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Paul Epstein keynote speaker

Paul Epstein

    • Award-Winning Leadership and Team Performance Expert
    • Former NFL & NBA Business Executive
    • Best-selling author of The Power of Playing Offense and Better Decisions Faster
    • Shares the winning playbook used to help others make high-impact decisions, develop unshakeable confidence, and lead with authenticity while navigating uncertainty
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Paul Epstein 2023 Sizzle Reel | Award-Winning Leadership & Sales Speaker

Paul Epstein 2023 Sizzle Reel | Award-Winning Leadership & Sales Speaker

The Power of Listening: A Front Row Seat with a former 49ers Executive | Finding Your Lunchbox

The Power of Listening: A Front Row Seat with a former 49ers Executive | Finding Your Lunchbox

Make Better Decisions Faster with Paul Epstein

Make Better Decisions Faster with Paul Epstein

Full Sales Keynote | The Power of Playing Offense

Full Sales Keynote | The Power of Playing Offense

Paul Epstein Speaker Biography

Paul Epstein is a former high-level executive for multiple NFL and NBA teams and a 2x best-selling author of The Power of Playing Offense and Better Decisions Faster. In 2022, he was named one of SUCCESS magazine’s top thought leaders who get results—alongside Tony Robbins, Brené Brown, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Mel Robbins—and his work has been featured on ESPN, NBC, Fox Business, and in USA Today.

In nearly 15 years as a leader in the world of pro sports, Paul helped take NBA teams from the bottom of the league in revenue to the top two, broke every premium sales revenue metric in Super Bowl history while in the NFL’s league office, opened a billion-dollar stadium, and founded the San Francisco 49ers Talent Academy, where he was known as the “Why Coach.”
As an award-winning keynote speaker, Paul’s impact continues off stage providing leadership development and culture transformation programs for companies and teams including Amazon, Disney, Johnson & Johnson, NASA, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Dallas Cowboys.

He’s also the founder of the Win Monday community (an elite personal and professional development network) and host of the Win Monday podcast, where he interviews high-profile guests who reveal their secrets of confidence and work-life mastery.

When he’s not on stage as a global keynote speaker, Paul is a proud father of PJ and Lucca, married his best friend on the field of Levi’s Stadium, and has a slight obsession with bacon—just don’t make it too crispy.

How to Lead with Courage while Navigating Uncertainty
Global upheaval, unrelenting change, and economic uncertainty have us all playing defense.

The result: confidence gaps that drive defensive mindsets and actions at organizations all over the world. But what if you had a playbook for playing offense — CONFIDENTLY pursuing and achieving meaningful goals and breakthrough performance — while everyone else is sheltering in place?
This is exactly what Paul delivers in this flagship keynote inspired by 15 years of leading teams in the NFL/NBA and his bestselling book, The Power of Playing Offense: a Leaders Playbook for Personal and Team Transformation.
Every audience member will walk away with a 5-pillar Playing Offense framework, curated for universal insights and actionable takeaways to implement in any industry or organization.

Keynote Outcomes

  • Identify the keys to attracting, engaging, and retaining talent with confidence
  • Inspire your team to leverage purpose as a driver of commitment and performance
  • Learn to build an environment of intrinsic motivation, no carrots or sticks required
  • Cultivate a culture of grit and resilience to endure any climate
    Understand the best and ‘next practices’ of trust building, empathy, and belonging
  • Know what the greatest leaders do, and how to scale these behaviors across organizations

How to Make Better Decisions Faster
Unshakable Confidence when you Need it Most
Even the most elite performers can rush to bad judgements, become paralyzed by indecision, or get worn down by decision fatigue.
In this keynote, Paul reveals the streamlined three-step process he’s used to turn around major sports franchises — from the locker room to the boardroom. Avoid decision traps, move forward clear and CONFIDENT, and make the best out of your MVDs: Most Valuable Decisions.

Discover the secrets to always making the right call when it comes to:

  • Picking Strategy A or Strategy B
  • Choosing who (and when) to hire, fire, or promote
  • Deciding whether to spend your time on X, Y, or Z
  • Moving forward with a deal or hitting the eject button
  • The secret? The Head-Heart-Hands equation: a simple and repeatable process that taps into the power of our three most basic human tools for making better decisions faster.

Keynote Outcomes

  • Flip fear and uncertainty into clarity and confidence
  • Empower leaders and talent to become highly decisive, aware, and intentional in their actions
  • Acquire an operating framework designed for speed, efficiency, and winning
    time back
  • Learn a simple, holistic method to promote personal and professional well-being
  • Build high-trust teams through heightened authenticity and collaboration
  • Leave with a playbook where everybody knows what to say “yes” to and what to say “no” to

Purpose in Action: Scaling Championship Culture
How Authenticity Drives Alignment and Belonging

Every company has a purpose. The challenge is not in identifying it, it’s in bringing it to life…through daily action, that scales. This keynote exists to ensure that your team’s collective and individual purpose is the cultural foundation of everything you do. It represents who you are, what you stand for, and how you show up—all in one.
Once optimized for action, purpose can be the strongest unifier we have, a 365 driver of performance and engagement, a magnet for recruiting, the glue of retention, the soul of leadership, and the DNA of WHY we do what we do. Ultimately, it’s how we scale championship culture - with CONFIDENCE.

Paul is an expert at putting purpose in action, once known as the “WHY Coach” of the San Francisco 49ers and now senior advisor for the WHY Institute, he became fixated on not allowing a WHY or purpose to stay a distant North Star. Instead, he got obsessed with applying it on Monday morning, one decision and action at a time.

He’s since been training these principles to organizations worldwide, all in the spirit of WINNING MONDAY with purpose, on purpose.

Keynote Outcomes

  • From organizational to individual purpose, learn how to align and connect both
  • Hear the latest research on the ROI of Purpose and how it ties to confidence and performance
  • Engage with activities to apply purpose to daily decisions, behaviors, and actions
  • Understand how to scale purpose across teams, organizations, and micro-cultures
  • Learn how purpose can elevate the mental, social, and emotional wellbeing of your team
  • Leave with the habits and rituals required to make purpose in action ‘stick’

Closing the Confidence Gap in Sales
The Mindset and Game Plan Required to WIN

Sales is the lifeblood of every organization. Without it, there is no business to operate. No people to employ. No purpose to fulfill. No impact to ignite in the market. CONFIDENCE is what makes it all possible.

Paul realized how confidence can be the ultimate separator and competitive
advantage needed to win as a sales leader in the NFL and NBA, breaking the all-time Super Bowl revenue record, surpassing billion-dollar goals while opening new NFL stadiums, and transforming cellar-dwelling NBA teams from 28th in league revenue to 2nd.
This keynote unpacks exactly how he and his teams did it. The lessons and insights are industry agnostic and universally applicable.
It’s the perfect blend of sales mindset and winning psychology, coupled with tactical toolkits to maximize confidence and achieve breakthrough performance…

Keynote Outcomes

  • Learn the best practices of elite performers and how they separate from the pack
  • Identify the confidence gaps that get in the way of optimal and sustainable
  • Discover the habits and rituals required for daily growth and success
    Understand the secrets and tactics of overcoming adversity and navigating
  • Acquire a process to unlock your mindset, lead with authenticity, and drive
    purposeful action
  • Leave with a toolkit to drive greater passion, impact, and results to Win Monday, and beyond

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