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Sterling Hawkins, speaker
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Sterling Hawkins

    • Founder of the #NoMatterWhat movement for business leaders who are seeking results regardless of the circumstances
    • Entrepreneur, Master of Innovation, Tech Entrepreneur & Transformational Leadership Expert
    • Author of Hunting Discomfort and CEO of the Sterling Hawkins Group, a growth and development company
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Sterling Hawkins 2022 Speaker Highlight Reel

Sterling Hawkins 2022 Speaker Highlight Reel

Discomfort is Necessary for Innovation | Sterling Hawkins | TEDxChulaVista

Discomfort is Necessary for Innovation | Sterling Hawkins | TEDxChulaVista

Sterling Hawkins at DECA | 25,000 Chanting #NoMatterWhat

Sterling Hawkins at DECA | 25,000 Chanting #NoMatterWhat

#NoMatterWhat Impact: Husqvarna Sales Case Study

#NoMatterWhat Impact: Husqvarna Sales Case Study

#NoMatterWhat x MDRT - Virtual Example

#NoMatterWhat x MDRT - Virtual Example

Sterling Hawkins Speaker Biography

Sterling Hawkins is out to break the status quo on how we view discomfort in our professional and personal lives. As we continue to face unrelenting uncertainty and change, he is creating bold action and inspired energy by teaching leaders and their people how to HUNT DISCOMFORT. The essence lies in building the mental fortitude to break through the paralysis of fear and the unknown, and seize discomfort in order to transform it into a competitive advantage within ourselves and our organizations.

As an innovator, investor, author, and foremost expert on growth and transformation, he presents the powerful #NoMatterWhat framework that is helping leaders and their people forge a path of unwavering determination and unstoppable progress. More than a framework for growth, #NoMatterWhat is quickly becoming a movement that is energizing workplace cultures to create #NoMatterWhat goals and challenges. These opportunities are in turn, creating community and deeper collaboration among colleagues and leaders.

The hundreds of thousands who have joined Sterling, find that all the unpredictability in the world is no match for their creativity, determination and inspiration to achieve even the most audacious goals, #NoMatterWhat is standing in their way.

Why Book Sterling? 

  • He Helps Audiences Transform through Embracing Discomfort: Recognize and challenge the prevailing "survival" narrative within your business, and witness the profound metamorphosis that arises when you embrace discomfort as a catalyst for positive change.

  • He Shows You How to Harness Discomfort for Accelerated Growth: Shift your perspective on discomfort, understanding its potential as a potent tool for driving growth with reduced stress, heightened efficiency, and swifter decision-making.

  • He Empowers through the #NoMatterWhat System: Learn how to employ the #NoMatterWhat system to establish intent and yield immediate breakthrough results, regardless of challenges or obstacles.

  • He Shares Psychological Insights that Promote Rapid Learning: Explore the latest findings in psychology and brain research to uncover strategies for harnessing discomfort's power, propelling learning at a rate four times faster while fostering action.

  • He will Help You Cultivating Collective Resilience: Discover how to nurture a culture of resilience within your team, leveraging discomfort as a collective force to foster accelerated learning, decisive action, and holistic growth.

  • Involved with the launch, growth, or investment in over 50 companies to understand what breakthrough innovation takes to be realized

  • Fifth-generation retailer background, having to master the intersection of human behavior and technology under extreme competition

  • Works with Fortune 500 companies (P&G, Synchrony Financial, United Nations) to drive adoption of new technology, making better decisions, faster

  • Found in Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, The New York Times, and Forbes

  • Provides applicable concepts that can be implemented immediately across any industry, including but not limited to: healthcare, retail & CPG, technology, travel & hospitality, automotive, manufacturing, and associations & conferences


Beyond Leadership: Values-Driven Leadership #NoMatterWhat

Embrace the transformative power of values-driven leadership and watch as it breathes new life into your corporate culture. In a rapidly evolving business landscape, where profits and innovations often take center stage, it's the alignment of leaders' actions with a clear set of core values that can steer an organization towards lasting success. Values-driven leadership is not just about ticking off boxes on a checklist; it's a philosophy that infuses purpose, authenticity, and empathy into every decision and interaction #NoMatterWhat. By championing integrity, transparency, diversity, and social responsibility, leaders become role models, inspiring employees to engage more passionately and meaningfully with their work. This paradigm shift sparks a chain reaction, fostering a culture of collaboration, open communication, and shared vision. As employees feel valued and connected, their dedication amplifies, turnover diminishes, and innovation flourishes. The ripple effect of values-driven leadership not only enhances the workplace but also resonates positively with clients and stakeholders, nurturing enduring relationships built on trust. The true transformation lies not just in the bottom line, but in the collective ethos that shapes the soul of the organization.


-Demonstrate Authenticity: Consistently embody your organization's values through your actions, decisions, and interactions. Build trust by being genuine and transparent in your leadership approach.

-Articulate a Compelling Purpose: Clearly communicate how the organization's values align with a larger purpose or societal impact. Help your team understand the meaningful contribution they make through their work.

-Promote Inclusive Decision-Making: Actively seek diverse perspectives when making decisions. Create a space where different viewpoints are valued, and encourage collaboration among team members.

-Prioritize Long-Term Sustainability: Balance short-term gains with the long-term health of the organization. Make decisions that uphold your values and contribute to the organization's reputation and success over time.

-Foster Continuous Communication: Maintain open channels of communication with your team. Regularly solicit feedback, share insights, and engage in discussions that help refine and adapt the organization's values as needed.



A New Wake-Up Call: Create Peak Performance #NoMatterWhat

Breakthrough results require consistent peak or optimal performance, especially as communities and companies are facing face-paced change and uncertainty at a new level. What’s at stake for many of us has never been higher. But the biggest shift for performance within organizations is that it is no longer a top-down focus. Individual contributors at every level are also tired of being tired and anxious and burnt out and they are looking for new ways to tap into their peak performance from inside out. This is where Sterling Hawkins elevates the barre. He is an entrepreneur, endurance athlete, author and inspirational speaker who eats, breathes and sleeps the principles and actions of peak performance. He has learned bio and mental hacks for performance that were inspired by his own highs and lows in business and life as well as data-driven science.

Sterling Hawkins will move people and teams to want to reach their own peak performance and it’s backed by real data, research and tools that irrefutably work for those who apply them. It’s not motivation. It’s inspiration that calls forth people from within themselves to reach a new level of performance. Audiences realize first hand that the only thing between them and peak performance is literally nothing but themselves. And they’ll leave with the tools to start realizing that performance potential #NoMatterWhat the situation is.


-Awakening Inner Peak Performance: Recognize that peak performance isn't an external destination; it's a latent strength we evoke from within ourselves. Demystify the misconceptions surrounding the true elements of peak performance.

-Venturing Beyond Comfort for Greater Potential: Learn how to step outside your comfort zone and venture into the realm of greater potential, unlocking pathways to unprecedented achievement.

-Cultivating Sustainable Peak Performance: Engage in practices that nurture your capacity to access and maintain states of peak or optimal performance, ensuring consistency in your endeavors.

-Evidence-Based Strategies for Goal Attainment: Explore research that unveils the genuine requirements for achieving goals, offering insights with up to 95% certainty on the pathways to success.

-Sustaining Peak Performance Amidst Adversity: Discover techniques to uphold peak performance even when confronted with challenging news, difficult situations, or adversity of any kind.

-Essential Tools for Sharing Peak Performance: Acquire critical tools that enable you to propagate peak performance within an interconnected ecosystem of colleagues, peers, clients, and partners, creating a collaborative environment of excellence.

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Customer Rating 5

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October 19, 2023

Sterling is an absolute delight to work with. HIs energy and passion comes shining through and he was (again!) one of the top rates speakers for our event. He is super easy to work with and connects well with the audience. Your participants will walk away motivated, uplifted and ready to tackle their opportunities head-on!

NACS - National Association of Convenience Stores

March 14, 2023

Sterling Hawkins has become a household name within cityCURRENT and with our corporate partners and guests of our signature speaker series. He's so incredible that we've had him keynote in both Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee. With his presentations, he masterfully weaves his entrepreneurial story with lessons from his bestselling book, Hunting Discomfort, and how to leverage his model to shift from "I can" to "I WILL" to achieve breakthrough results. He is charismatic and connects with the audience, ties in emotional moments that the audience will hang on, and provides content and a framework that is extremely valuable on both a personal and professional front, so the audience walks away with a blueprint for taking action. Sterling and his team are true professionals. They are a pleasure to work with and go the extra mile to customize the presentations, share resources and materials afterward, and give you tools to continue engaging your audience in meaningful ways. We will continue finding more ways to work with Sterling Hawkins in the future, and I highly recommend him for your next event, as well!


February 14, 2023

Sterling was one of the highest rated speakers at our event. His preparation was evident in the ways in which he connected his content to our industry and audience. He nailed the headwinds of our industry and successfully challenged the audience to lean into their discomfort and drive for results. By the end, they entire room was on their feet in commitment to the #NoMatterWhat mindset. A top-notch session and experience!

NACS - National Association of Convenience Stores

January 23, 2023

Sterling was hands down the easiest speaker to work with from start to finish! Prior to speaking at our cityCURRENT Signature Breakfast he took the time to ask and learn as much as possible about our organization and our audience which made the presentation even more special. Our audience had outstanding reviews and left them with inspiration and strategies to implement right away and throughout the year. I give Sterling 5 stars and would certainly give him the highest recommendation as your next speaker!


November 17, 2022

Sterling presented at IHC’s 2022 Patient Safety Conference in Iowa. He did a great job of inspiring the audience that they can overcome any challenge NoMatterWhat.

Iowa Healthcare Collaborative

March 17, 2021

Sterling delivered a keynote address to our audience of customers and associates that was inspiring and impactful. He did an excellent job of tailoring his material to our audiences which helps the audience connect to his message. He brings an authentic and positive energy to his speaking that captures the attention of the audience. What a great way to kick off our virtual event! Sterling was a pleasure to work with and was full of ideas to elevate the customer experience. I would highly recommend Sterling to any event organizer looking for a keynote speaker.



Everyone on the ESB team has been great to work with for our events. Looking forward to keep working with ESB!

Plexus Worldwide

We had a positive experience with ESB. Matt Meyer is a great communicator and easy to get a hold of. His helped us through the process to mak..


ESB was patient, thorough, and responsive during the planning process. Thank you for making this such a great experience for us!


ESB supported our needs and the needs of our speaker throughout the entire process. I highly recommend working with ESB to find your next spe..


"It's always a pleasure to work with ESB. Very professional and personable staff. Thanks!"

Testimonial | Texas Society of Architects

"Excellent! Thank you for being a true partner to our organization and its development."

HCA Healthcare

"They are the only speakers bureau I will even consider using!"

Testimonial | Youth Villages

A wonderful bureau to work with! Big ups to everyone who helped make our event a success. Fingers crossed we get the chance to collaborate fo..

MDRT | Testimonial

"As always, you are the best most responsive speaker bureau I've ever worked with!"

Image Media

Angela Schelp was a great partner in finding the right kick-off speaker for our conference. This was my first conference identifying the keyn..

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