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Andre Taylor

Andre Taylor

    • One of the World's Most Respected Voices in Personal Transformation, Leadership, and Executive Development
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My Family Library : Andre Taylor

My Family Library : Andre Taylor

Your 3 Reasons To Succeed : Andre Taylor

Your 3 Reasons To Succeed : Andre Taylor

Andre Taylor Speaker Biography

Get ready for extraordinary ideas and meaty solutions from André Taylor with a high-energy high-content keynote that will make your audience sit up and take notice. More than 35 years managing, growing, and advising businesses has led André Taylor to one observation; If you’re not focused on becoming a Premiere Business, you’re destined to become ordinary. André challenges executives, corporate and organizational leaders, and entrepreneurs committed to building Premiere Businesses providing actionable specifics in his talks on how to deliver products, services, and experiences of exceptional quality, and distinction. He combines uncommon lessons on high-performance, leadership, sales, marketing, service, and operations.  His message is based on his track outstanding track record which includes:

  • Advising global retail, hospitality, financial, media, and dozens of business categories.
  • Guiding revenue generation and growth for world class and entrepreneurial brands
  • Launching the first mobile information service targeting High Net-Worth Individuals
  • Creating the first digital network for sports, entertainment, and hospitality arenas
  • Developing the first affinity and membership programs for media brands
  • Conceiving the most widely adopted methodology for Luxury Selling

André is the acclaimed author of You Can Still Win! among other titles and has authored dozens of audio and video programs. He’s often appeared as a guest contributor to ABC News Money Matters and other media outlets. He’s been featured in many print publications including Advertising Age and Entrepreneur. Motto Magazine called him one of the country’s top business coaches. Crain’s New York Business called me one of NYC's top minority executives and Black Enterprise Magazine named him, Business Innovator of the Year. He writes and speaks extensively at industry conferences, corporate events, colleges, universities, and events in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

To book Andre Taylor call Executive Speakers Bureau at 901-754-9404.

Winning, Leadership, and the Entrepreneurial Enterprise

In this talk, André Taylor brings together more than 30 years of insightful and inspiring experience as a successful entrepreneur, corporate executive, business innovator, and thought leader to help your group understand the ingredients of winning and leadership during challenging times and complex, competitive, situations.

Your attendees will learn how to focus on high-value activities and how to personally become more productive, effective, and lift your organization to greater profitability in the process. André explores the common attitudes and behavioral roadblocks that stand in the way of top performance personally and as an organization.

He’ll explain how taking an entrepreneurial approach and refining your management, marketing, and operational strategies with a “take command” mindset and proven results-oriented tactics that improve agility will lead to a more successful organization and industry impact, without compromising the sound business practices you must maintain as a company.

Ideal for annual conferences, trade and industry associations, corporations, non-profit organizations, networking groups, and all membership organizations. This program can be customized for your organization.

Winning In Sales: The 7 MUSTS: Succeeding In The Modern Game of Selling

Achieving consistent and profitable sales remains the biggest challenge for most companies. In this riveting talk, based on Andre’s book, he describes how sales success is predictable when you combine the 7 elements he defines as “MUSTS.”

There are many factors why sales professionals and entrepreneurs often find themselves in a position where it’s difficult to land new sales. While the economy and competitive conditions is a factor, more often than not, the real reason is that the sales professional has become disconnected from the winning tactics that lead to success. Over time, sales professionals can become complacent and neglect the approaches necessary to succeed. Your sales team will learn:

  • Why having a clear sales target is so important, how to set and maintain focus on your target.
  • How to craft a value-rich message using words, proven effective in selling situations.
  • The power of being proactive and how to stay motivated, so you stay in forward motion.
  • Keys to mastering client interaction, winning clients over, and keeping the people factor in mind.
  • How to be systematic in your sales planning and in the sequence of your sales activities.
  • How to avoid distraction and maintain focus on your most profitable opportunities.
  • How to turn “NO” into a progressive next step that moves the sale along.

Ideal for annual conferences, trade and industry associations, corporations, non-profit organizations, networking groups, and all membership organizations. This program can be customized for your organization. 

Expand: Outgrow Your Limits. Unlock Your Potential.

In this talk, André Taylor brings together more than 30 years of study and work on the subject of maximizing human potential. Your audience will be challenged to look beyond their ideas about what they can be and do, and will be reminded that they have the freedom and responsibility to decide their future. They’ll learn how to get off the treadmill of mediocre performance, and mundane expectations. They’ll become empowered to expand in whatever areas of life they’ve found themselves locked into position and rise to higher levels of personal and professional fulfillment.

André makes the point that surprisingly, many people have not fully considered their potential. They “turn off” the idea, often in their youth, choosing instead to allow their functional potential to be defined and limited by societal norms. To support this thesis, André describes distinct differences in the way Millenials, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y perceive their innate and career potential. Underscoring this point is the fact that more than 100 million Americans are not as aspirational as their parents. He explains how you can avoid falling in the trap of low expectations and how when you challenge yourself and develop a taste of your potential, you’ll not only feel more alive but will be determined to grow.

During this session your people will learn proven strategies to ensure they’re the decider of their lives, keep their attention focused while overcoming typical fears and doubts, and recognize “choke points” that limit their potential.  They’ll learn how to stop confusing current challenges for permanent challenges and see themselves more and more creating a new picture for themselves and turning that picture into reality.  

Ideal for annual conferences, trade and industry associations, corporations, non-profit organizations, networking groups, and all membership organizations. This program can be customized for your organization.

You Are Your Habits: The 4 Habits Winners Master

Aristotle said: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” In this talk, André discusses how your habits make you and explains how you can lead, win, and flourish by redefining you habits. Whether your group includes managers, salespeople, or staff members, they’ll be thoroughly engaged as André explores this topic by focusing on four categories:

  • The Get Going Habit
  • The Keep Going Habit
  • The Get Ahead Habit
  • The Stay Ahead Habit

During this session, André makes the point that applying success ideas is far more difficult than understanding them. And being able to see where you really are is enormously difficult for a large number of people. There’s a gap between what we want and the behavior we engage in. Sadly, we don’t see it.

What we do and what happens to us is a reflection of the habits we’ve formed – even when we think it’s all about the other person’s behavior. André explains habits not as something you do, but something you are which attracts certain responses in others. He challenges you to achieve more and by becoming more. How creative could we be? How much more effective could we be? How can we overcome the same problems with people and process that continually crop up? This talk will help your group reshape their results and experiences as they break free of habits that do not help them. 

You Can Still Win! Break through, Bounce Back, Come from Behind and Flourish

There is an old saying that what doesn't kill you will make you stronger, but when organizations are maneuvering through complex and difficult times this isn’t always easy to grasp. It’s no secret that we’re operating in one of the most competitive business environments in history. Additionally many individuals within organizations are facing their own personal pressures due to unprecedented economic shifts. André Taylor’s talk on winning explores how you can survive and thrive during tough times as both an individual and as a company. Based on his book, “You Can Still Win!” this is an insightful and motivating lesson in overcoming roadblocks and obstacles. During this talk your audience will learn:

  • How to keep your emotions in check and get over emotional baggage that holds you back.
  • Ways to eliminate negative thoughts that prevent you from rebounding.
  • Why failing may be your fastest way to success.
  • Why tenacity could be dangerous.
  • The 12 indisputable qualities of winners.
  • The 12 things to avoid when you’re determined to win.
  • The 8 ways winners positively deal with change.
  • Five ways to make sure losing is temporary.
  • The Success Tripod: What it is and how to use it.
  • The 7 steps in developing a winning plan.
  • Three power strategies to accelerate your wins.
  • How to turn any situation around in 8 weeks.

Ideal for annual conferences, networking groups, trade and industry associations, corporations, non-profit organizations, and all membership organizations. This program can be customized for your organization.

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