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Nikolas Badminton keynote speaker

Nikolas Badminton

    • Chief Futurist of the Futurist Think Tank
    • Expert futurist advisor to top organizations including Google, the United Nations, and Proctor & Gamble
    • Advised Robert Downey Jr.’s team for the Age of A.I. documentary series
    • Uses insights, stories, and exercises to empower attendees to look at their industry's future with creativity, optimism, resiliency, and hope
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Nikolas Badminton - Virtual Futurist Speaker

Nikolas Badminton - Virtual Futurist Speaker

Our Brave New World - United Way CLIC - Nikolas Badminton Futurist Speaker

Our Brave New World - United Way CLIC - Nikolas Badminton Futurist Speaker

Nikolas Badminton Speaker Biography

Nikolas Badminton is a world-renowned futurist that mentors leaders to create more connected, curious and creative teams that embrace futures design to imagine desirable futures, anticipate unforeseen risks, and strengthen strategic planning. 

He has spent 30+ years working with leadership at over 300 leading organizations at the frontline of foresight, strategy and disruption - including NASA, United Nations, Google, Microsoft, Intel, WM, United Way, Bayer, Bank of Canada, Rolls Royce, Procter & Gamble, IDEO, UK Home Office and many more. 

In his new book ‘Facing Our Futures’ - released internationally on Bloomsbury Business in 2023 - showcases foresight methods and thinking that shift organizational mindsets from what is to what if… and aims to increase organizational vigilance, profitability and market capitalization.

Nikolas’ essential research has been featured by the BBC, VICE, The Atlantic, Fast Company, Business Insider, Forbes, Sunday Telegraph and many others.  He appears on SIRIUSXM and CTV regularly, was a key advisor to the ‘Age of AI’ series with Robert Downey Jr, and narrates the Franklin Institute's series ‘2050’.

FACING OUR FUTURES - looking to 2030 and beyond

Nikolas will deliver an entertaining, energetic and motivational keynote that ignites curiosity, shifts your mindset from what is to what if, and teaches you how to think like a futurist. He will share stories of cultural shifts, insights into new disruptive technologies, and rethink how you establish winning strategies in your organization by deploying foresight.

As always, the keynote is built in collaboration with clients to create the most impact possible and help you…

  • Understand the value of foresight - foresight is the missing link between strategic planning, disruption and our futures. See how it supercharges your organization by exploring positive and challenging futures.
  • See global megatrends shaping geopolitical dynamics - economic power, population growth, water-energy-food, waste, climate change and energy. 
  • Know the trends that will change your industry - Future of Work, Artificial Intelligence and automation, Smart Cities and Urban Planning, Metaverse and Web3, Privacy and Security, Agriculture, Aerospace, Engineering and Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics, Finance and Insurance. 
  • Unlock a sustainability mindset - see how progressive ESG policy, United Nations SDGs, and circular economic principles will transform your organization.
  • Operationalize foresight - how we can build anticipatory capabilities in your organization to drive more revenues and market capitalization.


Our World of AI - to 2030 and beyond
Today, every industry and person is touched by AI. Now is the time to invest, explore and set an optimistic path towards our incredible futures.  

Nikolas has been building, using and analyzing the application of AI since the 1990s. Today, we see a level of investment, opportunity, and hope that we can positively affect the world using it. He sees so much potential for disruption and exponential change. 

Learn how creative industries are being revolutionized, industry automated, education redefined, high tech accelerated, and your industry changed forever in this new exciting keynote by one of the world’s top futurist speakers and #1 bestselling author - Nikolas Badminton.

The Future of the Metaverse and Web3

In this futurist keynote he will teach you three (3) essential lessons.

Lesson: Understand global megatrends and their impact on the Future of Metaverse, Web3, and Digital Engagement
There are forces in the world that have far-reaching impacts across our struggling industrial complex and how that will affect the Future of Metaverse, Web3, and Digital Engagement. These include – global economic power shifts with China and India as first and second with the United States in third place, the population boom in Africa and Southeast Asia, movements to megacities that will be over fifty million people in size by 2050 (Lagos, Nigeria will be the largest), the worsening global drought and water scarcity with effects on growing food and energy production. All of which will have an effect on the configuration, growth and sustainability of cities and megacities.

Continual innovation and futures design relating to Metaverse, Web3, and Digital Engagement will be needed to see how we can serve and protect the 9 billion people expected to be on Planet Earth – across physical and digital worlds – in 2050.

Lesson: See the trends exponential technologies that are changing how we connect online and offline
Nikolas will guide you through the technologies that are accelerating the Future of Metaverse, Web3, and Digital Engagement, and the global innovation economy forward. So many technologies are having an incredible impact – Big data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning, robotic automation, Internet of Things and the sensor economy, smart cities, genetic editing, sub-orbital Internet, cellular agriculture, biohacking and human augmentation (cyborgs), blockchain and cryptocurrencies, wearable computing, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (XR), 3D printing and additive manufacturing, drones and unmanned autonomous vehicles (flying cars), cybersecurity, Nanotechnology, quantum computing, Computer telepathy, Web3 technologies and the Metaverse, 3D immersive environments, Virtual Work, Entertainment, aSports, Fashion, Retail, Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), Tokenization, NFTs, blockchain, second life, Meta Horizons and more.

Lesson: See our futures and how we will evolve towards a more equitable and connective world
Futures planning is essential for new, equitable and connective solutions in Metaverse, Web3, and Digital Engagement. We must embrace new ideas like open innovation and non zero sum mindsets to create a world where we can all win through information sharing and collaboration. We must consider bias, privacy and security, and be more mindful in creating Metaverse, Web3, and Digital Engagement solutions where we empower the people that create the magic – the users and the platform designers – while considering a sustainable and responsible approach to the triple bottom line – people, planet, and profit.

Shift your mindset from what is to WHAT IF…
What if you create bolder visions of your future, strengthen strategic planning capabilities, anticipate unforeseen risks, and understand the value it provides to the market, your customers, and your shareholders? What if you create an anticipatory organizational capability? And, what if you empower all employees to be curious about the futures that lay ahead of us in 10, 20 and 30+ years?

Next Level Futurist Keynotes
Nikolas delivers futures exploration, education and experience in the futurist keynotes he researches and delivers to you and your audience. He undertakes specific research, divines unique perspectives and shares future insights for your industry. The result is a collaborative and impactful futurist keynote that event attendees deeply connect with, and are changed by.

Futures Ignition Workshop
The 'Futures Ignition Workshop' is a fast paced and energetic exercise that’s perfect for larger groups of 80 to 250 attendees.

Attendees are divided into groups to choose the top-3 disruptive influences that will impact your business and gain pace by 2030. For each of them real business opportunities are identified that can help inform the strategic direction of the organization. Then we get creative and have the groups write epic 2030 newspaper headlines on how your organization will be world-changing.

The groups then take to the stage to present what they discussed and their headlines. This is incredible to get people thinking of new solutions for their future world and to create a group mindset around futures thinking.

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