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Steve Lerch, keynote speaker
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Steve Lerch

    • Former Google executive and innovation evangelist
    • Digital Strategy, Marketing, and Storytelling expert
    • President of Story Arc Consulting
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District of Columbia

Don't Practice Without Feedback- Steve Lerch @ CHART 2021

Don't Practice Without Feedback- Steve Lerch @ CHART 2021

What Consumers Really Think- Steve Lerch Viva Fresh Speech 2019

What Consumers Really Think- Steve Lerch Viva Fresh Speech 2019

Defining Impossible- Steve Lerch @ CHART 2021

Defining Impossible- Steve Lerch @ CHART 2021

The Necessity of Innovation- Steve Lerch at GROWMARK 2019

The Necessity of Innovation- Steve Lerch at GROWMARK 2019

Steve Lerch Speaker Biography

Steve Lerch is an award-winning international public speaker, consultant, and former Google Executive, and has become a highly respected voice in the world of digital strategy, marketing, consumer behavior, and innovation.

While at Google, Steve served as a digital strategy advisor to prominent brands like GoPro and Roku, respected non-profits like the YMCA and Save the Children, and even major branches of the Federal Government, like the Census and FEMA. He spent years helping hundreds of organizations better understand their customers, tell more compelling stories, and leverage data more strategically.

In addition to building digital marketing strategies, Steve also served as a Culture and Innovation Evangelist during his time at Google. In this role, Steve was one of the first voices heard by hundreds of new employees, teaching them about the important cultural building blocks that drive innovation and that have led to Google’s success.

Steve leverages his nine years at Google serving as a digital strategy consultant to dozens of the world’s most well-known brands to bring independent consulting services to companies of all sizes and across all industries. He offers an outside perspective on a company’s vision and strategy, challenges organizations to evolve past strategies, and helps brands embrace a digital-first world. His many areas of focus include marketing, digital/web/social strategy, customer insights, attribution, strategic planning, and team dynamics.

When on a stage, Steve’s high-energy style perfectly blends humor, inspirational stories, and actionable advice, which makes him a perfect choice for larger, more aspirational keynote addresses as well as more specific breakout and education sessions. Steve is obsessed with data, patterns, and trends, but believes data isn’t useful when it’s boring.

Innovation Through Culture: Stories From a Decade at Google
Innovative thinking is changing the modern world faster than at any point in human history, but now more than ever, innovation is not resigned to only the inventors, engineers, and scientists. The greatest innovators of our time are men like Steve Jobs. A man who didn’t invent the first Apple computer (Steve Wozniak) nor the iPod or iPhone (Tony Fadell). Instead, he established a culture of innovation that catalyzed and nurtured new ideas and new ways of thinking.

Steve Lerch will share stories from a decade at Google, where he worked with the world’s most innovative brands like GoPro, FitBit, and Nest. Dive into the history of some of Google’s most iconic projects like self-driving cars and augmented reality glasses, and more importantly, understand the simple, underlying cultural principles that allowed for these innovations. Principles like Launch and Iterate, Fail Well, and Bet on Technical Insights.

Building Trust and Connection in a Digital World
The best marketers aren’t just the ones telling the best stories. The best marketers are the ones that leverage data, patterns, and insights to tell the most relevant stories to each and every customer. In our modern, digital-first world, there are countless ways to easily collect and analyze this data. In this presentation we’ll explore those opportunities and the amazing stories brands have crafted using these insights.

The Feedback Imperative: Building a Culture of Ideation, Collaboration, and Sharing
Humble leaders understand that every employee, every customer, and every random person walking down the street could be an asset. Everyone is capable of a great idea. Everyone is capable of having a skill that others might not possess.

In this presentation, we’ll learn how to establish a culture and design a system to gather ideas and feedback from every corner of your business and beyond.

Who the Heck Is My Customer?
Whether you’re selling a product, building a brand, recruiting new employees, or lobbying to legislators, your audience is online. This means there are tools and technologies at our disposal, simple and free technologies, that every business leader should know how to use.

Creative, Bold, Successful and Simple: The Future of Advertising
Today's advertising industry professionals are eager to predict what's next. We envision as of yet un-achieved technological innovations that suddenly manifest and dramatically change the marketing landscape. What we fail to embrace are the brilliant strategies and cutting edge uses of existing technology that are already happening across our industry. "What's Next" for you and your business may be "What's Now" for one of your competitors, an advertising leader, or some unknown mom-and-pop shop in a totally unrelated industry.

Consumer Behavior in a World of Memes, Gifs, and Trends
The digital world is empowering consumers like never before, and armed with new platforms for consuming content, asking questions, and making decisions, these consumers are demanding that today’s brands be more nimble, flexible, and relevant than ever before.

In this presentation, we’ll explore how the customers in your brand/industry continue to evolve and the steps you need to take to keep up.

Influencer Marketing: Finding Comfort in Ambiguity
Influencer Marketing has long been seen as the Wild West for companies and ad agencies uncomfortable with relinquishing control. After years of intimidating more conservative marketers, these new-age strategies have finally started to gain mainstream acceptance. The challenge for today's influencer campaigns is striking the perfect balance between exerting control over the elements that require controlling, while still allowing for the genius and authenticity that can only stem from the Wild West nature of modern influencers.

Explore the shared attributes of today's most impactful and memorable influencer programs and learn the key steps to launching an authentic, original, successful influencer campaign that doesn't lower your established standards on attribution, targeting, and performance.

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March 15, 2023

Steve did a great job connected with the audience and catered his presentation to what my workgroup wanted.

Iowa Hospital Association


A wonderful bureau to work with! Big ups to everyone who helped make our event a success. Fingers crossed we get the chance to collaborate fo..

MDRT | Testimonial

"As always, you are the best most responsive speaker bureau I've ever worked with!"

Image Media

Angela Schelp was a great partner in finding the right kick-off speaker for our conference. This was my first conference identifying the keyn..


I just wanted to thank Matt Meyer and Sheryl Moon for their meticulous assistance with identifying, securing and preparing our chosen guest s..

Testimonials | TraceLink | Executive Speakers

This was my first experience using ESB to locate and secure a keynote speaker for my Corporate event. They were extremely easy to work with a..

AngMar Medical Holdings

"Matt Meyer was really wonderful in assisting me to find the correct keynote speaker for our conference. Jenny Foreman was completely on top ..

The Anchor Group

"As always, Executive Speakers Bureau helped us execute another flawless event. It is always so reassuring to know that you have a team behin..

Texas Hospital Association

"What stands out about the times I have worked with Executive Speakers Bureau is their lightning-fast response time. ESB’s account exec..

Keynote Speaker

"I've worked with Richard and ESB for many years and he's always able to deliver for us. He works hard to meet your speaker goals within the ..

Chem Dry

"Angela is the best!!! I can always count on her honest feedback about speakers. She helps me look like a hero to my company!"

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