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John Rossman, Amazon Keynote Speaker
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John Rossman

    • Former Amazon Executive who launched the third-party marketplace which accounts for over 50% of units sold at Amazon
    • Sought after International Advisor to Fortune 100 Companies
    • Best Selling Author of Amazon Way Book Series
    • Leaves audiences with actionable takeaways on leadership, transformation, and innovation based upon proven methods
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John Rossman 2023 Speaker Reel

John Rossman 2023 Speaker Reel

Why Most Companies Fail to Innovate

Why Most Companies Fail to Innovate

John Rossman | Innovation Keynote Speaker | Speaker Reel

John Rossman | Innovation Keynote Speaker | Speaker Reel

About John Rossman | Former Amazon Executive | Business Strategist

About John Rossman | Former Amazon Executive | Business Strategist

The Importance of Metrics

The Importance of Metrics

John Rossman on Innovation

John Rossman on Innovation

John Rossman on Keys to Disruption

John Rossman on Keys to Disruption

John Rossman on Thinking Big

John Rossman on Thinking Big

Think Like Amazon | Building a Culture of Innovation

Think Like Amazon | Building a Culture of Innovation

John Rossman Speaker Biography

John Rossman is renowned as an early Amazon executive who led the launch and scaling of the Amazon Marketplace. He has served as a Senior Technology Advisor at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and a Senior Innovation Advisor at T Mobile. He has a unique and power ful range of expertise in leadership for innovation, strategy for Artificial Intelligence and disruptive technologies, high performance teams, and culture.

John has authored four best selling books on leadership, strategy, and disruptive technologies, including The Amazon Way and Big Bet Leadership. These works provide principles, frameworks, and tactics for developing management to lead digital and AI first companies that customers and investors love and are purposefully designed for a sustainable competitive edge and advantage.

John delivers motivational speeches and workshops on leadership, team culture, business results, and playbooks for immediate action. His expertise is in leadership for digital transformation, artificial intelligence & innovation, and leading high performance teams.

Keynotes for Leadership on Digital Transformation
● Lessons from the Launch of the Amazon Marketplace Business – How You Become a Big Bet Legend in Your Industry
● Think Like Amazon – What’s the Future of Your Industry and Ecosystem?
● Reinventing Healthcare & Insurance Through Customer Centricity, Innovation & Leadership — The Amazon Way

Keynotes for Leadership on Artificial Intelligence and Innovation
● Winning with Artificial Intelligence – Innovation and Execution in the Hyper-Digital Era
● Leadership and Culture for Innovation and Bold Moves – The Amazon Way
● Leadership to become an AI-First Organization

Keynotes for Leadership for High-Performance Teams and Cultures
● Motivating for Excellence: 10x Your Leadership Impact & Team Performance
● Championship Habits – Team Culture and Tactics for High-Performing Teams
● Winning in the Hyper-Digital Era – Deliver Results Today and Win Tomorrow in the Age of AI

John Rossman delivers the perfect tailored keynote for your conference, team meeting, or company event. He has delivered over 280 keynotes and workshops across every industry and company type. Whether it's a large conference or a small team event, John customizes and provides an actionable, motivational, and energetic playbook that challenges the status quo of traditional management thinking.

Lessons from the Launch of the Amazon Marketplace Business – How You Become a Big Bet Legend in Your Industry
In 2002, Amazon was being referred to as “Amazon.org”, “Amazon.org” and “Amazon.toast”. The stock hit a low of five dollars. Ninety percent of Amazon’s business was books, CD music sales and VHS video unit sales. But Jeff Bezos had an ambitious vision to become “the everything store”. He just needed the right model and team. Amazon hired John Rossman to play a key role in leading and scaling the Amazon marketplace, which accounts for 60% of all units sold at Amazon today.

This keynote is the story of creating the Amazon Marketplace business and what business leaders can learn and apply to their businesses today. Combining The Amazon Way, Think Like Amazon, and Big Bet Leadership, Rossman will take your audience through an entertaining and provocative discussion that will impact the way you think, the way you lead, and the culture of your organization.

If you are undergoing a transformation, repositioning, or growth strategy, you can’t afford not to study and learn from the business that changed retail, logistics, and so many other industries—from the Amazon leader who captured the story, John Rossman.

This keynote starts with an entertaining video framing the situation and challenging circumstances that Amazon faced in 2002. It then delivers the proven leadership principles and tactics to deliver transformational change in your organization. Learn about true customer obsession, how to spot friction, why “metrics” need to be a verb, the secret to Amazon’s innovation process, how to deliver results despite setbacks, and much more.

Leaving Your Audience with…
● Visionary Leadership Insight: Learn how Amazon transformed from a struggling bookseller to "the everything store” and the most interesting company of the digital era.
● Scaling Innovation: Discover strategies for scaling the Amazon Marketplace
● Change Frameworks: Apply frameworks from "The Amazon Way," "Think Like Amazon," and "Big Bet Leadership" to lead organizational transformations.
● Durable Leadership Principles: Understand the resilient leadership principles and tactics that navigated Amazon through its early challenges to industry dominance.
● Cultural Impact: Explore how Amazon’s culture of customer centricity, innovation and accountability can be replicated to drive success in your own organization.

Think Like Amazon – What’s the Future of Your Industry and Ecosystem?
This presentation is tailored to business leaders and investors interested in forecasting and creating the future of their industry. Drawing from his extensive experience at Amazon, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, T-Mobile, and dozens of client strategy engagements, Rossman explores critical components and mega-forces leading to change. Attendees gain exclusive insights into applying these methodologies to their strategies, accelerating growth and enhancing competitiveness in an increasingly competitive and dynamic marketplace.

Rossman’s discussion extends beyond replicating tactics; he encourages a paradigm shift in thinking. Attendees will explore the 'thinking in outcomes' approach, outlining practical steps for conducting scenario planning.

This keynote segment is designed to provoke thought, spur innovation, and drive
home the importance of a customer-centric approach coupled with robust thought experiments.

Concluding with a forward-looking perspective, Rossman guides the audience through scenario planning exercises to predict and react to future industry trends and challenges. This proactive approach prepares leaders to navigate their businesses through potential disruptions and equips them to play a pivotal role in shaping their respective ecosystems. Participants will leave with a clear set of principles and techniques that, when implemented, can transform their organizations into agile, forward thinking competitors ready to thrive in the future digital landscape.

Leaving Your Audience with…
● Adopt Amazon's Strategic Mindset: Embrace continuous innovation and customer obsession to redefine industry standards and enhance business growth.
● Practical Innovation Strategies: Understand how to “think in bets” by solving wicked problems.
● Future-Proof Your Business: Utilize scenario planning to anticipate and effectively respond to dynamic market changes.
● Cultural Transformation: Foster a culture that supports customer centricity, agility, resilience, and constant learning to thrive in the digital era.

Reinventing Healthcare & Insurance Through Customer Centricity, Innovation & Leadership — The Amazon Way
Rossman offers a roadmap for revolutionizing these critical sectors through relentless customer centricity, robust innovation, and transformational leadership. Rossman unpacks the essence of Amazon’s customer-centric approach, illustrating how this relentless focus can be adapted to the healthcare and insurance fields to significantly improve service delivery, patient and client satisfaction, and operational efficiency. He highlights case studies and strategies from "The Amazon Way", showing how these can be directly applied to enhance interactions at every customer touchpoint, streamline processes, and reduce inefficiencies, all while maintaining privacy and compliance with industry standards.

Expanding on the themes from "Think Like Amazon," Rossman dives into the '50 1/2 ideas' that are particularly relevant to digital transformation in healthcare and insurance. He explains how embracing a digital-first mindset and integrating cutting-edge technologies like AI and big data analytics can lead to innovative solutions that are cost-effective, highly scalable, and precisely tailored to user needs.

Rossman challenges industry leaders to think differently about legacy systems and entrenched practices, promoting a culture of innovation.
The keynote culminates with strategic insights from "Big Bet Leadership," where Rossman elucidates the importance of making calculated, bold moves to lead disruptive change effectively. He discusses how the principles of leadership that guided Amazon through its most critical bets can be employed to spearhead reform in healthcare and insurance. Audience members will leave equipped with a blueprint for embedding customer centricity at the heart of their operations, leveraging innovation to solve complex challenges, and leading change that anticipates the future of their industry.

Leaving Your Audience with…
● A Customer First Framework: Learn how to apply Amazon’s customer-centric methods to enhance patient and client satisfaction in healthcare and insurance.
● Innovative Problem Solving: Integrate cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices to address complex challenges within the healthcare and insurance sectors.
● Leadership in Disruption: Adopt bold leadership principles from "Big Bet Leadership" to effectively navigate and lead disruptive changes.
● Strategic Digital Transformation: Utilize the '50 1/2 ideas' from "Think Like Amazon" to drive digital transformation that scales and adapts to evolving market needs.
● Operational Excellence: Implement Amazon’s strategies to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver superior service quality.

Winning with Artificial Intelligence – Innovation and Execution in the Hyper-Digital Era
John Rossman’s latest keynote, "Winning with Artificial Intelligence—Innovation and Execution in the Hyper-Digital Era," dives into AI's transformative potential within the business world and explores how leaders can guide significant transformations in organizations through the strategic adoption of AI technologies.

Rossman forecasts the hyper-digital era—a time characterized by rapid technological evolutions where artificial intelligence reshapes the fundamentals of industries, economies, and societal structures. He discusses how AI can serve as a transformative force, offering unprecedented efficiencies, capabilities, and insights. This section illuminates AI’s integral role in achieving high velocity in decision-making and operational agility, underpinned by robust case studies and empirical data.
Rossman introduces attendees to actionable frameworks for embedding AI into core business strategies. The keynote delves into the methodologies for identifying AI opportunities, data architecture optimization, and fostering a culture conducive to digital and AI-centric innovations. Emphasis will be
placed on "Strategic Innovation Execution," which leverages AI for not only incremental improvements but also for groundbreaking business models and products that can redefine marketplaces.
The keynote's culmination focuses on the practical aspects of executing AI strategies within diverse organizational contexts. Rossman addresses common execution challenges—from technical integration hurdles to ethical consideration —and how to overcome them. By exploring successful case studies, he provides a nuanced understanding of how different industries can harness AI's potential responsibly and effectively. Attendees leave with a clear set of strategies for implementing AI solutions that align with their strategic objectives and create sustainable competitive advantages.

Leaving Your Audience with…
● Strategic Roadmaps: Clear methodologies and frameworks for integrating AI that align with their business models and market dynamics.
● Innovation Playbook: Actionable insights on navigating the digital transformation with AI, turning technological potential into market-leading innovations.
● Cultural Transformation: Guidelines for cultivating an organizational culture that embraces AI and drives innovation through its adoption.
● Ethical Compass: Understanding of the ethical implications of AI deployment and strategies to address these concerns proactively.
● Competitive Edge: Tools and case studies demonstrating how to leverage AI for sustainable competitive advantages, ensuring long-term success in the hyper-digital era.

Leadership and Culture for Innovation and Bold Moves – The Amazon Way
John Rossman offers a dynamic exploration of the leadership and cultural frameworks cementing Amazon as a paragon of innovation, grit, and audacious corporate strategies. This popular presentation synthesizes lessons from Rossman's books to deliver a comprehensive guide for cultivating a culture that embraces innovation and drives it at every level.

Rossman begins by dissecting the foundational elements of Amazon’s leadership philosophy as detailed in "The Amazon Way." He explains how Amazon's leadership principles are designed to foster a culture of high standards, ownership, and relentless focus on customer outcomes. These principles are not just theories but practical tools that Amazon leaders use daily to make decisions and inspire teams. The audience will learn to apply these principles to create a leadership environment that encourages bold thinking and meticulous execution.

Building on this foundation, Rossman delves into "Think Like Amazon: 50 1/2 Ideas to Become a Digital Leader," providing actionable strategies for embedding innovation into an organization's DNA. He highlights how continuous innovation cycles and a willingness to experiment can be instituted across various business functions to disrupt industry norms and redefine service delivery. Through engaging anecdotes and empirical evidence, Rossman illustrates the transformative power of adopting a digitalfirst approach and leveraging technology to scale solutions and optimize operations.

The keynote culminates with insights from "Big Bet Leadership," where Rossman articulates the criticality of making and managing big bets to pivot an organization toward future growth opportunities. He discusses the strategic imperatives of such decisions, the risk management involved, and how to
foster a culture that supports and champions bold moves. Audience members will leave with a clear understanding of how to meld leadership, culture, and innovation practices to participate in their industries and lead them boldly into the future.

Leaving the audience with …
● Understand Amazon’s Leadership Principles: Learn from Amazon's core leadership principles to enhance decision-making and cultivate a high-performing team culture.
● Cultivate a Culture of Innovation: Adopt strategies to embed a continuous innovation cycle within your organization, driving efficiency and competitiveness.
● Customer-First Mindset: Use a customer-centric approach to transform business processes, enabling scalability and improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.
● Risk Management in Bold Decisions: Understand how to strategically manage and mitigate risks when making and implementing big bets.
● Championing Bold Leadership: Develop a leadership style that encourages bold thinking and decisive action to navigate and lead through industry disruptions.

Leadership to Become an AI-First Organization
John Rossman, renowned for his strategic insights in "The Amazon Way" and "Think Like Amazon," along with his deep dives into transformative leadership in "Big Bet Leadership," now turns his expertise towards pioneering AI-centric organizations. In this compelling keynote, Rossman addresses the seismic shift towards AI-first strategies. This keynote explores the essential leadership qualities, methods, and frameworks that empower organizations to adopt AI and pivot their core operations around it effectively.

Cultivating AI-first Thinking in Leadership
Rossman argues that the foundation of becoming an AI-first organization lies in cultivating a specific mindset among its leaders -- a shift from traditional decision-making to “thinking in outcomes” and becoming hypothesis-driven. He will outline the cognitive transformation required to foster an environment where AI is at the forefront of strategic initiatives.

Enhancing Communication for AI Adoption
Communication is a pivotal element in integrating AI within any organization. Rossman will dissect the communication strategies that facilitate a clearer understanding and smoother adoption of AI technologies across different organizational levels. This keynote segment will provide attendees with insights into developing new communication approaches and leadership to guide others on this journey constructively.

Management Strategies for an AI-driven Transformation
Finally, Rossman tackles the management challenges of transitioning to an AI first organization. This keynote covers a comprehensive range of management adjustments and operational overhauls, from restructuring organizational hierarchies to embracing new management methodologies that are in tune with rapid AI developments. Rossman shares effective management strategies that support AI integration and enhance operational efficiencies and innovation capacities.

Leaving your audience with…
● AI Leadership Frameworks: Practical frameworks that enable leaders to foster an AI-first
mindset throughout their organizations.
● Data-Driven Decision Making: Tools and techniques to transition from intuition-based to datadriven decision-making, maximizing the strategic use of AI.
● Communication Strategies: Enhanced communication strategies that effectively articulate AI
goals and processes to all organizational levels.
● Agile Management Practices: Agile management practices are crucial for thriving in a dynamic
AI-enhanced business environment.
● Innovative Operational Models: Insights into restructuring operations and management to fully leverage AI technologies for efficiency and innovation.

Motivating for Excellence –
10x Your Leadership Impact & Team Performance
This session is designed for leaders who aim to amplify their impact and elevate their teams and ecosystem to the next level of excellence. It employs the groundbreaking strategies that have led Amazon, John, and his clients to new levels.

Rossman initiates the dialogue by outlining the fundamental leadership tenets from "The Amazon Way," which emphasize that clarity of vision, customer obsession, and future-back are pivotal for driving team performance. He delves into Amazon's distinctive approach to setting high standards and the mechanisms through which these standards are woven into the fabric of daily operations. The audience learns practical methods for fostering a culture that consistently pushes the envelope on performance through customer obsession, driving teams to meet and exceed their goals through innovative thinking and proactive problem-solving.

Rossman introduces the concept of scalable decision-making and agility in  leadership—key drivers that enable leaders at Amazon to respond swiftly to changing dynamics while ensuring their teams remain at the cutting edge of innovation. He provides insights into creating a feedback-rich environment that not only encourages but thrives on continuous improvement and adjustment, thereby multiplying the effectiveness of leadership and team performance. Concluding with powerful lessons from "Big Bet Leadership," Rossman explores how leaders can make transformative decisions that redefine industries. He discusses identifying and navigating these big bets, aligning them with a visionary outlook and instilling a sense of purpose and commitment among teams. Attendees will be equipped with a comprehensive toolkit to radically enhance their leadership approach, inspire their teams to achieve 10x performance, and significantly impact their organization’s success trajectory.

Leaving your audience with…
● Elevated Leadership Standards: Master leadership principles to set and achieve higher performance standards across your team.
● Cultural Excellence: Cultivate a high-performance culture that embraces and drives continuous innovation and operational excellence.
● Decision-Making Agility: Implement agile leadership strategies that enhance responsiveness and adaptability in rapidly changing environments.
● Feedback-Driven Improvement: Foster an environment rich in constructive feedback to elevate team capabilities and outcomes continuously.
● Strategic Bold Moves: Learn to identify and execute big bets that can significantly transform your organization and industry.

Championship Habits – Team Culture and Tactics for High-Performing Teams
Inspired from his professional and family journey, John Rossman introduces the pivotal concept of "Championship Habits." This keynote delves into the critical practices that distinguish top-performing teams from the rest. Rossman explores how these habits can be systematically cultivated to enhance team performance and drive substantial organizational success.

Cultivating a Culture of Excellence and Customer-Centricity
Rossman argues that the foundation of any high-performing team is a robust and dynamic culture that prioritizes excellence, continuous improvement, and customer obsession. He discusses the importance of creating clarity and alignment around shared goals, the benefits of a proactive and engaged leadership style, and the critical role of feedback and communication in fostering a culture of accountability and transparency. The keynote outlines practical strategies for leaders to embed these values deeply within their teams, ensuring that each member is empowered and aligned with the team’s objectives.

Tactical Execution of Championship Habits
Moving from culture to application, Rossman provides a deep dive into the specific tactics that embody Championship Habits. These include establishing rigorous standards for performance, using metrics to gain operational excellence and insights, and maintaining high-velocity decision-making. Through real world examples and case studies from his time at Amazon and other leading companies, Rossman illustrates how these practices are implemented in day-to-day operations and how they contribute to teams' agility and effectiveness.

This keynote promises to redefine what it means to build and lead high performing teams and provide participants with a practical and proven framework for implementing a dynamic and sustainable winning game plan.

Attendees will be equipped with the tools to transform their team's culture, execute championship-level tactics, and develop an adaptable approach that consistently delivers superior results.

Leaving your audience with…
● Empowered Team Dynamics: Strategies to cultivate a culture of excellence and accountability that empowers teams to achieve their highest potential.
● Practical Execution Tactics: Actionable methods for applying Championship Habits to day-to-day team operations and decision-making processes.
● Sustainable Performance Frameworks: Insights on building resilient systems that maintain high performance through changing markets and challenges.
● Winning Game Plan Methodology: A comprehensive blueprint for creating and sustaining dynamic teams that execute and innovate under any conditions.

Winning in the Hyper-Digital Era – Deliver Results Today and Win Tomorrow
John Rossman introduces his latest insights on thriving in the hyper-digital era. This era is defined by the rapid acceleration of technological capabilities across artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and IoT, coupled with other demographic and national mega-forces forecasting an era of tremendous change– the hyper-digital era. This keynote explores organizations' dual challenge: optimizing today’s operations while strategically pivoting to future capabilities.

Mastering Today’s Complexity
Rossman begins by tackling the immediate challenges businesses face in today’s business landscape. He outlines practical strategies for optimizing operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and financial leverage. Rossman provides actionable insights into streamlining processes through AI and machine learning to achieve immediate improvements in performance metrics.

Navigating Tomorrow’s Technological Frontiers
Looking beyond the present, Rossman shifts to the strategies necessary for navigating the future marked by disruptive mega-forces. He introduces "thinking in outcomes," a strategic exercise for future scenarios. This section of the keynote details how to identify and invest in future use cases and capabilities that could be pivotal in the next decade.

Building a Sustainable Innovation Ecosystem
Rossman concludes with a discussion on cultivating a sustainable innovation ecosystem within organizations. He emphasizes the importance of cultural adaptation, where continuous learning and an openness to experimentation are foundational. The keynote provides a blueprint for developing leadership competencies that embrace change, drive technological adoption, and manage the organizational transformation required for long-term success in the hyper digital era.

Leaving your audience with…
● Optimized Operations: Enhanced methodologies for utilizing current technologies to optimize day-to-day operations and increase efficiency.
● Future-Back Planning: Strategic insights on implementing future-back thinking to prepare and adapt to upcoming technological disruptions.
● Innovation Roadmaps: Practical frameworks for identifying and integrating emerging technologies that will drive future business models.
● Cultural Transformation: Strategies for cultivating an adaptable, innovation driven company culture that thrives on continuous learning and technological integration.
● Leadership in Disruption: Leadership competencies necessary for navigating and leading through the complex landscape of the hyper-digital era.

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Exactly what our leadership team needed. His keynote was relevant and he was a great and easy partner to work with.

Western Digital Corporation

November 29, 2023

“Wow! Our team loved John’s Big Bet Leadership presentation. The message was spot on for our digital journey. We are ordering more books now.” -- Keith


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