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John Rossman, Amazon Keynote Speaker Exclusive
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John Rossman

    • Former Amazon Executive who launched the third-party marketplace which accounts for over 50% of units sold at Amazon
    • Sought after International Advisor to Fortune 100 Companies
    • Best Selling Author of Amazon Way Book Series
    • Leaves audiences with actionable takeaways on leadership, transformation, and innovation based upon proven methods
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John Rossman | Innovation Keynote Speaker | 2021 Speaker Reel

John Rossman | Innovation Keynote Speaker | 2021 Speaker Reel

Why Most Companies Fail to Innovate

Why Most Companies Fail to Innovate

About John Rossman | Former Amazon Executive | Business Strategist

About John Rossman | Former Amazon Executive | Business Strategist

The Importance of Metrics

The Importance of Metrics

John Rossman on Innovation

John Rossman on Innovation

John Rossman on Keys to Disruption

John Rossman on Keys to Disruption

John Rossman on Thinking Big

John Rossman on Thinking Big

Think Like Amazon | Building a Culture of Innovation

Think Like Amazon | Building a Culture of Innovation

John Rossman Speaker Biography

Executive Speakers Bureau’s John Rossman is the author of The Amazon Way book series, a Former Amazon Executive and Managing Partner at Rossman Partners. John Rossman is an expert disruption, leadership, and business strategy speaker, as well as an adept technology keynote speaker, leveraging the Amazon leadership principles to help others innovate, compete, and win in the digital era. One of the leading innovation speakers, John Rossman delivers practical techniques and strategies for audiences to apply in their business and digital strategy. Amazon is the most interesting company of the digital era. It’s not just “what” they do, it’s “how” they do it. Rossman has unlocked the essential elements of leadership, strategy, culture and technology As a former Amazon executive, he played a key role in launching the Amazon marketplace business, which Jeff Bezos called “one of his magical businesses,” accounting for over 50% of all Amazon units sold and shipped. John Rossman also served as Director of Enterprise Services at Amazon.com under CEO Jeff Bezos, where he managed worldwide services to enterprise clients such as Target.com, Marks and Spencer, and the National Basketball Association (NBA). John Rossman has delivered digital transformation, leadership, technology and disruption keynotes to all types of businesses, associations, healthcare, and government. As keynote speaker, each of his presentations and workshops is full of thought-provoking principles and tactics that will leave each participant with practical takeaways to put into practice.

If your team is looking for a digital transformation keynote speaker or an expert to bring your organization innovative ideas on disruption, technology, leadership, and business strategy, John Rossman can offer you an exclusive point of view. Bring the former Amazon executive who helped Jeff Bezos to create a global industry leader to your next event. Bring John Rossman and his insights to your team.

The Next Horizon – Your Playbook to Compete and Win in the Digital Era
From his forthcoming book and research “The Next Horizon – Leadership, Culture, Strategy and Technology to Succeed in Your Digital Transformation”, management advisor and former Amazon executive John Rossman outlines the surprising secrets and shortcuts tying together his 30 years of helping companies compete and win in the digital era. “Think Big…But Don’t Bet Big”, “Shrink the change through communications”, “Avoid asking the right question … at the wrong time” are just some of the inspiring ways we can all change our own leadership styles to achieve the business success our digital transformation has promised.

Never Waste a Good Crisis- The Winning Playbook for Market Volatility
Your supply prices are rising, your employee wages are increasing, transportation is getting more expensive, and key components (like chips) might be in short supply. Your COGS and your P&L are a mess. What do we do? We are all aware of and impacted by inflation, supply chain disruptions, political unrest, pandemics, wars, and market volatility. Count on this - the challenges only get harder. The question is, what is the playbook for not only surviving but thriving in a volatile market? Is it even possible? How do we not waste a good crisis?

In this keynote, internationally sought-after strategy, operations, and digital transformation advisor and former Amazon Executive, John Rossman, shows why by challenging traditional thinking and management science you maximize the value of a good crisis and work to strengthen your business. Volatile markets and uncertainty lead most organizations to cut, run and stick their head in the sand until the storm passes. Rossman will show you how it is the ideal time to go on offense. Instead of crawling into a figurative fetal position and just accepting the difficult circumstances, put your “invention” hat on and double down on finding immediate ROI opportunities to improve operational effectiveness. Rossman outlines a playbook giving audience members hope that they can increase market share during volatility and proven methods of making the most important innovations during uncertainty. Audience members leave with practical theory, examples, tools, and techniques to help them build better strategies, better plans, and better solutions so they won’t waste a good crisis.

Think Like Amazon about — The Future of Your Industry
What is the future of your industry? It is a question that leaders must ask themselves often. But what are the right questions to ask, what metrics should be used, how is our industry going to be disrupted? All of these questions will be answered by former Amazon Executive John Rossman. John launched and scaled their third-party platform which today accounts for over 50% of Amazon’s business. By leveraging many of the ideas from Think Like Amazon, Rossman will propose several aspects of your industry that will likely change and leave audiences with strategies, tools, and questions to help create this future.

Think Like Amazon about- Innovation
Leaders at Amazon expect and require innovation and invention from their teams. They are externally aware and look for new ideas everywhere. Amazon has a thrilling power to innovate that few other companies have matched. But how does Amazon continue to innovate and outperform the competition? Through a systematic approach and a deep understanding of what it means to be digital, Amazon has created a culture and system that continues to outperform everyone else. Former Amazon executive turned digital strategy consultant John Rossman will leverage ideas from his book “Think Like Amazon” to show how all companies and organizations are capable of innovating at the same level as Amazon.

Think Like Amazon about — Strategy and Corporate Culture
Amazon is a fierce competitor, a systematic innovator and creating a dramatic change in many industries. How does Amazon think about and create the playbook of strategy, operational excellence, and innovation? What can you learn from them and apply them into your business? In John Rossman’s signature leadership keynote, he will reveal and unpack the secrets of Amazon’s unparalleled growth and how the company’s culture has driven innovation and growth. From Think Like Amazon: 50 ½ Ideas to Become a Digital Leader, audiences are leaning forward, taking notes and inspired with strategies and tools to innovate and lead.


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