billion well-known brands and given more than 100+ global keynotes. With a drive to help enterprise organizations and visionary leaders transform to meet the escalating expectations ahead, she is recognized as one of the world’s top female futurists.

Her expertise and experiences range from A.I., to frozen foods, to reinventing the internet, and all of her projects have a key common denominator: transitioning away from the extractive operating systems and outdated business thinking that no longer holds up, to create the more sustainable, inclusive and dynamic solutions the future demands.

From her early career at three of the top global advertising agencies and as a 15-year founder of her own strategic inspiration company, Play Big Inc, Nancy has a rich history of advising and learning with iconic companies such as Nestle, Coca Cola, Sprint, and many more - and horizon-technology start-ups like Holochain - helping transition them to a new economy of collaboration, contribution and trust.

She is the world’s first TEDx licensee, Singularity University lecturer, creator of the first “Career Fair For the Future” for college + high school students, and recent co-founder of the Femme Futurists Society (a growing collection of interviews with leading futurists around the world). Nancy has also joined forces with Kungfu.AI to help visionary enterprise leaders harness and sharpen their 21st Century business acumen via AI applications and the transformations these usher in.

Ranked #1 on Amazon for both Business Ethics and Organization Strategy, her first book, titled Leadering: The Ways Visionary Leaders Play Bigger, defines and makes visible the dynamic, inclusive and audacious mindset leaders must cultivate in order to stay relevant and help build a better next.

The Playbook is Dead: How Visionary Leaders Play Bigger.
How can I better lead and prepare myself and my teams for success? What opportunities will this create? How will this be measured?

It has been forecast that we are sitting on the brink of as many as fourteen internet-sized revolutions, enabling an unprecedented ability to solve complex problems and build more relevant structures, but these advances can sound overwhelming when our thinking and incentive structures haven’t kept up with the exponential pace of change.

Everyday it’s becoming clear that we need to quickly ditch outdated industrial era processes, metrics and beliefs focused on efficiency, growth and scale and instead cultivate a set of dynamic practices, systemic yardsticks and deep alignment in order to empower much faster and more humane decision-making.

What is the mindset we need to create the future we want?

• How transitioning from 20th Century LeaderSHIP to 21st Century LeaderING generates more sustainable, continuous value.
• From IQ to EQ to AQ… the importance of developing your adaptability quotient.
• The enterprise and societal scaffolding needed to make the most of the huge productivity leap ahead.
• The shifting metrics of success.

On Becoming AI Led.
What does it take to build an AI-led organization, career or outlook? How radically will things really change? How do you jump in?

We can now see how advancing AI-enabled tools and applications will help us drive huge gains and restructure everything from medicine to education, from food to finance, and to a deeper understanding of ourselves. Those led by curiosity and a deep sense of caring will increasingly see that as technology advances, we can actually become more human. More whole. More impactful than ever.

So how do you jump in? How do you build AI-first strategies and determine which applications drive productivity for you? What are the new business models and societal structures needed to support this exponential expansion of potential? And how can you personally level up?

• The stages of AI-readiness.
• What it means to be AI-led as an enterprise and as a human.
• How to build and scale these innovations safely and ethically.
• What it takes to support organization adoption.
• What this means for the future of work and reskilling-inside and out of your organization.

Beyond The Industrial Era: Shaping a Regenerative Future. What’s coming next?
As new tools give us new powers, the question is to what end? What is the role of business in building a safe, thriving and equitable future?

We are moving out of the Industrial Revolution and entering an entirely new “Exponential Productivity Transformation” (XPT). In this moment of technological transformation, we are simultaneously being granted a massive opportunity to redesign and rebuild structures that empower much faster and more humane decision-making. For that to be possible we must cultivate networked intelligence focused on economical, ecological and sociological systems that generate sustainable, regenerative value for mutual benefit.

As the world becomes more technologically advanced and enhanced, are we open to the emerging socio-economic frameworks that offer more than they extract to provide a safe, just and thriving future for us all?

•How Web3 and other distributed systems are reshaping models of productivity and economic structures.
•How living systems and biological intelligence will reshape our organizations.
•The new yardsticks and measurements needed to track and incentivize societal wellbeing and true wealth.
•What this all means for the future of Work and Working.
•The economic benefits of caring vs winning at all costs.

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