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Inspirational Speakers Leading the Charge on Activism & Corporate Social Responsibility

Kristen Hall
Friday, Apr 12, 2024
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In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, the power of words and actions from these inspirational speakers who dedicate their lives to doing good shines brightly. These individuals serve as beacons of hope, catalysts for change, and champions of positivity. As we navigate through the complexities of our modern world, their stories and messages resonate deeply, inspiring us to seek empowerment, drive positive change, and embrace the transformative impact of compassion and kindness. These speakers not only uplift spirits but also make a tangible difference in the lives of others through their remarkable work and compelling narratives.

2024283180350Braun2-Headshot-Web.png (13 KB)Adam Braun

Adam Braun is a philanthropic trailblazer who transformed a casual encounter in India into a global movement for education. While studying abroad, Braun's chance encounter with a young boy pleading for a pencil ignited his passion to create change. This pivotal moment led to the founding of Pencils of Promise, an initiative that has established 600 schools worldwide, transforming the lives of 250,000 students.

Beyond his work with Pencils of Promise, Braun is the CEO of Clarasight, a sustainability platform, and the founder of MissionU, a pioneering workforce development company. His best-selling book, The Promise of a Pencil, underscores his extraordinary journey and dedication to making a positive impact, earning him accolades like the prestigious Jefferson Award. Braun's unwavering commitment to public service and empowerment resonates through his inspiring endeavors. That’s Braun’s whole MO — sharing his passion for positive change in the world and exemplifying how simple it can be so others can do the same.

2022149183438Headshot2-2022-09-14T133400-524.png (30 KB)Doc Hendley

Doc Hendley, a former bartender with unexpected heroism, founded the non-profit Wine To Water in 2004 while bartending in North Carolina. Despite his humble beginnings, he embarked on a mission to provide clean water to those in need. His work took him to Sudan, where he installed water systems for victims of genocide. After returning home, Hendley tirelessly balanced two jobs while growing Wine To Water, which officially became a recognized non-profit in 2007.

Recognized as one of CNN's Top 10 Heroes in 2009, Hendley's book, Wine to Water: A Bartender's Quest to Bring Clean Water to the World, chronicles his remarkable journey. Hendley's story challenges stereotypes and underscores the universal truth that anyone can make a meaningful difference in the world.

2022047124501Headshot2-2-.png (19 KB)Shane Feldman

Shane Feldman, a globally recognized leader in community engagement, firmly believes that community is the answer to every question and the solution to every problem. Acknowledged by esteemed institutions like The White House, the Prime Minister of Canada, and the United Nations for his exceptional work in community leadership, Feldman is the driving force behind COUNT ME IN, a groundbreaking social entrepreneurship incubator with a 10.2 million-strong global community across 104 countries. Through his extensive research and hands-on experience in over 25 countries, Feldman has developed universal strategies that enhance team dynamics and drive business success.

His inspiring sessions, endorsed by notable personalities and media outlets, equip corporate audiences with invaluable tools to foster trust, enhance human connections, and elevate performance levels. Collaborating with renowned companies like Google, Microsoft, and Disney, Feldman continues to inspire and empower individuals to reach their full potential through authentic connection and community engagement.

2023261161420Headshot2-2023-01-26T101259-604.png (19 KB)Jeremy Park

Jeremy C. Park is a prominent figure dedicated to leveraging the power of doing good, both on an individual and organizational level. As the CEO of cityCURRENT, Park spearheads initiatives that connect businesses with communities, fostering positive change and impact. His extensive repertoire includes being an author of two books, a Forbes contributor, a producer and host of multiple TV and radio shows, and host of theChangeMakers podcast.

Park travels the nation as a sought-after speaker, inspiring audiences to become sparks for their communities, ultimately achieving higher levels of success. With a string of accolades like Top 40 Under 40 and features in esteemed publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Fortune Magazine, Park continues to lead by example, showcasing the transformative power of giving back and making a difference. His dedication to youth literacy programs, community building, and spotlighting positive stories through various media platforms underscores his commitment to inspiring others to get involved and create a meaningful impact in the world.

2021258174815Headshot2-2021-08-25T124753-249.png (18 KB)Barb Stegemann

Barb Stegemann's entrepreneurial journey began after her soldier best friend’s injury brought her to Afghanistan where she witnessed the devastation war had on the local farmers. She founded The 7 Virtues to help farmers in conflict zones move away from the opium trade and return to their original crops, sourcing fair trade essential oils from countries like Afghanistan, Haiti, the Middle East, and Rwanda. Stegemann gained fame by securing a venture capital deal on Dragons' Den, making history as the first woman from Atlantic Canada to do so. Her accolades include being named among Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women, winning multiple awards for her entrepreneurial and leadership achievements, and earning recognition for her book and documentary. She has also inspired change within the beauty industry with her Clean & Conscious Peace Perfumes available at Sephora stores.

In her keynote speaking, Stegemann allows audiences to actualize a world where their dreams of doing good can be put into real-life plans.

2024124144216LBL-Headshot-Web.png (21 KB)Lauren Bush Lauren

Lauren Bush Lauren is the Founder and CEO of FEED, a social business with a mission to combat world hunger. Inspired by her role as the Honorary Student Spokesperson for the UN World Food Program, Lauren created FEED in 2007. The company offers products with measurable donations attached; for instance, the sale of a FEED 1 bag feeds one child in school for a year. To date, FEED has provided over 94 million school meals globally, partnered with various organizations, and supported nutrition programs for children worldwide.

Lauren has been recognized for her entrepreneurial and philanthropic work through accolades and awards, such as being named one of Fortune Magazine's Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs and receiving the 2013 Advocacy Award from the World of Children Award. She actively participates in conferences focusing on business, philanthropy, and issues of hunger and poverty.

To book any of these inspiring speakers and light a spark of activism and innovation within your organization, call the Executive Speakers Bureau at (901) 754-9404.


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