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Rich Bracken, keynote speaker

Rich Bracken

    • Motivation, Emotional Intelligence, & Leadership Speaker

    • Award Winning Sales & Consulting Executive

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Rich Bracken's Official Speaker Reel

Rich Bracken's Official Speaker Reel

Shoulder Width Apart

Shoulder Width Apart

Change Management Keynote - Where Are You Spending Your Energy?

Change Management Keynote - Where Are You Spending Your Energy?

WEC Presentation - Rich Bracken

WEC Presentation - Rich Bracken

Rich Bracken Speaker Biography

Rich Bracken is an energetic storyteller who blends data and research with emotion and case studies to share insights and strategies on how to implement sustainable positive change.

For over twenty years, he has been researching and consulting businesses of all sizes on how their teams rise and fall with various styles of leadership and employee engagement.

Combining his findings from external consulting and internal analysis with notable companies and corporations, he is an energetic and vocal advocate for an impactful style of business navigation that leverages the power of emotional intelligence, empathy, and mental awareness.

Bringing together his experience as an award-winning salesperson, marketer, and client service expert with his passion for speaking, consulting, and coaching, he delivers a unique and refreshing blend of empathy and positivity that resonates with professionals from every level and background.

He has served numerous Fortune 100 clients and global organizations as a keynote speaker and is a notable media personality appearing in such outlets as ABC, ESPN, Thrive Global, Vice, and Goalcast.

In an era dominated by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the intrinsic qualities of humanity remain irreplaceable.

This keynote explores the factors that make human abilities resilient against the relentless march of technology, shedding light on the unique qualities that set us apart.
Through a dynamic exploration of creativity, emotional intelligence, adaptability, and ethical reasoning, this session will empower attendees to harness their distinct strengths in the face of technological advancement.

This keynote promises an engaging exploration of what it means to be human in the age of AI. Attendees will leave inspired, equipped with actionable insights, and ready to amplify their professional impact by embracing the unique qualities that set humans apart from machines.

How Your Audience Will Improve

  • Learn how to foster a creative mindset in the workplace for unparalleled results.
  • Implement strategies to leverage emotional intelligence for effective leadership
  • Embrace change as an opportunity for growth and innovation
  • Empower yourself and your team to make ethically sound decisions in diverse situations

The Theory of “Why Not?”
Far too often we let doubt and imposter syndrome write the chapters of our lives, keeping us playing it safe, afraid of failure.

That is, until we embrace the theory of “Why not?”

In this presentation, Rich will provide key actions to take that first step past fear and into happiness by leveraging psychological research and some unbelievable real life results of this theory.

Prepare to be inspired, motivated, and equipped with the tools to silence doubt and embrace your full potential.

The Theory of “Why Not?” is not just a presentation; it's a call to action, urging you to step boldly into the arena of your aspirations and prove to yourself that doubt is no match for the unwavering belief in your own capabilities.

How Your Audience Will Improve

  • Empowered discovery to recognize and overcome the subtle barriers that may be hindering your progress.
  • Learn how to reframe negative self-talk and replace doubt with a mindset of kindness and encouragement.
  • Uncover how to turn challenges into opportunities for growth and achievement.
  • Explore the importance of surrounding yourself with a positive and supportive mindset ecosystem to enhance your growth.

Soundtrack for Success
Every great movie has a soundtrack, so why shouldn’t you be the DJ and composer of your personal story and how it unfolds?

Part keynote, part dance party/sing-along, this presentation will entertain and empower your audience to understand their own emotional intelligence and how it impacts them every single day.

Merging his experience in studying emotional intelligence with his two decades of being a national touring DJ, Rich brings an experience like no other to your event.

Combining live DJing and powerful takeaways and life changing habits, your audience will be dancing and singing while raising their own emotional intelligence and setting the tone for their future success.

How Your Audience Will Improve

  • Learn the key foundational elements of emotional intelligence and how they contribute to your success personally and professionally.
  • Understand how to retrain your emotional intelligence triggers and work your emotions like a good DJ works a crowd.
  • Discover how to turn vulnerability into strength.
  • Learn to build positive habits to enhance your emotional intelligence, confidence, and self-value for a successful future.

Boost Culture & Performance Through Emotional Intelligence
Whether or not you realize it, your emotional intelligence (EQ) plays a critical role in your everyday life. From the moment you wake up until the moment you close your eyes at night, your EQ helps you make decisions that can make or break your day.

Most importantly for organizations and companies, emotional intelligence is a critical factor in long-term success. When you consider that more than 70% of an employee’s view of the company culture comes directly from the leaders' emotional intelligence, but that only 20% of leaders AND companies identify as emotionally intelligent, there is obviously a lot of work to do.

In this energetic and entertaining presentation, Rich will dive into the core elements of emotional intelligence and how you can leverage them for personal and professional happiness. Through this discovery, he will arm you with the awareness of your EQ to help you succeed and grow every single day.

How Your Audience Will Improve
• Learn the fundamental elements of emotional intelligence (EQ).
• Discover how to identify your EQ strengths & weaknesses.
• Identify strategies for managing your triggers.
• Learn the professional & personal benefits of EQ.
• Understand the impactful (and fun) changes you can make to improve your EQ.

Become Unstoppable
Sales is an incredibly rewarding, but competitive discipline. Between managing your pipeline, keeping clients happy, and chasing quotas, there is an incredible pressure on your emotions and focus as you try to navigate the roller coaster of a given day.

In this presentation, Rich shares the key differentiators of top performers and industry juggernauts combined with ways that your team can leverage emotional intelligence for increased sales and client service.

Research shows that over 58% of your performance as a salesperson is directly related to your emotional intelligence and over 90% of top performers have a high emotional intelligence.

When salespeople leverage the power of emotional intelligence, it provides them with the ability to engage buyers in a more empathetic, amicable, and positive manner, which improves relationships and sales rather than creating tension or misunderstanding.

How Your Audience Will Improve
• Discover how emotional intelligence creates more confidence in sales.
• Learn competitive differentiation lessons from industry juggernauts.
• Decrease the amount of stress and anxiety that the ups and downs of sales brings.
• How to level up your level of client service, creating deeper relationships.
• Understand how you can activate your emotional intelligence in difficult situations to stay on your positive game.

Tune In
Emotional intelligence has proven to be one of the most critical habits to have for personal and professional success and happiness. The most effective way to enhance your EQ is to engage in regular habits that strengthen the communication between the rational mind and the emotional mind. This is also similar to the effect that music has on our mood, motivation, and emotions.

However, with only 15% of people possessing higher levels of emotional intelligence, most are not tuned in to themselves and need to turn up the volume.

Part keynote, part dance party, this presentation will entertain and empower your audience to understand their own emotional intelligence and how it impacts them every single day. Merging his experience in studying emotional intelligence with his two decades as a national touring DJ, Rich brings an experience like no other to your event. Combining live DJing and powerful takeaways, your audience will be dancing and singing while raising their own emotional intelligence.

As a bonus, he’ll even create a custom mixtape (the kids call them playlists) for your company!

How Your Audience Will Improve
• Learn the fundamental elements of emotional intelligence (EQ).
• Identify strategies for managing your triggers.
• Learn the professional & personal benefits of EQ.
• Understand the impactful (and fun) changes you can make to improve your EQ.

The 2 | 4 Theory Of Change Management
Change is hard no matter what is being changed. Be it personal, professional, or company-wide, the concept of change puts everyone in an uncomfortable position to adjust their behavior on a day-to-day basis. With topics such as digital transformation being discussed across industries, these changes are coming and most will be necessary to stay in business. However, when change is communicated effectively, it has a profound impact on productivity and happiness.

Research shows that nearly 80% of businesses need to change every 2-5 years and 66% of change initiatives fail.

The 2 | 4 Theory of Change Management explores the critical elements of change that allow companies and individuals to adapt and embrace change as a positive thing. By leveraging research on communication, leadership, and organizational processes, Rich blends the information with relevant stories to convey the critical nature of change.

How Your Audience Will Improve
• Re-establish the psychological impact and reaction of the change.
• Understand how to convert the perception around change and strategy.
• Uncover how to get a vast majority (likely not all) of your team onboard with the change at hand.
• Explore how this new positive mindset will improve productivity, engagement, and happiness for the long-term and set up for success in the next change.

Host | Emcee
Rich was born to entertain crowds.

He routinely works with associations, companies and individuals around the globe to create engaging, entertaining, and empowering events.

Clients rave about his natural hosting ability and passion to engage each and every audience, bringing them into the experience. As a TV host and media personality, he blends his knack for emotional connection through content and delivery with the differentiated presence that comes from 25 years of hosting and serving as a national touring DJ/emcee.

Combining his previous experience as an event planner with his performance and improv background, he focuses on embedding himself in the culture of the client's company while also having the flexibility to pivot in real-time. Add on the fact that he's notably low maintenance, clients remark how easy it is to work with him.

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