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Daniel Sieberg Speaker, Technology Speaker Exclusive

Daniel Sieberg

    • VP of Public Relations, Huawei USA
    • Entrepreneur & Strategic Advisor for Developing Technologies
    • Helped Build the News Lab at Google
    • Senior Marketing Executive and Emmy®-nominated reporter
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New York

Daniel Sieberg - Digital Disruption

Daniel Sieberg - Digital Disruption

Technology Trends - Daniel Sieberg

Technology Trends - Daniel Sieberg

The Underlying Promise of Blockchain

The Underlying Promise of Blockchain

Daniel Sieberg Speaker Biography

Daniel Sieberg is a Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer for GoodTrust (mygoodtrust.com), which is the leading platform for digital legacy and estate planning. He is also Director Innovation Marketing, Moody’s. He is considered one of the most respected tech futurists and analysts of our time and brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom to any speaking or moderating opportunity. Sieberg has the unique skill set of taking virtually any science or technology topic and making it engaging and thought-provoking for any audience (virtual or in-person).

For seven years, he was previously a senior marketing executive and official spokesperson at Google and Huawei USA and has spent the past four years in entrepreneurship as a co-founder and advisor. During his time at Google, Sieberg helped build two teams in service of journalism and storytelling, traveled to more than 25 Google offices, launched multiple large-scale projects including an interview with President Obama at the White House, and is a graduate of the prestigious LEAD program about advanced leadership.

As a correspondent and reporter for nearly 15 years, Sieberg covered science and technology for ABC News, CBS News, and CNN and began his career as a daily reporter with the Vancouver Sun. He has been nominated for 5 national News & Documentary Emmy Awards and appeared as a featured guest across the Discovery Channel, MSNBC, BBC News, NBC’s Today Show; he also hosted dozens of episodes of CNN’s sci-tech show NEXT@CNN and 40 episodes of “G Word” for Planet Green.

Daniel Sieberg has conducted numerous public speaking and moderating on a wide variety of topics from leadership to technology trends to healthcare at high-profile events (e.g. World Science Festival, HPE Discover, SAP Sapphire NOW, World Islamic Economic Forum, The Leadership Network) on every continent except Antarctica. His first book, The Digital Diet, was published in 2011 (Crown, Three Rivers) and his second book, Digital Legacy (Stonesong), was published in 2020. Sieberg has also authored articles in the Washington Post, Details, CNN.com, and elsewhere.

The topics of his presentations include everything from the pros and cons associated with AI and machine learning to the promise of self-driving vehicles to digital transformation for B2C/B2B to how the evolution of technology and connectedness has affected society and human interactions. If it has to do with science and technology and business or leadership, then Sieberg is adept at connecting the dots.

Sieberg is a member of the Board of Trustees at Saybrook University, a City Year Mentor, and a volunteer media relations specialist with the NY chapter of the American Red Cross. He is also a recipient of the Chief Scout Award of Canada. He believes in integrous and inclusive leadership and leading by example.

He holds a B.F.A. (writing, film) from the University of Victoria (UVic) and an M.J. (journalism, technology) from the University of British Columbia (UBC). A dual citizen of Canada and the U.S., Sieberg has traveled to nearly 70 countries and resides in NYC with his two daughters.

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Digital Legacy

Do you know what happens to your digital assets and memories when you die? All those thousands of photos and videos, emails and texts, financial accounts and domains - not to mention your cryptocurrency. If the answer is no then you’re not alone. The time is now to plan ahead for your own digital legacy but also understand the broader issue of what’s at stake. For example, there are already 30 million dead people on Facebook alone and 20,000 more dying on the platform every day. What happens to all that content? What should happen to it? What should companies be doing versus individuals? And how do any of us want to be remembered? What about an AI-enabled chatbot so we can “communicate” with loved ones who have passed away? 

We are now inextricably linked with the physical and digital worlds - the average person spends 7+ hours per day online - and there are serious challenges ahead. Daniel Sieberg is Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer with GoodTrust, which is a fully-funded startup tackling these issues and offering solutions that include AI, data security, and digital vaults. He’s also the co-author of Digital Legacy: Take Control of Your Online Afterlife (2020) and author of The Digital Diet: The Four-Step Plan To Break Your Tech Addiction And Regain Balance In Your Life (2011). He will illustrate both the pragmatic and emotional reasons to understand this challenge now - before it’s too late. 

Tech Life 2025

What are the developments today that will impact our lives in the near future? Daniel Sieberg, former Google spokesperson and marketing exec and now cofounder at Civil, examines the trends around everything from blockchain and crypto currency to AI to virtual reality and puts it all into context for both a techie crowd as well as the layperson. Sieberg will also explore how the pace of change has increased so dramatically (and why) and what this means for short-term forecasting and projections in any business.

Telling A Better Story

 At the core of any successful business is a story of why; why does any business exist and what are they trying to solve? And beyond that narrative, how is that story best articulated and conveyed with customers and a broader audience? The art of telling a better story through people, crafting the right words of engagement and learning from other successes (and failures) is just part of what Daniel Sieberg will cover. He’s a former Google marketing executive and now cofounder of Civil, which is a decentralized platform built on blockchain technology aimed at supporting quality and sustainable journalism. 

Understanding Blockchain and Cryptocurrency - How it can Benefit Anyone: Blockchain/Crypto/Bitcoin

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, crypto currency, blockchain - these terms are increasingly becoming a part of our global conversation about how we improve communications, security and business models across a wide range of verticals. It’s important for any leader or business owner or just a curious third-party to begin to understand the implications and get ahead of this seemingly unstoppable new technology. Daniel Sieberg, former Google spokesperson and marketing executive and now cofounder of Civil (journalism supported by blockchain), is ready to break it all down in ways people can understand and act upon.

Living Life in a Tech Start Up

One about being a part of a startup/why I left Google - change is often scary, risky and hard and especially when it means pivoting from one career to another or making bold choices as a leader. Human nature can force us to try to cling to what we know in service of retaining order and calm in our otherwise turbulent lives. But sometimes taking that leap can expose us to new strengths within us and actually enhance our well-being and sense of identity (maybe even make us happier). Daniel Sieberg takes us through his personal journey from technology reporter at national news outlets to Google executive to co-founding a cutting-edge startup in the blockchain and crypto currency space. The tips he provides can benefit anyone faced with difficult choices at all levels of their life and the enterprise.

Other topics:

The robots are coming - don't be afraid!

These days robotics is increasingly a part of our lives from assisted-living robots in Japan to automation in construction and manufacturing to new ways to think of animatronic creations as companions. Some of this technology is driven by advancements in artificial intelligence and more realistic design. And largely the goals are to aid in human production, development and efficiency. But should robots look like humans - or not? Will we one day call robots our friends? And do initial forays into robot communication - like "bots" in social media programs - provide a glimpse of how we might one day interact with virtual beings? Daniel Sieberg, longtime tech expert and Googler explains the short-term future of these technologies and how we shouldn't fear the rise of the robots.

Next-gen Healthcare Trends

Subject area: healthcare future, medical

From pedometers to smartphone apps to glucose-sensing contact lenses, what’s next for people to personally monitor their own well-being? How can we give people access to their own medical data and make informed decisions? When is knowing too much not helpful? Daniel Sieberg, who spent 20 years reporting on technology for the likes of CNN, ABC, CBS and the BBC and authored The Digital Diet before joining Google four years ago, looks at the technologies available on the market today, how consumers are embracing them and looks ahead to what might be possible. This is a chance to dive into the self-monitoring aspect of healthcare for a thought-provoking presentation on a topic that offers a potentially dramatic shift in medicine.

How is Your Brand Really Being Perceived?

Subject area: brand marketing, small business

How do you connect with consumers in a way that's authentic amidst a flood of information online? What can any company do to highlight the "why" of their business? Daniel Sieberg, former technology reporter for CBS, CNN and ABC and current exec at Google, examines what it means to really engage with people around a product or idea and how to win hearts/minds in a meaningful way. It's about more than just a plan, it's about turning customers into fans through the right amount of transparency and access to the very DNA of your company. This talk will feature an actionable plan to get started with new implementations in any business.

Today’s “Smart” Traveler

Subject area: tourism, travel

Tourists today have more options than ever to explore unseen and niche places within any location. From mobile maps to restaurant recommendations to virtual tours. Plus we've all got a camera in our pocket at all times. But what's the best way to tap into these technologies without losing a real-world experience? Daniel Sieberg, former technology reporter for CBS, CNN and ABC, author of The Digital Diet and current exec at Google, has been to 50+ countries and 600 cities and offers his take on the right way to be a digital explorer without missing everything around you.

News 3.0

Subject area: digital news revolution, media

The ways in which we consume (and produce) news has evolved rapidly in recent years from mobile to social to UGC. It presents both challenges and opportunities for traditional media, and there are more changes coming including VR, expanded data journalism and increasing eyewitness videos. In addition, media startups are seeks to disrupt the establishment with a slew of new ways for people to get the information they care about. What does it mean to our pursuit of quality information? Daniel Sieberg, former technology reporter for CBS, CNN and ABC, author of The Digital Diet and global head of media outreach with the Google News Lab, outlines the pace of progress within the news space and looks ahead to where it's going.

Do You Need a Digital Diet?

Subject area: consumer behavior, psychology, health and well being

On average, we check our smartphones more than 125 times per day. Per DAY. And what are we doing with that time? Playing Candy Crush? Checking for emails that aren't there? Sharing selfies? How is the world adapting to such a heavy influx of data and personal technology and what's it doing to our relationships, our work/life balance and our sense of self? This is relevant for a wide range of audiences from families to businesses to individuals all trying to adapt to our connected age. There’s a lot at stake from productivity to our identity to the next ways we’ll be communicating with each other. Daniel Sieberg, former technology reporter for CBS, CNN and ABC, author of The Digital Diet and current exec at Google, offers ways to better understand the dilemma of today's connected consumers and a plan for coping with it all.

Why Follow the Leader?

Subject area: leadership, business

Why do the best leaders succeed? What is it about them? And is it possible to emulate their behavior? There's a potential leader in all of us, but it often requires a deep examination of everything from our core values to our ability to relate to others to our ability to emotionally invest in our people. The impact can be felt from the boardroom to the mailroom and even the living room of your clients/customers. There’s no silver bullet, but Daniel Sieberg, author of The Digital Diet and current exec at Google, outlines a leadership path for anyone looking to better their skills and lead with heart. Sieberg has interviewed some of the biggest leaders in technology while he was a tech reporter for CBS, CNN and ABC, completed elite-level training courses and leads a growing international team within Google. It’s also about lessons learned from 25 years within the media-tech industry, the psychology of how people respond to direction/guidance and even what coaching youth soccer can tell us about leading the next successful team.

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