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Ian Bremmer, Speaker

Ian Bremmer

    • President, Eurasia Group
    • Expert on Global Politics and Risk Management
    • Created Wall Street’s first global political risk index
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New York

The Next Global Superpower Isn't Who You Think | Ian Bremmer | TED

The Next Global Superpower Isn't Who You Think | Ian Bremmer | TED

Become a great strategic thinker | Ian Bremmer

Become a great strategic thinker | Ian Bremmer

Ian Bremmer: President and Founder of Eurasia Group

Ian Bremmer: President and Founder of Eurasia Group

Addressing A.I. risks and regulation is a priority for world leaders, Eurasia Group's Ian Bremmer

Addressing A.I. risks and regulation is a priority for world leaders, Eurasia Group's Ian Bremmer

Ian Bremmer on What Happens Next with China, India & Pakistan

Ian Bremmer on What Happens Next with China, India & Pakistan

Ian Bremmer: Applied Geopolitics

Ian Bremmer: Applied Geopolitics

The Rise of the Different: Ian Bremmer at TEDxOxford

The Rise of the Different: Ian Bremmer at TEDxOxford

Ian Bremmer Speaker Biography

Ian Bremmer is the president and founder of Eurasia Group, the leading global political risk research and consulting firm. He is a prolific thought leader and author, regularly expressing his views on political issues in public speeches, television appearances, and top publications. Dubbed the “rising guru” in the field of political risk by The Economist, he teaches classes on the discipline as Global Research Professor at New York University.  His latest book focuses on the future of America’s role in the world and will hit shelves in May 2015.

In 1998, Bremmer established Eurasia Group with just $25,000. Today, the company has offices in New York, Washington and London, as well as a network of experts and resources in 90 countries. Eurasia Group provides analysis and expertise on how political developments and national security dynamics move markets and shape investments across the globe. As the firm’s president and most active public voice, Bremmer advises leading executives, money managers, diplomats and heads of state.  

Bremmer is credited with bringing the craft of political risk to financial markets—he created Wall Street's first global political risk index (GPRI)—and for establishing political risk as an academic discipline.  His definition of emerging markets—“those countries where politics matter at least as much as economics for market outcomes”—has become an industry standard.  ‘G-Zero,’ his term for a global power vacuum in which no country is willing and able to set the international agenda, is widely accepted by policymakers and thought leaders. Said Larry Summers, “Global political economy has no sharper or more prescient analyst than Ian Bremmer.”  

Bremmer actively discusses the intersection between politics and markets in speeches and the media. He has published nine books including the national bestsellers Every Nation for Itself: Winners and Losers in a G-Zero World and The End of the Free Market: Who Wins the War Between States and Corporations? He is a regular columnist for Reuters and the Financial Times A-List, and has written hundreds of articles for many leading publications.  He appears regularly on CNBC, Fox, Bloomberg, CNN, the BBC, and other networks.

Bremmer earned a PhD in political science from Stanford University in 1994 and was the youngest-ever national fellow at the Hoover Institution. In 2007, Bremmer was named a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, where he is the founding chairman of the Global Agenda Council on Geopolitical Risk.  He is a Senior Fellow at the World Policy Institute and serves on the President’s Council of the Near East Foundation, the Leadership Council for Concordia and the Board of Trustees of Intelligence Squared.

Bremmer grew up in Boston and currently lives in New York and Washington.

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Managing Risk in an Unstable World

To navigate globalization, every business decision-maker weighs economic variables when considering overseas investments or market exposure. But to spot crucial opportunities and manage risk, they must also understand the political factors and trends changing our world in real-time. Whether it's increasingly contentious relations between China and the United States, the war in Ukraine, a more complex regulatory environment in Europe, a newly global focus from India, surges of populism in Latin America, heightened competition in Africa, or dozens of other politically driven trends, political analyst and entrepreneur Ian Bremmer will detail how political risk is creating new sets of business winners and losers. 

At this presentation, audiences will learn:

-How to spot political risk on the horizon and balance it against economic opportunities
-How to understand the opportunities, and dangers, of multilayered relations between Washington and Beijing
-How to identify the broader trends remaking tomorrow's global balance of power
-How to process the technological changes now transforming geopolitics


Navigating the Geopolitical Recession

For the past 15 years, the post-Cold War global order has been breaking down, leaving us to respond to a series of crises with both political, market, and business implications. Ian Bremmer explains that geopolitics has entered a bust cycle. The world’s most powerful country— the United States — has become the most politically dysfunctional rich-world country. The world's most important bilateral relationship — US-China —is deteriorating more quickly than leaders can build new guardrails. Today's global institutions no longer reflect the world's true balance of power. The result: a growing vacuum of leadership and cross-border coordination. This geopolitical recession will continue to limit our ability to respond to crises like the pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war, climate change, and the emergence of disruptive new technologies. 

Ian will share ideas and insights to help policymakers and business decision-makers navigate a world in accelerating transition.  


The Power of Crisis

In a G-Zero world, one without strong and sustainable international leadership, Ian Bremmer argues we are unprepared for a trio of looming crises—future global health emergencies, transformative climate change, and the next technological revolution. Ian discusses the geopolitics of…

War in Ukraine: How will Russia's challenge to the existing international system and China's ongoing effort to find the most profitable role to play in ending it shape the next security order and the future of the global economy?

Climate change: What risks will it create for political and business decision-makers in years to come, and what lessons can it teach us about the future of international cooperation?

Tech: Ian assesses the growing risks of AI, quantum computing, cyberwarfare, and their impact on the future of government, trade, and the international system.


The Geopolitics of Artificial Intelligence

What comes after the G-Zero world order? 

Today, it’s not governments but the world’s powerhouse tech companies that set the rules in the digital world. They, not our elected leaders, decide how you and I share ideas and information. They have extraordinary real-time, real-world power. How will the technology titans use that power?    

They will transform the ways we work, think, learn, play, and live. We will have longer, healthier and more productive lives that would dazzle those who lived only in a dial-up world. But these same tech companies will also decide the world’s balance of military power, create new trade and investment patterns, and decide the outcome of our race to save the planet from a human-created climate catastrophe.  

Ian Bremmer will argue that the tech titans will determine the next world order – and whether we have a brighter future or a world without freedom. 

Additional Offerings from Ian Bremmer

Geopolitics and the future of the global order

Geopolitical implications of AI

Russia-Ukraine War

How this impacts the future global order

Implications for global trade

Unwinding of globalization (tech, labor, supply chains)

Outlook on US-China relations

China’s role in a changing global order

Latest NY Times bestseller The Power of Crisis: How Three Threats—And Our Response—Will Change the World

Geopolitics of climate change

US foreign policy

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